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Option 1: Combi Value set.
"Avian 'Flu Reality" instant download pdf & Audio files
plus  "Mind over Genes" DVD (2 hours and 31 minutes + extras) per air mail
$ 54.77 / € 34,97 / £33.97

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Option 2: "Avian 'Flu Reality" pdf, 908 KB and audio tools, 30 MB download
US$ 29.97 € 19,97 / £ 14.97

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Option 3: Prof. Lipton's DVD "Mind over Genes" 
US$ 32.97 / €19,97 / £ 18.47 .

plus air mail postage

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The Healing Handbooks

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Over 40 handbooks from Karma Singh covering alternative healing at a price anyone can afford.

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