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Messiah Video Part 5b - Heart power
One too many?
Part 5b of the Messiah Series - Your heart power
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Part 6 was filmed yesterday and will be released in a few days

Oh what tangled Webs we weave when first we practice to deceive

Some may recognise this quote from Robert Burns, the Scottish nation poet.

It is as true now as it ever was.


A great deal of deceit has been practiced upon the peoples of planet Earth over the last few months.

As time goes on, the Web of Deceit gets ever more complex and ever more tangled. This is inevitable because something which is not based in truth needs ever more new lies to keep it going. It is also inevitable that the more lies you tell, the more people will recognise that you are lying to them.


If you tell one lie, your chances of getting away with it are 50/50 or better. It's a question of how many people actually know that it's a lie. The more lies that you tell, the more people will recognise that a part, at least, of what you are saying is a lie. When very large numbers of people have grasped that some of your statements are untrue then the whole of your "House of Fantasy" will come tumbling down.


As more people recognise that face masks would be totally useless in stopping a virus (did such exist) and that "social distancing" has nothing whatsoever to do with health but is a part of an electronic spy system intended to create an absolute dictatorship (as in China) the more the whole hoohurrah is seen to be questionable.


Knowing that meat processing plants will provide a rich ground for finding Corona particles - not because anyone is ill but because they naturally occur:

The Corona particles are created by your own body as a part of natural cell repair and replacement processes. They do NOT come from outside of you! These particles are by no means unique to humans and it is probable that all mammals use this method, simply because millions of generations have shown that it works.

Cells can be severely damaged by stress. Animals penned up waiting to be killed exhibit extreme stress. People employed to kill and to dismember carcases also take up this stress. Additionally, their work space is an extremely toxic environment which, of course, damages their cells and triggers the repair and replacement processes, i.e. the HEALING process that the lies tell us is an illness! On top of this, the work involves direct contact with the corona particles from the cadavers and these are, inevitably, taken up in many ways.

The would-be deceivers have focussed their attention upon meat processing plants because they already know that they will find lots of corona particles there.


The so-called Covid-19 tests are neither specific for this fantasy disease (they do not even test for the presence of Corona particles!) nor could they be described as accurate; giving a false positive in up to 85% of cases. Concentrations of Corona proteins and the so-called "antibodies" (which are, actually, a further aspect of your cell-repair processes) are inevitable in charnel houses. This is why the deceivers have waited until now to focus public attention upon them.


To this end, the owner has insisted that all tests be carried out in his "in house" laboratory. Independent laboratories have offered to test the amazing results. All such offers have been strictly rejected.


The owner is a close friend of investors who have promised themselves big profits from the "Covid vaccine". The company in which they invested has stated that there are too few Covid cases to develop a vaccine. So, Mr. Toennies has "sacrificed" his employees for it.


Concentrations of corona proteins and the so-called "antibodies" (which are actually another aspect of your cell repair processes) are unavoidable in morgues. This is why the deceivers have waited until now to draw public attention to them.


This PCR test is also easy to manipulate by changing "the number of replication" by only one digit. Therefore the offers to repeat the tests independently and the absolute refusal to agree to this. I repeat the test result here:-
Number of positives - 1000
Number of sick people - ZERO


There are three different lies involved here; two lies of commission and a lie of omission.

The first lie of commission is to bray to the public that there are "new" and "major" outbreaks of Covid-19. The second is to claim that they are testing for Covid-19 or Sars-cov-2 (which, they claim, is the causational "virus" even though there is no evidence that it even exists!) whilst testing for something completely different.

The lie of omission is to "neglect" to mention that, although thousands of people are "testing positive", no-one is ill! (Well, of course, they wouldn't be - the Corona particles are a part of a natural healing process, not a sign of illness.)


Is this a lie too far?


Will this trigger the chain reaction through which millions will see how they've been duped into stupidity by professional liars, lying for profit?


It's up to you but DO prepare yourself by finding out how things really work by reading  "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." available exclusively from the website.


When you know the enormous disparity between that which pharmaceutical medicine tells you and reality then you will be able to help others free themselves from this present fantasy.


Take a look in the book






Blessed be

Karma Singh


4th July 2020



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