Newsletter 5th June 2020


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This Newsletter has five Topics:


The neccessary Exponential


The power of Command


New Moon


More Actio Experiences


When Truth breaks out





We have to start an exponential.

One knows the truth and passes it on to two others. They then each pass it on to two more. These seven (you plus your two plus their four) each pass it on to two more. You can work out for yourself how many days it takes for all 7.7 billion to know the truth just by passing it on to two people each day.


To do this, you have to have the knowledge - not just a little bit of it but all of it.


This is why I was finally permitted to write the book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." in preparation for these present events.


There are only three things that you need to know which are not mentioned in the book:

a) Did viruses exist - and the preponderance of evidence is that they do NOT - they are so small that they pass right through the material of a surgical mask. Any mask which would stop a "virus" would also stop you breathing.

b) "Viruses" are essentially weightless and even a light breeze would carry them 50 feet and more. It takes the particles called "viruses" just over one day to cross the Atlantic and three days to cross the pacific. Shutting down air travel has zero effect in this regard.

c) Excessive hand washing, especially with "disinfectants" has the prime effect of killing the symbiotic bacteria which live in your skin and are, actually, your first line of defence against "infection".

So we see that government stipulations have the effect of greatly damaging your health and are probably intended to do so.


The book itself describes in detail how the fraud which we call conventional medicine was created and how it is maintained.


By removing the falsehoods that you've been taught since early childhood, you become free to remove this abuse from your life and move towards real, natural health. The second part of the book is a guide to getting there.


So far, less than 10% of the recipients of my newsletters have the book. This is the knowledge that YOU need to win.


This is where you get it, RIGHT NOW, TODAY!


As European postal services are presently refusing to accept packages for delivery outside Europe, only the e-book edition is available in N. American and Australasia.






The Power of Command

In order to facilitate the necessary lessons of the patriarchy, also known as the Age of Materialism, this ability was removed from general knowledge and became a closely guarded secret of the various mystery schools.


In order to defeat this last desperate attempt by the old rulers to, literally, frighten us to death this power must be returned to each and every one who wishes to continue this incarnation.


The preparation is the Messiah series on YouTube.


Soon, I will record lesson five which re-opens this power. The time to prepare to, once again, take up your Power of Command is right now!


Once you have attained this, you can never go back nor would you want to.


Using the Power of Command you will rapidly experience that you have absolute control over everything in your life: Your health, your wealth, your peace, your abode in yourself - everything!

Start preparing now; it is only a matter of days until lesson five will be given to you.





New Moon Seminars


The knowledge imparted in these seminars is a major step forwards in returning control over this planet to humanity.

By knowing and using the hidden abilities inherent in each one of us, we not only become powerful focuses for rebirth but also teachers of these abilities to all who wish to learn.


The last seminar in this present Sun Season takes place on the weekend 27th & 28th June with a Q & A session on the following Monday.


Full details of the seminar contents and registration forms are here.





More Actio experiences

Yesterday, I was able, for the first time, to take a drive on the open road.

Not merely the movement restrictions but also the fact that my car needed some repairs for which parts were difficult to get had made this impossible since early March.

I drove for an hour or more on narrow, winding, country roads and, quite apart from the joy of having the turbo chargers back in action, I noticed that my reflexes have become much faster.


Quicker reflexes also means safer driving!


This can only be because of the general detoxification which Actio has brought about.


I have long held the suspicion that THE major cause of road accidents is not only refined sugar (not a foodstuff but a naturally occurring pesticide!) but also the chemical toxins in "foodstuffs" produced by conventional agriculture as well as the many "preservatives" (a marketing name for poisons) in foods pre-chewed in factories. These toxins accumulate in your body over time and will very definitely slow down both your nerves impulses as well as your ability to think precisely.

This is why, whenever possible - and my life as a permanent traveller means that it is not always so - I insist upon organically grown produce** which is cooked immediately before I eat it.


Given this improvement, it is obvious that not only drivers but also anyone who wants to think clearly but also sports men and women should regularly "clear out the junk".


Here is where you get it:-


At present, Actio and its companion product, Brutus, are only licenced for sale in Europe. They can be delivered in the UK and Eire with no problem but not outside of this area.



** There is an illusion that organic produce is more expensive than that grown with chemicals.


It's not the size by which you should judge this but by the nutritional value.


Chemically raised vegetables are "sick", i.e. they are swollen up due to the toxic chemicals.


Pound for pound, the organically grown foods contain more nutrients than those grown with chemicals. You will notice this when you make the change - your body will be replete with smaller quantities. This, quite apart from the general health improvements, actually makes organically grown the cheaper of the two, especially as you're not eating the poisonous chemicals which make you sick.






This video was actually recorded a couple of weeks ago but, as it is completely timeless, the "view by date" is always today.
Just click on the picture to start it.







Blessed be

Karma Singh


5th June 2020



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