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Desperate Invasion of the Kingdom of Germany



At a meeting of the G. 20 countries in Brisbane, Australia on the 16th November 2014, an international agreement was ratified by the delegates by which your bank balance ceased to be your property but can now be confiscated by the banks without notice.

The banks have been given this “present” on your behalf to ensure smooth cash flow when banks make a loss, even losses through their own criminal actions.


Now it is official that you and not the bankers are liable for their losses.

This system was tried out in detail last year in Cyprus and, as of last month, it’s now actual almost world-wide.
There is only one exception to this in the First World……………….


Just ten days later, apparently the next stage in the procedure, on the 27th to the 29th of November a further meeting took place in Berlin, Germany, just 57 miles from the only independent bank in Europe. At this meeting were all the usual loud mouthed employees of the banking cartel; Merkel, Schäuble, etc., etc. Which of the cartel bosses were present was not reported in the Süddeutschen Zeitung - the newspaper ostensibly responsible for organising the event but 100% owned and controlled by the cartel.

At such a meeting, the german bankers and ruling high-financiers must, of course, demonstrate their efficiency and loyalty to the cartel hierarchy and show how effective they are in reducing the german people to a state of complete defencelessness.


They had, therefore, laid their plans for the same three days.


A merchant company from Poland was contracted to remove (to steal) as much property as they could from the Kingdom of Germany and to transport these to an undisclosed destination outside of the jurisdiction of the german courts. 
The pretext for doing all this was a court order from the local court empowering them to search for and to take in charge any data and documentation which might show that an illegal bank was being operated. See notes below **


In addition to the documents and data which they were empowered to seize, they also took away:
Fax machines
Writing desks and chairs
Brooms and shovels
in fact, the entire canteen kitchen
A crane
A lathe
and much, much more.


For three days offices and private apartments were ransacked, everything of value taken and loaded into lorries which then just disappeared.


Some of the objects “taken in charge“ were found days later in a scrap yard deliberately destroyed beyond usage.


The lathe was “sold” to a metalworker close to the Kingdom for a fraction of its true value.

As the owner of the firm refused to show a receipted invoice, it is not known whether this criminal act of dealing in stolen goods was carried out by the polish transport company, the BaFin (see below **) or some other person or persons unknown.


Upon the pretext of having successfully robbed a bank (The Königliche Reichsbank of the Kingdom of Germany), the BaFin ** then sought to claim ownership of the bank’s websites and domain names: “We’ve stolen everything else from the bank so, logically, the domain names also belong to us.”


A judge at the local county court has already expressed the opinion that the BaFin’s ** actions are problematic. I.e., the court actions to recover damages and costs will probably be very easily won.

In my opinion, the BaFin is relying upon their terror tactics: “If we take everything away from then, not even leaving them food to eat or money to buy it then they will have neither the strength nor the resources to take up legal action.”


In this assumption, they have already been seriously disappointed and the first court case has already been won.


You can help even if you do not yet have any direct contact with the Kingdom of Germany. The major way is financial help.

Whether you do this as a gift or as a loan to be repaid upon receipt of recompense by order of the court is up to you. The plain fact is that finance is needed to force the bankers back into the confines of law.
If you wish to help, please use this email address


If you can read German, there is much more detail on the temporary website and upon facebook.


Keep on your toes; this time, the banking cartel has gone so deeply into illegality and injustice that a folk victory is clearly predictable.




** There is, in Germany, an institution called “Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht“ (“BaFin“ for short). Although, from the name and the legislation enabling its existence it sounds as though it were a government agency, it is, in fact, 100% financed and controlled by the banking cartel.


One might think that its function is to protect the public from unscrupulous money grabbers and the like. It no more offers protection to the public than did the DDR offer democracy. 


The BaFin is the supervisory board of the banking cartel itself. It is organised, financed and controlled by the cartel. Its task is to look after the interests of the cartel, i.e. to limit competition between member banks, insurance companies etc..

Of course, a part of the BaFin’s function is to portray the entire finance industry to the public as though it were honest businesses looking after everyone’s interests as opposed to the truth that it is the biggest fraud in mankind’s entire history.

Further, the BaFin is charged by the banking cartel to protect their monopoly interests by ensuring that no real alternatives to the cartel can flourish. Although the politicians which the banking cartel has purchased (Merkel & co. and their predecessors) have enacted laws which establish this monopoly, such laws are very specifically prohibited under articles 1 & 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. These special banker laws have no validity whatsoever. 


Since the first new bank to be established for many decades opened its doors in 2012, the BaFin has made many attempts to destroy it. Why? Well because the owners and managers of this bank refuse absolutely to participate in the centuries old betrayal and plundering of the people.

The people who founded and run this bank are determined to work for the prosperity of the people and the country.

Each attempt by the BaFin to force the bank to close its doors has been averted by simple agreements with the BaFin to change certain clauses in the bank’s terms of business. A few weeks ago, the final such agreement was enacted which placed the BaFin in the unavoidable position of having to declare that the Königliche Reichsbank is not a bank within the terms of the remit of the BaFin and that the BaFin has, therefore, no jurisdiction.

What did the BaFin do instead?


On three previous occasions, the BaFin had obtained court orders to search the bank’s premises in order to “secure” evidence that an illegal bank was being operated. On each occasion, the allegation proved, in court, to be unfounded and all confiscated material has been returned.

On this occasion, having no legal complaint available to them, they simply tried to frighten the founders and employees into submission by employing terror tactics, even to the extent of breaking into the private apartments of friends of those who work at the bank and stealing anything of value that they could find.


Are you going to let them get away with it?


It’s time to turn the tables. Please give your support.


Blessed be



23rd December 2014

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