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                                   -  from Germany



Questions and Answers:


These questions were posed by a reader in Canada.


I have questions.  When did you "choose to become male"?  And don't you think it's very arrogant to think you had anything to do with it?  Also, do you think God is limited in how many souls he can produce?  Because that is what you are supposing if you believe in reincarnation.  If so, why does population rise (exponentially even)  if people are being reincarnated?


My replies:


1) There are more stars in this galaxy alone then there have ever been people upon this planet (according to our present view of history).

2) Many of these stars (how many we just don't know but is seems to be "normal" for a star to have planets) have more than one planet in their orbit.


3) As we each gain experience upon differing planetary environs, the potential number of souls who could choose to incarnate here is billions of times greater than the number presently here.

4) As this planet is going through an evolutionary jump, the number of souls who have applied to incarnate here is vastly greater than the space available, i.e. you are one of the "chosen" referred to in, amongst other places, "The Bible" who have been allocated a place in this great lesson.

5) The only group of people who have ever denied the obvious reality of re-incarnation is a small, insignificant quasi-religious sect called "Christianity".

6) They do this not because it is in the teachings of the spiritual master whom they claim to follow (but, mostly, don't) but because of a 4th century pact between the emperor Constantine and the christian bishops to share political power. Part of the deal was to disempower the Christians by heavily doctoring what they were allowed to know. Part of this massive editing of the original christian teachings was the removal of most (but not all) references to re-incarnation. You can read about this in detail here:

7) In ALL spiritual teachings - even Christianity (although you have to search for it) - a central theme is the gift of absolute free will. Having a physical body imposed upon you is incompatible with this.

8) Epigenetics (see Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD.) shows us incontrovertibly that it is consciousness which creates bodies. It, further, shows that it is the conscious being which determines the state and experiences of the body. It is this which makes the profession of healer possible; if bodily events were determined by an outside source then neither definition of nor solution to a problem could be ascertained. Note, allopathic (also called "conventional" medicine) assumes that your postulate is correct. Its failure rate (just over 92%) indicates most strongly that the theory is false.

9) Both Quantum Physics and Quantum Biophysics show us that physical bodies are a temporary (meaning nano-seconds) effect caused by a localised expression of unique consciousness, i.e. you created your body and are constantly re-creating it.

10) There is a vast body of evidence, using a variety of techniques which trigger old memories, of people remembering their previous incarnations. Once you have experienced this for yourself, all doubt disappears.



This brings me naturally to the question “Creation or Evolution” with which very many people occupy themselves, i.e. they insist that only the one can be true and are quite prepared to fight to the death to defend their position.


Evolution is a movement. In order to move, a starting point to move away from must exist. Evolution can only begin from the starting point of creation; it cannot begin out of nothing because there can be no starting point there.

Creation without the possibility of change is senseless because nothing can happen. Evolution is change in action.

Evolution is an indispensable aspect of creation.






A Question from Germany

A reader from Germany has asked me to comment on the veracity of this article:


Now, I’m not going to translate it; suffice it to say that it is pure propaganda aimed at all groups of people who dare to think for themselves and to find out the facts. You have doubtless seen reams of the same stuff in your own country.


The author has received his orders.

It appears that he does not yet have the courage to refuse orders to lie to the people or, perhaps, he is so deeply indoctrinated himself that he just doesn’t notice it.


The purpose of the article is to give the appearance of a carefully researched report confirmed by the German central government. It should appear to be so well-founded that you wouldn’t even think of checking the facts for yourself.

In point of fact, however, almost nothing in the article is true.

If you take the trouble to search out the facts for yourself, you will find that:

a) The Federal Republic of Germany is not and never was a state. This has been confirmed by, amongst many others, the European Criminal Court in 2006 and the US president Obama bin Barak in 2009.

b) Following the dissolution of the administrative authority called the Federal Republic of Germany consequent upon the re-unification of Germany, instead of following the requirement to hold a referendum to create a constitution, this administrative authority simply converted itself into a commercial corporation called Bundes Republik Deutschland GmbH which you will find listed in all international commercial company registers. Shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

c) “Right Wing Extremists” means, nowadays, anyone who insists upon exercising their rights.

d) Actually, the rule by a self-elected “elite” is over. Only so long as you allow yourself to be shackled to their fantasy world, will they retain their power.


Research matters for yourself - The Truth will make you Free!






The Karmic home/office moving service!


During the previous few months I have experienced many times that I can give a detailed report upon houses and grounds via online maps.

Previously, I had to physically go there which caused problems with agreeing appointments and could also be quite expensive.

Whether this furtherance of my abilities is due to the Sirius energy, further self-development or some other source I cannot, at this time, say.


What I can now offer is a short report upon the suitability of your present domicile and, in the event of a planned relocation, to what extent the envisioned abode is suitable for you (and family if relevant).

I will charge a single fee of $20.00 / €20.00 / £18.00 (according to country) for a short report by email. Please complete this form and include the complete names of all household members (don’t forget your pets!) and, if a move is being planned, the complete address of the prospective new home.


Blessed be



24th January 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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