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The International Association of Angels

I use the term “angel” with a degree of trepidation as some people will immediately presume that this text has something to do with some neo-Christian church.
Although such an impression is totally false, I have not, as yet, been able to think up a better word. So please, don’t jump to conclusions from the title. “Judge not a Book by its Cover!”


As we move inexorably away from the influences of the patriarchy and the “ruling elite” of the bygone age into our present Age of Community, one problem becomes ever clearer to me.
Although we outnumber those wishing to preserve the old system by several thousands to one, they have one very large advantage; they are highly organised and have been for several centuries. We, apparently, are not - yet.


Recently, I was introduced to something of which I had previously heard but had tended to disregard as a combination of wishful thinking and legend.


In the teachings from many spiritual Texts around the planet, there is the story of “The Guardians”, “The nine Wise Men”, “The Keepers” and many similar names. According to legend, these are the advanced souls charged with guiding and forming human consciousness. In the Age of Materialism now just past, the guiding council was formed from what we might call demons. Other names include “The Lords of Darkness” which I have long known it is our present task to dissolve and to remove their influence from the mind of man and woman. It is, incidentally, to the Lords of Darkness that satanists give their supplications and thus, unknowingly, gain nothing but actually give their personal power to the Lords of Darkness!

By withdrawing our power from them, they cease to have any effect.


It was the “demons” who gave structure and form to human society during the bygone Age of Materialism and inculcated much of the suffering and deprivation under which so many still live. During this time, that which I have tentatively named “The International Association of Angels” stepped into the background (so they have told me) so that humanity could experience the Age of Materialism and the sorrow which it brings. Now that this time is past and, presumably, we have learned the needed lessons, it is the demons which have to step into the background as the Angels take over the guiding role. From now on, it is their influence and no longer that of the demons which will form the core of human activity.


There is but one essential difference between the “Angels” and the “Demons”: Demons give orders and these orders will be obeyed upon pain of death if refused. Their objective is to hold humanity in a state of confusion and constant fear so that we can be exploited to the fullest extent.

Angels make suggestions, give encouragement and point out opportunities for us to help and to benefit each other and our planet. Above all, they work to co-ordinate our efforts so that conflicts and wastage are avoided.


We see examples of the former in the warmonger Obama bin Barak who has created for every American a debt level which is, literally, unpayable and will, therefore, cause the financial implosion which the demons require. Throughout his tenure in the White House he has done his utmost to involve America in new wars, only failing so far with Iran and Russia. His planned replacement, the Evil Witch, had received detailed orders leading to an attack upon Russia in March 2017. To the great consternation of the Evil Witch, the Demons and their minions, this plan has been thwarted. Obama bin Barak has, therefore, been given orders to step up provocation against Russia on all fronts: The expulsion of Russian diplomats based upon nothing other than a fantasy report created by a newspaper controlled by the Evil Witch’s backers and for which neither official nor private investigation has been able to find any evidence. Then he has ordered the re-deployment of two thousand battle tanks and a complete air attack brigade to Germany. Will this be enough to provoke a war with Russia? Not with Putin, who has rejected all retaliation stating, “We will not stoop to such low levels”, in command.


Angela Merkel has carried out her orders to bankrupt the German people by guaranteeing that they will pay everyone else’s debts in Europe and then taking in millions of migrants from war zones which she exacerbated by helping destroy Libya as a functioning country because it was about to free the whole of North East Africa from Banking Cartel control and then illegally sending German military personnel to help ISIS in Syria.


Where we see the hand of the Angels is in Brexit and the other movements throughout Europe which are rapidly gaining support for the dissolution of the demon-created EU. In the USA, the Evil Witch has failed to receive her promised years in the Oval Office and the president elect, Donald Trump, who was supposed to be portrayed as an unelectable clown has now become a star performer on the world stage. We shall see what he can achieve. At the very least, the planned war with Russia has now been laid on ice.


There are other indicators of a reversal of polarity in the “hidden” leadership of the world. The mainstream news media which is 98% owned and controlled by demon puppets is rapidly losing credibility. One recent report from N. America which I have seen shows a credibility rating of just six per cent! The rapidly growing independent news media, on the other hand, received an 80% credibility rating in the same survey: People have just stopped believing demonic propaganda.


California is an interesting battle ground. This is the state which has just made child prostitution legal, in which compulsory medication for all children has been the law for almost a year and which has almost succeeded in passing a new law to remove all parental rights over their children, to give state employees absolute authority over all children and to make child sexual abuse legal for those state employees.
This is what was in store for the whole of America should the Evil Witch have won the national election. Needless to say, she did win the state of California but it now turns out that maybe as many as 800,000 votes were cast illegally!

On the other hand, there is a steadily growing and steadily better organised opposition and two well-organised legal challenges to these new laws. It will be interesting to see how the Angels will win this one.


All in all, this is a year in which an accelerated breakdown of the old exploitation system is to be expected and new opportunities to regain natural balance and prosperity for all in partnership with the needs of our planet will daily arise.


Feels good.


P.S. The Christmas Shop is still open and will remain so until Midnight on Monday 9th January


Blessed be


Karma Singh
1st January 2017



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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