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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson Six

How are “illnesses” actually spread?


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As we have already seen in part three, we experience many events which are natural healing processes. We have been taught, however, to believe that these are actually illness so that a “medicine” against it can be sold to us. In point of fact, the most stupid thing that one can do with such events is to try to stop them! For example: The “Common Cold” and Lung Cancer are both effects of the same cause. Artificially preventing the “safety valve” which we call a cold - a thing for which most pharmaceutical manufacturers have been researching for some time as it would be worth billions - would cause an explosion in the numbers of lung cancer cases.


A cold is a natural ejection of an excess of “Yin”. Now, Yin and Yang are two words which are very often misunderstood. These two words describe differing types of movement. Yin moves outwards and is scattering. Yang moves inwards and is tightening. An essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to bring these two into balance and to maintain the balance.


In hot weather, it is useful to have more Yin because this is cooling. In Winter, the opposite is needed because Yang conserves heat. Much of the typical First World diet delivers Yin energy (sugar, white wheat flour, cow dairy produce, etc.). When Winter comes, this could lead to under cooling or, in extreme cases, hypothermia and your body quickly ejects them. We call this process “a cold” and, in fact, coldness is precisely that which is being ejected. It should now be clear to you why the “colds season” begins in the Autumn (Am. Fall) and finishes in the Spring.


By the same token, a fever is a discharge of an excess of Yang energy. One, then, needs to look where the Yang excess came from in order to clear up the real, underlying problem.


So, if this is how things really are, how can it be that colds are often group experiences? If I am just ejecting my cheese excess, how come my work colleagues also have colds?


Thanks to developments in Quantum Biophysics and, especially, to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake with his Morpho-Genetic Field Theory, we can answer this question with a high degree of certainty. This knowledge is not new - the healers have known this for a long time. The difference is that we now have scientific proof of it.


People who have a lot to do with each other (family, friends, work colleagues, etc.) develop naturally additional methods of communication. Information is exchanged not only by words but also through gestures, body posture, smell and much, much more. In this “much more” is also the information exchanges via the human Morpho-genetic Field.


In his book “The hundredth Monkey”, Ken Keyes describes very clearly how such things happen. Gradually, all of the monkeys adopted the new way of cleaning rice because it is useful to all of them.


But what about colds and a thousand other “Illnesses”? Why doesn’t everyone go through these processes?


It’s a question of usefulness. Someone who does not have a Yin excess doesn’t need to discharge it. Additionally, the way in which the suggestion “now is a good time to discharge your Yin excess” is conveyed makes it much more likely that it will be received by people with whom you are in regular contact. If you never speak to your neighbour, he/she is most unlikely to take up your “cold” suggestion!


Every “illness” is a reaction to some underlying problem. The reaction is the attempt to get rid of the problem. Supressing the reaction and completely ignoring the underlying problem (the conventional medicine methodology) is precisely that which makes pharmaceutical medicine the number one cause of death and major disability throughout the First World.


Let me try to make this a little clearer for you with a different example:
Let us suppose that your car has insufficient coolant in the engine. Your car reacts by lighting a lamp notifying that the water level is too low and another one informing you that the engine temperature is too high. Using the conventional medicine methodology, both wires to the lamps would be cut so that the symptoms (the warning lights) disappear. This, of course, causes your car engine to seize up and die!


So, the important question is, “What has the 1 - 4% of the population which become ill in an epidemic, got in common?”

We have already seen how a cold works. With ‘flu, it is an emotional detoxification, i.e. death expectations are being ejected and you become naturally younger. You actually look and feel younger after the ‘flu, don’t you? Read “The Flu Fairy Tale” for more information on this.



An “illness” is, therefore, nothing more than something which indicates where there is a problem. Just as a good mechanic would follow the indication of the lamps and add coolant to your car’s engine so would someone trained in healing follow your symptoms and help you to resolve the real problem. Unfortunately, medical training does not contain any of this and so you must look elsewhere for real help.

It is the difference between that which a doctor of medicine was promised during his/her training and that which actually happens which has lead enormous numbers of them to re-train in homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other effective methodologies.


What we are seeing here is the crumbling of the pharmaceutical empire as daily more of the truth breaks through the wall of propaganda. This process is now so advanced that it can no longer be stopped. The only salvation for the pharmaceutical cartel is pre-purchased politicians who are willing to betray you and impose compulsory medication upon you. This was the purpose of the little piece of theatre in the Bundestag, which we saw in part one and which is the cause of this series of articles.


What is staring us here in the face is the choice between your health or their profits.
Only one of these can survive the near future.


Coming soon: Part 7 (the final part) - Do viruses actually exist?


Karma Singh
3rd February 2018


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