You are about to learn the long suppressed secrets to complete health many of which cost almost nothing to implement and, in very many cases, will also rapidly show a direct cash benefit!


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A very good day to you,
firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Karma Singh, a citizen of Great Britain and a professional healer for more than 24 years. You can read more of my story on
my personal website here.


It is not only during my professional career but also during my 13 years training and studying prior thereto that I have again and again been confronted with the fact that the overwhelming majority of so called medical treatments seem to be aimed very specifically at preventing health!


Healing cancer was the start

In the Summer of 2007, I was asked to write a cancer healing book for a british self-help group. This is now available as a download in eight different editions at


At present, the book is not available in a printed form.

All languages and editions are available as pdf downloads directly from the website.


Following the success of this book, I asked my entire mailing list whether there were other problems to which they would wish a real solution.


 The response was the largest "postbag" of my life!


It seems to me that there is a demand for useful information about the origins and solutions to a large number of common (mostly health) problems.


Many such problems can be very easily and cheaply removed from your life if you just knew how.


In most such cases, the solutions are well known but not made generally public simply because, for the vast majority of such solutions, the medico-pharmaceutical industry could not earn a single penny so they not only don't tell you, they spend a lot of money to prevent your access to them.


Well, here they are. All are download files, i.e. instantly available.


Now, I know that you don't want a lot of hype or other verbiage thrown at you so I'll just get straight to the facts:


  • Getting and being healthy is neither difficult nor expensive. You just need to know how. That's all.
  • There has been, for most of the last 100 years, vast sums of money invested in suppressing this knowledge.
  • It is only by keeping this knowledge from you that the medico-pharmaceutical industry has become the richest industry in the world.
  • The pharmaceutical companies have become so rich at the expense of your health that their economic size enables them to dictate government policy in the USA, in Canada, in Germany and, probably, several other countries.
  • The pharmaceutical companies have recently purchased legislation in the USA and Canada to make the (much safer and often more effective) non-pharmaceutical remedies illegal. Some three years ago they also succeeded in purchasing the same legislation in Europe but, at the last minute, the European Court declared such legislation to be illegal.


In these books, handbooks and audio files in the library is the detailed knowledge which almost anyone can apply themselves with not the slightest need to involve either massively overpaid “experts” nor yet to purchase incredibly expensive quack nostra to neutralise what has been done to you and your family for profit.


I decided to make these available at the lowest possible cost compatible with creating and maintaining the requested handbooks.

For the majority of the handbooks, the price is


$5.00   or   €4,-    or   ₤3.00


dependent upon where you live. Hence the name "5 4 3 Bookshop". Some, however, are much larger files and may cost up to $19.97.


This is the present list  

Anyone may at any time request the addition of new topics to the list by
filling out this form.


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All are pdf and/or MP3 downloads instantly available, delivered right now directly to your computer.

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