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The purifying Ring of Fire?

When you view a total eclipse of the sun, during those moments when the moon exactly blocks the disc of the sun (some intelligent direction here, maybe?), you will see a ring of fire around the black disc. In all cultures around the world this is taken to mean God's / Goddess's message that, even in the darkest hour, light will always triumph over darkness.


In the higher ranks of black magic, ipsissimus upwards, there is a "rule" - primarily an ego trip to show their "superiority" - that you must declare your intent to your victims and also indicate how they can escape your plans.


In the press owned by those black magicians (around 95% of the total) we are told that corona means crown. Whilst it is true that, in certain circumstances, corona or halo can also be expressed as crown, the ring of fire is its true, original meaning. This is important as this is the escape route which opens before us. It is useful, of course, to see clearly just what it is that we have to escape from!


Almost from day one, we have seen that there is a direct connection between 5G and the mythological "corona virus".


Now 5G, sold to us as an ultra-high-speed internet system is, in fact, a weapons system. The speed increase over 4G is something that the human brain cannot register and so you would perceive no difference between 4G & 5G. Additionally, as many technicians have complained, "They haven't even got 4G working properly yet. Why are they installing 5G which, as a communications tool, mostly doesn't work at all?"


Information received yesterday from California reveals that the 5G Wi-Fi transmitters have the capability of resonating with oxygen in the atmosphere as well as with iodine. So, what does this mean? It means that, when they switch these on, they can so change the electrical field of oxygen that your blood cannot absorb it. Basically, they put a ring of fire around each oxygen molecule!

Without iodine, your brain will rapidly lose function and your intelligence will be reduced to that of a moron. This is why the "coronavirus" outbreaks are concentrated around 5G installations - they're just testing the weapons systems.


"They" have invented this "coronavirus" scare so that they can "upgrade" present Wi-Fi installations to weapons grade out of the public gaze. This is why we have, in Germany, the patently ridiculous restriction which allows us to dine in a restaurant during the hours of daylight but, after 6 p.m., the "virus" becomes too contagious and we must all go and hide at home. In Austria, it is much worse; "martial law" has already been declared and it has become a crime to leave your home.


Here we must make very clear that this whole "coronavirus" foofurrah is a complete fairy tale.

In general there is very little evidence that viruses exist at all and a great deal of good scientific proofs that viruses do NOT exist. Very specifically, the coronavirus does not and has never existed! The work of Gaston Naessens and others makes it very plain that that which the medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry has labelled "viruses" are, in fact, residues from the healing and cleaning activities carried out by your own immune system.


Towards the end of each Winter, before Spring begins to warm your blood, many have a need to discharge "cold" energy in order to keep their organ systems in balance.

There are several methods which your body possesses to do this. The most common are a "cold" and 'flu. Please note MOST CAREFULLY; these are natural relief processes which your body initiates itself: There are NO external micro-organisms required nor are any such present. The 'flu "virus" is a waste by-product of this internal process, i.e. it is something which your own body makes and then discharges it as soon as it is used up or its work is completed.


So how does this get carried over from one person to the next?

It's an informational process which you will find described in detail in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.". 


There is, of course, no "incubation period", each who decides to make use of the process will do so at his/her chosen time.


So, how come people die of it?

It's a question of strength and whether other extreme detoxification processes are going on at the same time. We know, for example, that almost all (if not all) deaths in China were due to Pneumonia or lung cancer - both endemic in China due to the extreme industrial air pollution. For reasons which have not yet been disclosed, a few of those deaths were attributed to the non-existent virus.


Each year, as you are doubtless aware, several thousands of old and infirm people die from the result of adding 'flu to their existing maladies. 'Flu, of itself, being a natural healing process, does not and cannot kill. It is the system overload and, often, the combination of pharmaceutical "medications" (which almost all make the human body colder) with the 'flu detoxification which leads to the system overload which causes the breakdown leading to death.

So why has the mythological "Coronavirus" been given the appellation "deadly"?

Propaganda, pure and simple. As Hermann Göring (Hitler's deputy) often said, "If you say a thing loud enough and often enough people will believe it no matter how ridiculous, illogical and nonsensical it is." So, it is repeatedly said that the Coronavirus is deadly but even a cursory glance at the statistics shows this to be untrue. Even if we include the Wuhan deaths - the majority of which, we know, had nothing to do with coronaflu - we see that the death rate is only very slightly higher than with normal, annual 'flu. If we filter out the Chinese falsehoods, we see that it is slightly LESS deadly that the 'flu which affects hundreds of millions of people each year: This year is no exception. Parallel to the few thousands of coronaflu cases, tens if not hundreds of millions of cases of "normal" 'flu receive precisely zero mention in the controlled press although we know that these are going to cause many times more hospitalisations and deaths.


Compare the Corona"virus" figures here

with the "normal" 'flu figures here

So, who is running this show?


Evidence received led us to take a good, long look at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, Germany. This is, ostensibly a quasi-independent body devoted to the collection of health statistics and giving advice to the German government; somewhat akin to the CDC in America.


The RKI, it turns out is no such thing but a very special body not subject to the rule of law and having the power to give direct orders to the German government and (presumably) all other EU governments.


This may well help explain the much more reasoned actions of the British government; the United Kingdom having left the clutches of the RKI and much else besides on the 31st January this year. Nonetheless, there is a very strong British connection.


Cecil Rhodes may well have been the richest man in recorded history. Not only was he the outright owner of the Kimberly diamond mine but also DeBeers, the world's largest diamond merchants. This was just small stuff: He was outright owner of Rhodesia, the land which is now called Zimbabwe and Zambia. His wealth accumulated so fast that it was impossible, without the, then to be invented computers, to count it!


Being homosexual (a capital crime in his times) he had no heir and left his enormous fortune to continue his work of establishing the Anglo-Saxon race as the master race of the entire planet with all other races subservient to it.


The organisations which he founded we know presently as the Bilderberg Group and the Deep State amongst other names.


There is evidence of direct contact between Rhodes and Koch which may well be why the RKI has such power in its hands.


In the 1930's and 40's the Nazi party was used by the Hörbegger cult to further its own aims of complete ownership of humanity. It is highly likely that this cult is one of Cecil Rhodes' many tentacles. It is a satanic, black magic cult which used the call sign "fire and ice".


Following the Second World War, much of the Nazi party apparatus was removed but that of the Hörbegger cult was left unscathed, possibly because of connections with Rockefeller, Carnegie and others. Those cult members who held high-ranking positions in the bureaucracy and police were left untouched.

It is rumoured that, in today's Germany, only cult members are eligible for high ranking posts.


Certain high ranking members of the cult, including Fritz te Meer, a director of IG Farbenindustrie sentenced for war crimes, were brought to New York to found the United Nations as a cover for the furtherance of the aims of the cult.


A part of the United Nations is the World Health Organisation which is well known to function as a front for the interests of the pharmaceutical cartel. It is, at this moment, unclear whether the RKI receives orders from the WHO or gives them to the WHO. It, of course, goes without saying that the RKI has links to George Soros; the only unclear thing being who gives orders to whom!


Within the RKI main building in Berlin is, so far as we have been able to ascertain, the only example of a private citizen being buried in a privately owned building. As you can see on Wikipedia, in the RKI is the mausoleum of Robert Koch himself! Those who know about such things will instantly recognise that the room bears not only the classical "décor" of a satanic temple but, further, the floor patterning of the secret high-level masonic lodges.


So, now we know what we are dealing with: A satanic cult with the ambition to completely enslave the whole of humanity.


Why this and why now?

There are several complaints working their way through the courts aimed at banning the use of 5G on public health grounds. What "they" have, therefore, decided to do is to use 5G to create a fake illness, via or from the WHO declare a "world pandemic" and then place a curfew upon everyone so that the 5G weapons systems can be installed everywhere whilst nobody is looking.


Do you have the right, in self-defence, to disable their devices? I would think most definitely yes, remove and disable by disconnecting the battery. Do you have the right to destroy them? Unclear unless they are so placed that you would endanger your own safety to remove them. In such a case you may be justified in using, for example, a rifle to destroy the device.


As it has become clear over the previous days that the core problem is the 60GHZ frequency which causes great difficulty in your blood absorbing oxygen. The solution required is cheap, easy to build and to use devices which blanket block that frequency. So, you technicians, get to work and do your job to save humanity.


If you look towards the beginning of this article, you will perceive that I have intimated that the "Purifying Ring of Fire" may well be our solution.
More on this in the next article (I have to test something first.)


This article can be downloaded here as a .pdf for distribution only in its entirety and with all links intact.  62Kb


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Blessed be

Karma Singh


19th March 2020


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