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This Newsletter has two Topics:

Dolphin News


The 400 year maturing process as preparation for the 800 year life-span  (main article)



The Meeting with Dolphins

Participants in “The Light Pillar of Life” seminars have often asked whether other animals could also have a Light Pillar. As, on several occasions, dogs have been present at seminars, I could definitively say that they do get some benefit from their human companions but are not able to have a Light Pillar of their own.


I have often said that I “suspect” that dolphins may have them but, until I meet some of them, I could not say definitely.


A few days ago, this first meeting took place.

Dolphins do have Light Pillars and this is why they are so knowledgeable and compassionate. At a particular age, the adult dolphins in the pod, under the guidance of a dolphin “merlin”, will call the Light Pillars for the juvenile dolphins and attach them.


Now, of course, this begs the question, “Do other types of whales have Light Pillars?” “Perhaps” or “only partially” are presently the only answers that I can give. Given, however, that gorillas, orang-utans and chimpanzees (the most advanced of the other apes) only have partial Light Pillars and gibbons none at all, I presume, reinforced by their actions, that is also the case with other whales.





Three Score and Ten

Just to make things clear to those who may not have come across it before, “score” is an Old English word for twenty.


When, during the reign of King James I (1603 - 1625) it ceased to be a capital offence to translate the Bible into English, we learned that the “allotted life span of a man is three score years and ten”: A most peculiar assertion given the state of affairs at the time and during the preceding centuries.


At the time of King James’ assumption of the Throne of England, life expectancy was just 35 - half of that “revealed” by “The Holy Text”. Even King James who, of course, was much better nurtured than the “common man” only reached 59.


Although truly accurate data does not exist, historians believe that European life expectancy fell from 42 to 35 following the collapse of the Roman Empire and remained there until the gradual warming of the Earth from the late 19th century onwards, combined with vast improvements to agricultural methods, led directly to a large increase in harvests.


Engineers simultaneously eliminated many deadly diseases by building fresh water and sewage systems and hard roads and railways which facilitated the delivery of fresh produce into the cities.


A century and a half of much better nutrition and hygiene have raised life expectancy, in 2015, to 79 for a man and 83 for a woman.

Just so long at the Greens (read "Democrats" in the USA) and other uneducated groups don’t achieve their objective of artificially creating a famine due to CO2 shortages (an essential nutrient for all food crops) and artificial global cooling this trend may continue.


So, why didn’t it stop at seventy and where does this “three score and ten” concept come from anyway?


It is all part and parcel of the natural human maturing process: A process which, according to some ancient teachings, is finally completed at the age of 400. Entry to government and civil service is, therefore, logically, to be restricted to a minimum age of 420.


What happens at seventy (or, perhaps, more precisely what SHOULD happen at seventy but doesn’t which is why so few make it from there to the next stage)?


At each stage of the maturing process, both physical and emotional changes take place. Perhaps the best known of these is that which we call “measles”. This switches the liver from “baby” into “adult” modus and, as every parent will tell you, the child becomes emotionally much better balanced, rapidly loses the remaining baby fat and, finally, gets its own face and loses that androgynous quality.


The mental and emotional maturity resulting from the measles which leads to questioning the validity of the status quo is something which the self-appointed “elite” are pulling out all stops to prevent. Fortunately, their so-called “vaccine” is, in 92% of cases, ineffective. Unfortunately, the huge volume of poisons which have been added to this “medicine” causes many thousands of deaths and serious injuries every year.


Following other early childhood events such as mumps which sets the immune system (in all of its physical and psychical aspects) into full function, rubella which opens the heart knowledge, and others, the next major developmental process takes place at around 30.


This process brings a much better balance between the physical and emotional bodies, i.e. they integrate much better. On the downside, performance sports become more difficult but on the upside, the skills of patience and compassion begin to come to the fore.


As I am now but a few months from completing my “allotted” 70 years, I have begun to take a deep look at what is beginning to change.


The Essenes teach that the normal life expectancy of a human being is 800 to 900 years of which the first hundred are the most difficult. It is, so they say, in this time that we have to learn how to order our emotions - as, presently, nothing is taught on how to do this, almost no-one survives this benchmark in life on Earth.


When we add to this the complaint of many German dentists that people begin at 90 to grow new teeth (which then have to be removed so that the prosthetics still fit) and we see clearly that 70 is nothing like the natural life-span of a human being.

There is confirmation of this from one of the world’s top cell biologists, Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD. who states that his own researches have shown him that the human body is intended to be youthfully active for many hundreds of years but something is perturbing the natural cell replication processes resulting in the new generation being degenerative instead of regenerative.


My own work has indicated that this perturbation is primarily emotional in origin.**
I have developed a few tools to help with this problem of organ degeneration - see below.


So, what happens in this next stage of maturing?


Over the years of the “allotted span” emotional “baggage” has been accumulating and has reached the point whereby it begins to cause organ systems to break down. This next stage in the maturing process appears, therefore, to be about a structural re-ordering of the entire human systems.


I must point out here that I am doing this by “educated guesswork”. It is now clear to me that I should have started preparing for this some years ago but, just as with you, nobody told me about it. I wonder whether the Essenes included instructions for this in the Dead Sea Scrolls and these form part of the texts still suppressed by the Vatican.


It is at this time that a great world-weariness comes to the fore which, just as with the other maturing processes, is a wind-down of all activity to permit the restructuring.


Unfortunately, as this begins, many turn to conventional medicine for help with the result that the prescribed toxins, often leading to the deadly “chain medication”, so restrict the functions of your mind that the maturing process becomes impossible. The inevitable result of this is organ failure and planning your next incarnation.


The Vedic teachings speak of a necessary detachment from all earthly things. This means, amongst other things, no anger (the desire to change the past), no sadness (the demand that someone change my past for me) and much else.


It is not that we should or even could just abolish these emotions - they are there because we need them. What we need to do is to change their focus from addictions to the past to constructive application in the present. At around “three score and ten”, apparently, we are mentally capable of doing this and I can only confirm that this seems to be the case but you must DO IT!


Unlike earlier maturing processes which are pre-programmed and experienced more or less passively, this process requires conscious participation and guidance.


Doing it more or less without a guide other than following indications in ancient teachings is not the easiest or the most comfortable of undertakings.

It requires courage.
And where is courage to be found?
In your seven neck vertebrae is where:


If you daily visualise for 15 minutes that all seven of the vertebrae are filled with pale pink energy (like rose quartz) then courage will open within you.



Reviewing what I’ve already written on this theme, I see that the article is already quite long and going into details about exactly what tools I am using and why is likely to be just as long. I have, therefore, decided to divide this into two articles but, before I finish for today there are still two questions remaining:


1) What is the purpose, i.e. what is the intended result of this maturing process?


2) Why “allotted span”?


The answer to the former, if all available information and indications are to be believed, is to attain a totipotent state. Totipotency is the state in which all and any injuries and perturbations are immediately perceived and completely repaired. This is the completion of the preparation phase and the point at which life actually begins. What follows, I hope to find out and hope that you will join me on the journey.

Why a physical life should end after only 800-900 years I will let you know if I get there.


The “Allotted Span” refers to the period of time during which almost the whole focus is upon the physical aspect of existence. Following this period, the human being becomes much more complete and able to participate in activities requiring multi-level consciousness such as inter-species communication and Field Wave Generation.


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** Over the past few years, I have developed three tools which lead to big changes in this. The first is only available in the German language at present but the English version is being worked upon. The other two are “The Light Pillar of Life” (which, to date, has only been offered in seminars but may shortly be possible online) and “Karmas Mind Clearing” which, from day one, was conceived as something which can be given via the internet; this last I offer both in English and in German.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,


6th July  2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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