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An infectious Summary

Over the last few weeks, we have all been hearing and, in some cases, seeing the latest "plot" by those about to lose their power and privileged positions. A good big scare story is just the thing to divert attention away from what is actually happening and to hinder the orderly hand-over of power from the self-appointed "elite" (the bankers and friends) to you and me where it now belongs.


You may well be aware that we, in the Northern hemisphere, are just coming to the end of the 'flu season - a natural detoxification process which removes "fear of death" accumulated during the months of Winter. You are probably also aware that, each year, a significant number of the aged and infirm are too weak to complete the process and leave this incarnation.


The so-called "Coronavirus", if you read a little further than the label, is declared to be a very mild form of 'flu (or, in some cases, a cold).


Concurrently we have, therefore, two different 'flus; "Type A" and "Coronaflu". Only the one which the "elite" want to promote gets any mention and the other one is just an "also ran". When we take a look at the statistics, however, we see a very different story to the one being pushed onto us.



Normal 'flu




RobertKoch Institute,









Center for Disease









National Health Service
United Kingdom 











* precisely why there is such a wide variance in these figures is unclear. It is, however, notoriously difficult to say with certainty that influenza caused the death as those who die are always the weakest members of the population, often with multiple other health issues.


** For normal 'flu the British National Health service does not give accumulated figures but week by week as a proportion of the population. So, this last week, it was 1,497,832 cases of 'flu.
Specific 'flu death statistics are not given - merely the overall numbers of deaths from all causes; this week was 10,841.


The amazingly low death rate in Germany is, according to a WHO research, because the Germans have the strongest natural immunity of any population group on the planet. It is, further, unclear what this one death actually died of as it took place in a "Third-World" hospital in N. Africa where there are no facilities to test for viruses. Nonetheless, this death is counted twice; once for Germany because he was a German national and once for Africa because that is where he died.


As the figures vary wildly (both up and down) on an almost hourly basis, the numbers in the table above can no longer be considered accurate when you read them. The table is included simply to show the true state of affairs by comparing the rare Coronaflu and the panic making around it with the much more deadly "Type A" 'flu currently running in vastly higher numbers but which rates not a mention in the controlled press.


We should also note, in passing, that, so far as can be determined, all Chinese deaths were due not to the mythological virus but to pneumonia and/or lung cancer (or highly toxic medication administered in the gulag-like emergency hospitals).
Both of these maladies kill millions of Chinese every year and have been doing so for decades, due to the extreme air pollution.


Uniformly, the symptoms of "Coronaflu" are indistinguishable from those of a medium cold or mild 'flu. All recover fully within a few days.


We must, further, note that, as most colds and 'flu are not reported unless a medical certificate is required to justify absence from work, a very large proportion (perhaps most) do not appear in the medical statistics at all. It is, therefore, logical to assume that the actual case numbers both of "normal" and "corona" 'flu are very much higher. The death numbers are, however, to be considered accurate even though these are exclusively in the old and infirm who were already beset with major health issues.


Coronavirus, even if it exists, is considerably less dangerous than a cold and very much less dangerous than the 'flu types presently affecting millions of people across the planet.


It behoves us, therefore:
To ask why such a foofurrah is being made out of it. In particular, our members of Congress, Parliament etc. must be required to pose this question to those responsible in your government, whatever this may be.


"Just why is so much public money being wasted and tremendous damage done to the economy attributed to a "problem" which almost certainly does not exist?"


In other words, "Who is panicking and why?"



Most of the events which we have been taught to call "illness" are, in fact, natural healing or development processes. Measles, for example, is the process by which your liver is switched from baby to adult modus. Flu, as we have seen above, is the removal of fear - specifically the fear to die.


Why does Coronaflu receive the appellation "deadly" when it so obviously is not?


Well, it is deadly but not in the way that you have been indoctrinated to believe!


As with many so-called "illnesses", Coronaflu is a development process.

Over the last few days, I have had the good fortune to speak with some who have already gone through it, i.e. they were already sufficiently wise to not report it to the medical fraternity.


The implication of this is, of course, that it is very much more widespread than appears to be the case when the controlled media is your sole source of information.


For those of us who are human or mostly human, the process imparts an enhanced quality of perception, i.e. we begin to see what is really going on in the world.

For the owners of the exploitation system which enslaves us, this is deadly!


When clarity of perception leads to the clear knowledge that banking is the biggest con game on the planet and that pharmaceutical medicine is the second biggest then most of their income will rapidly disappear as steadily more see clearly that there is no justification whatsoever for giving them our money and our property.


There is a further problem for them: Those who live in lies (Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Angela Merkel, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, to name but a few) have great difficulty in completing this process; as the perceptions which "justify" their life of lies disappear, the complete restructuring of their thought patterns can be more than their organ systems can cope with.


We have seen how Joe Biden has deteriorated mentally over the past months as the lies of his life are deleted. We have seen Angela Merkel shaking with hatred as she sees her plans for the destruction of Germany crumble. We have seen Nancy Pelosi gradually disintegrate into a rabid centre of destruction intent on preventing democracy, the rule of law and the end of the privileged life-style that she has so assiduously exploited.


Yes, for liars, Coronaflu can be deadly!


It has, of course, been around for a lot longer than Wuhan. Just how long is known only to the old "elite" who first noticed what was happening. It was the Chinese Elite who suggested how to deal with it, i.e. seal off "infected" areas and murder those who had completed the process - hence the Gulags and the highly toxic "vaccines" administered there. It was, however, too little, too late. The Coronaflu development process has already quietly spread across the entire planet and is waking up thousands of humans every day.


All attempts to get the Genie back into the bottle, such as Italy (a country governed by liars for centuries) sealing itself off, are doomed to failure as even those entrusted with the task of supressing the awakened will themselves become awakened.


As more of the story unfolds, I will report it here.

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Blessed be

Karma Singh


13th March 2020


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