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Second progress Report in Inshee and Family

If you missed the previous two articles, they are here and here.


At the end of March Inshee came home. The insurance decided to pay just half of the medical costs! Thanks to your generosity, he was able to pay the rest without having to sell the family home (something that frequently happens in the villages in Thailand).

They were also able to purchase a used wheel chair which, for a few weeks, made Inshee at least partially mobile.

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Thankfulness can work miracles. After the death of her husband, Inshee’s mother, Jampee, developed diabetes mellitus. The life-shock of our “help from Heaven” catapulted her out of it and her pancreas works normally again.

As, in Thailand, there is very little consumption of cow dairy produce, diabetes mellitus is almost always a purely emotional problem - the self-judgement, “there isn’t sufficient love available so that I, too, can have some” - and so the pancreas is not gummed up with cow milk residues.

With the recognition that love does flow to her, she stopped depressing herself and her pancreas then had sufficient energy to work properly.


When we do something such as helping Inshee in his emergency we, unavoidably, touch the lives of many others. Your/our generosity to date has also allowed Pigun (his wife) to lay her cleaning job on ice and take care of Inshee and the children.
Bahmee (his daughter) will never forget that we have enabled her to continue her studies nor that her brother, Pattapum, could stay on at university.


This will never stop because all of these will not only tell their story to others but also live as a glowing example of beginning anew out of a catastrophe. They will encourage others never to give up hope and also organise help and assistance for others in “impossible” circumstances. They will perceive life in a new way and teach this new perception to others. Additionally, everyone else in the village knows that Jampee is no longer diabetic and ask what happened.


A miracles has happened, is the answer, and many of you have helped to create it.


Even with miracles, resonance plays a large role.
Look at it like this: If a wastrel, who had always ignored the needs of others, were to drive into a wall most of us would think, “your own fault” and leave him the task of building his life anew in honour.
With Inshee, however, this is not the case; he has always helped others when he could. No matter how difficult his life was, he had taken it as a testing and, in trust, continued. Before dawn he rode his bike to work and returned home in the dark so that his children could have a better life.

We heard the call and, through our gifts to date, have worked the needed miracle.


For a few days now, Inshee has been able to get about on crutches and, being the man he is, immediately began helping look after the small children in the village so that their mothers could have a little time to themselves.


Now, where does everything go from here?

Although I have not yet met him personally, I am also of the opinion that his job in the cement factory will no longer be physically possible for him. I hope that, come Winter, I will be able to fly to Thailand where I will be able to correct the shortening of his leg caused by the multiple surgeries. Nonetheless, the leg will never be as strong as it was and this crash must be viewed as the end of a chapter in his life.


What happens now is up to you and me!


Later this week, the school fees for Bahmee are due. For your and my means, not a great deal of money but when there is no money in the house……
She also still needs a much better laptop computer for her IT studies. Who can help her with this? The computer must be sent from Europe; those available in Thailand often carry the same names that we know here but are not of the same quality.


Inshee and Pigun have long dreamed of having a travelling shop.


Thailand is a surprisingly large country. On the world map, it doesn’t look it but it is more than TWICE the size of Britain (513,120 square kilometres to 242,500, according to Wikipedia). Public transport, as we know it, does not exist. Privately owned cars are a rarity in the villages. To get from the village into the nearest town is, therefore, both difficult and time-consuming. To get to a city, will take at least a whole day and, when small children have to be taken along, can be almost impossible.


The travelling shops bring things from the towns, both by pre-order as well as for sale.

This is a well-known business in Thailand and the travelling shops get a discount from the businesses in the towns. When sufficient quantity can be purchased, it is even possible for the travelling shops to buy at the wholesalers or even directly at the manufacturers.

Agricultural and hand-crafted produce can also be sold in the towns. Even passengers will, occasionally, be carried. It is a very secure business model if one is industrious (we already know that Inshee is) and the necessary start capital is available.


This is where we come in.


Over the next two months, I would like to gather in sufficient for Inshee and Pigun to begin to realise their dream, i.e. as soon as he is able to drive again.

Almost 18,000 people receive this newsletter. Just seventy cents from each one would reach the target. Unfortunately, this will not happen as many are still chained to beliefs in insufficiency through which they are simply unable to know that everything freely given from the heart will return multiplied (a part of the basic structure of this universe which would drive the bankers into ruin if everyone were to practise it).
10% of the 18,000, each giving £5 / $7 or 5% each giving £10 / $14 would achieve the same end. Can you see how easy it is for us together to achieve the “impossible”?


I was able to discuss this with Joachim recently and, this time, Harmony United Ltd. will donate several hundreds to start the ball rolling.
Should we gather in more than needed for Inshee and family, then I will set about finding others who deserve out help.


If you have a UK bank account, you can make a BACS transfer to my personal account here:


Karma Singh
Metro Bank
accountNo.:  15696807
sort code:  23-05-80


If you have a Euro account please use this bank:-


Karma Singh
by der Paysera Bank
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To make a donation by credt or debit card for Inshee, just enter the amount you wish to send and then click on the hand.

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Finally, there is a paypal account which can be used if nothing else works for you. Please send me an email if this is your choice and I will reply with details of the account. This is the most expensive option, not only because of paypal's fees but also becuase they will convent any payment into Euros at their rate of exchange.

Should you wish to do so, you can also use any of these options to make a donation to support and further my work. Please specify in the payment details whether it is for Inshee, for me or to be split between us. (When using a credit or debit card, this appears at the bottom of page two of the online form.)


Blessed be


Karma Singh
10th June 2018


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