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Why Coronavirus?

Firstly, there are three things that we need to bear in mind when reviewing this:


1) The symptoms are indistinguishable from normal 'flu or a heavy cold and, just as with these two, well-known detoxification processes, most recover fully within a few days and are cleaner, healthier and slightly younger. (See "The 'Flu Fairy Tale" for a very detailed explanation of this.)


2) The present "death toll" as of Wednesday 5th February is reported to be 492 in the entire Chinese territory and none elsewhere. When we bear in mind that the death rate from 'flu in China for 2017 was just over 68,000 (later figures not available) and we're now at the height of the annual 'flu season, this number can only be viewed as very encouragingly small since the first cases of this "novel" 'flu were recorded in mid-December last year.


3) Influenza is NOT an illness but a natural detoxification process. It is a natural cleaning of your body's cells, over a 2 - 5 day period, from the emotion "fear". This is why you always feel lighter, freer and look younger following the 'flu.


Following last week's initial newsletter on this topic, I recorded this first video giving the needful information not published by the Main Stream (i.e. cartel owned) Press.



Yesterday, I recorded Part II which you can view here.



Do subscribe to my brighteon channel to receive notification as soon as it (and other videos) are online.


Now, it is obvious that, in order to spread 'flu, you don't need a mythical virus but you do need a lot of fear. This is, of course, well-known to the pharmaceutical manufacturers who are - totally coincidentally, of course - the major owners of the Main Stream Press.

Their biggest source of income at present is the sale of vaccines, a very large proportion of which are produced for them in China with neither quality control nor safety checks.


As I make clear in the first video, they have had over 100 years' practise in propagandising fake epidemics in order to sell totally useless vaccines. This is just another one.


You may remember these:-
196? Chinese 'flu
1976 Swine 'flu
2002 SARS 'flu
2008 Bird 'flu
2009 Swine 'flu (again)
2020 Coronavirus 'flu
I may have missed a couple between times.
You will note, however, two things:-
1) None of them actually happened
2) They are all re-labelled 'flu! There's a very good reason for this: Influenza is a very common detoxification process throughout humanity. It is extremely good business for the pharma-cartel selling their quack nostra to "prevent" flu (which usually has the effect of triggering 'flu).
Each "'flu season" (so it is claimed) is "caused" by a different (non-existent) virus.
Many, many thousands of the elderly and infirm die of it as they no longer have the physical strength to complete the process.
It, therefore, becomes a very simple matter to rename some of this year's 'flu deaths as something else and use the pharma-owned press propaganda machine to create a world panic and a market for more useless "vaccines".


"But there is no Coronavirus vaccine" I hear you say.

Don't worry - according to reports, they've been working on it for the last two years and now they just need to create the market for it. THAT is what this entire kerfuffle is really about!


This Coronavirus piece of theatre was rehearsed in great detail last year in a carefully pre-planned international offensive aimed at eliminating access to needed information and creating an "Orwellian" "Ministry of Truth" lead by Google, Facebook and Twitter. Watch this short video from Spiro for further details



My first newsletter on this topic also appeared on the Bolen Report with the result that the printed copies of "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." have sold out. A fresh order has been placed at the printers today and I expect them back in stock within 14 days. In the meantime, if you purchase the printed book, you will automatically be sent the e-book version straight away and the printed book will follow in the post as soon as they arrive from the printers.



In the New Moon Seminars which I am teaching this year there are three extremely useful tools with which you will:-
a) Immediately know whether something you're told is true or not
b) Remove the fear programming with which they seek to ensnare you - it will also greatly strengthen your lungs!
c) Take up the energy behind this attack upon humanity (for that is what it is) and to send it straight back so that it is they who will fall over and not you. (This works for any sort of attack and most find it very easy to use once the simple principle has been grasped.)

I can only offer these seminars in Europe. At present there are just three possible dates which are still open:-
23rd & 24th May
30th & 31st May
20th & 21st June

All other dates are already reserved and take place in Germany, Austria & Switzerland in the German language.

If you want to organise a seminar in English, find a suitable location (details on the webpage here), check availability and let me know.



In conclusion, the most potent health advice that I can offer is - keep smiling! There is no putative virus that can get through a smile.


Blessed be

Karma Singh


5th February 2020


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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