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The BBC and cancer

Dissolving the Patriarchy

Enough is Enough!




The BBC and Cancer


Recently, the BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation – possibly the largest non-commercial radio and television organisation in the world) did a special feature on my book “Cancer? So what?”. This is, in itself, very interesting as they asked to interview me about something completely different. It seems that they then stumbled upon this book whilst doing a little background research and were so fascinated by it that they dropped the original story and ran a special feature.


The book itself is the first of the Healing Handbooks which I, with some degree of reluctance, wrote way back in 2005. It was then that I was asked to write a handbook for a cancer self-help group in England. As I said, at first I didn’t want to but then I saw that I actually had most of what was needful already stored in my computer in the form of case-notes and guidance notes for clients. I, therefore, decided to simply put all this together in one book size document. This is why the book has the appearance of being cobbled together – it was, literally. Someday I shall get around to re-writing it with more style but the effective content is the same.


Basically, the book covers the explanation of what cancer really is, the effective procedures which I and colleagues developed for dealing with it and some of the additional benefits accruing from the changes necessary to the removal of the causes of cancer, thus allowing your body to remove the cancer itself.


From my point of view, the most fascinating facts did not come to my attention until some years later. In 2009 I first came into contact with Dr. Leonard Coldwell who also has a very high “success” rate with cancer. In 2010 and 2011 I received information about a number of other healers who had also developed very effective methods for dealing with this problem. All of us, completely independently of each other have developed more or less exactly the same methodology! All of us have the extremely high success rate (Dr. Coldwell claimed in 2009 that from 20,000 cancer patients he had lost just 230)! It is to be presumed that we are doing something right.


Each of us has our own special subsidiary techniques (I, myself, have had very positive results using the Harmony Technology as an addition to the core techniques.) Basically, however, we are all saying (and proving) the same thing.


You can download the introductory chapters here:-

If you then go on to purchase the full book, please check your language and location as there are several different versions.





A new transmission to dissolve the patriarchy


Yesterday, I uploaded what I personally believe to be the most important of the healing transmissions that I have given to date.

This transmission in three stages of ascending intensity actually removes the “Sacrifice Programming” which has made abject poverty and some so stupefying rich that there’s nothing they can buy possible. OK. We now know where this leads and so it’s time step out of it and to do something else.


The transmissions, including a lengthy explanation are here:-





Enough is enough!!!


Twice in the last 11 days Spring has started in Germany. Twice, on the 6th and the 16th of March clear blue skies were so heavily polluted with hundreds of criss-cross chemtrails that the sun was completely blotted out. This is the basis for the HAARP weather manipulation technology.


HAARP was then used on both occasions to draw arctic weather down across Germany. Weather forecasts were changed almost hourly to keep apace of the “unexpected” deterioration and the burgeoning hopes of brightness and warmth were crushed under a blanket of snow and greyness.


It’s time to stop this!

You will need the techniques described in detail in “The Anatomy of Luck” (at present only the abridged version is available in English here).


Your stipulation is then:-

I now remove all resonance between chemtrails and the HAARP technology.

Mother Earth has microbes which feed upon chemtrails in the air and upon the ground and makes of them nutrients for Earth’s natural inhabitants.


The Vision:-

HAARP radiations are bent away from the chemtrails. Contact between HAARP and chemtrails is prevented at all levels.

Microbes in the air devour the chemtrails as soon as they are laid and turn them into basic minerals and compounds needed for Earth’s natural plants to grow.


The Feelings:-

Thankfulness, compassion and joy




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