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This newsletter has four themes:-


Euro Stability Mechanism

A most important date for your diary

A bolt from the blue

A new Healing Transmission experiment



ESM etc.

It is, of course, possible that many people living outside of the Euro currency zone do not know what this is. The full name is the Euro Stability Mechanism. Sounds reasonable but then even Hell could be given an attractive name and if you don’t look to find out what is behind it you could find yourself in most uncomfortable circumstances.


Simply stated, the ESM creates a new autonomous Super Bank owned and controlled by the Rothschild dynasty. This Super Bank has the power to directly tax all citizens of member states, to compel the taking out of mortgages in favour of the Super Bank and to confiscate any money and property which you may own. The Super Bank has a secret management and personnel, has immunity to both criminal and civil prosecution and secrecy of operation is guaranteed to the Bank. The Super Bank can sue you for taxes which it has itself set and confiscate your property and you have no right of defence. Once a state has joined the ESM it can never leave it. If this sounds like an absolute dictatorship to you I can only agree with you.


In the struggle to prevent your entire wealth being handed over to the banking cartel without recourse there are a number of things to note. There is also the need to act.


1)      Following the finance crisis engineered by the banking cartel in 2008 the people of Iceland, instead of committing themselves to a debt which their children would still be paying in order to cover the “losses” suffered by the bankers through their speculations, have issued arrest warrants against the bankers responsible for the problem and their supporters in the government at that time. Further details here.  (Text in English and German)

It has, of course, been asked why it is only the Icelandic people who have found the courage to act according to law and natural justice?      
This is, however, not the case. Although, of course, considered to be not worthy of mentioning in the major press, more than 16,000 people have laid criminal charges against Mrs. Merkel and her adherents alleging high treason against the German people. 

This is, however, not sufficient. Ideally at least two million people should lay such charges. With a mere few thousands, the public prosecutor may not dare to act according to law. With criminal charges in the millions, they will feel the support of the German people. There is nothing to prevent citizens of other countries also laying charges - provided that you speak German. If this is you, then the full details of how are on this website.   

Germany is not the only country in which this criminal action is taking place - it is a criminal act when members of a government take the wealth of the citizens and abscond with it. Whether they put this directly into their own pockets or hand it over to a third party is of no relevance. They are in a position of trust to safeguard the citizens and property of the nation. Acting upon orders from their “owners”, i.e. the Bilderberg Group - Baron Rothschild - to hand the nation’s wealth over Rothschild’s private bank is, in german law as well as that of many other countries, an act of treason! Perhaps it would serve you and your fellow citizens to look into the possibility of doing something similar in your country.         

2)      Germany’s so called “Finance Minister” Mr. Clueless Schäuble has begun promulgating a new form of fraud for his banking masters. This idea is to compel anyone with property or funds in excess of €240,000 (about $300,000) to take out a mortgage from his banking masters and buy worthless government securities. Under the provisions of the Basic Law of Germany, this is specifically forbidden!





Saturday and Sunday the 15th and 16th of September is a weekend to note in everyone’s diary.

I think a little introductory explanation is in order here.


The first thing to note is that there is no German state and, since 1989, no German government.


This comes about because the Bundes Republic Deutschland (engl: The Federal Republic of Germany) is and was never a state but a temporary administration set up by the victorious allies after World War II. This is why there is no constitution but simply a basic law imposed by the allies. Under provisions of this basic law, should Germany ever be re-unified then the basic law and the Federal Republic of Germany will cease to exist and is to be replaced by a constitution which the german people choose by referendum. You may well have noticed that Germany has been re-unified but that a constitutional referendum has never taken place.

This is not merely theory: There are many court decisions, mostly regarding ridiculous tax demands, in which senior judges have ruled that although the law used by the german Inland Revenue may have some validity, there is no country in which the law has jurisdiction!


Over many years, a dedicated group headed by one Peter Fitzek has been working on creating the core of a german state. The structure of this state is very, very different to anything which has been seen upon this planet in recorded history. Amongst other things, there is no government in the way in which we know it today! To make a new law, around 30 million people at the local street or village level must agree to it. This is the only place at which new laws or customs can be made. All other levels have merely a co-ordinating function. Further, in order to stand for election to any level of administration, you would have to pass a public examination to prove that you have competence for the post! The higher the post which you wish to hold, the greater the competence which you need to demonstrate. Examinations will be not merely written but also very public, i.e. if you pass the written examination you will then be eligible to be examined in public by your peers. I hope that you see how impossible this makes the present corruption and purchase of the many present special laws for the sole benefit of giant corporations.


In addition to this, the special “legalese language” is to be completely eliminated and all laws and regulation must pass the test “would a normal housewife in her kitchen understand this?”


The new German state is a tax free and interest free state. Now you may ask how a state can be financed with no taxes. When, however, you realise that 76% of the present state apparatus exists solely to “steal” money from citizens and to hold millions of others in poverty then you begin to see. When you, further, know that 92% of all crime and 78% of all civil strife is caused by the activities of the banking cartel then you will begin to grasp just how small the necessary state apparatus needs to be and how little it costs.


So just how is the small state to be financed? Through the services delivered by the state to the people. A prime example of this is health insurance. In the new German state the focus and purpose of health insurance is not, as at present, to channel money from your pocket into the coffers of the pharmaceutical cartel but to create a chronically healthy populace. This is why it costs less but delivers a far greater range of services.


There is, of course, a great deal more to be said but for now I just wish to draw your attention to the weekend date above for this is the date upon which it is intended that the declaration of statehood will be set in motion. The state “Neu Deutschland” could well be in existence by the end of this year. Everyone is welcome to attend the convention which is to be in the self same town in which another great revolutionary, Martin Luther, made his declaration of great change nearly five centuries ago. This is the town of Wittenberg, 90 kilometres (56 miles) south of Berlin in Germany. The whole of the convention will, of course, be held in German so a good working knowledge of the language is essential. Maybe, however, you have friends in Germany? If so, please refer them to the german language edition of this newsletter which is to be found here.


What can you do to help the creation of this new way of life? What can you do to help the birth of a new nation?

Under the provisions of the Convention of Montevideo, a state has to fulfill a number of provisions. One of these is a definite territory. Contracts have been signed to purchase derelict factories, an abandoned hospital and the surrounding lands. Part payment has already been made and the Neu Deutschland organisation is already in possession. To complete the purchases, a further 2 ½ million Euros is needed by February 2013. All contributions great and small will help towards this objective and help finance other planned activities such as a plant which creates motor vehicle fuels from worn out tyres, a factory to manufacture free energy machines, to expand the territory and much, much more.


New Deutschland is a sophisticated system and the most exciting adventure of our time. It encompasses all the known possibilities to create a future in dignity, safety and abundance for all. You, however, are the only one who can choose to participate in this great adventure!





A Bolt from the Blue?

I had heard about such occurrences whilst I was still at school but have never actually met anyone who has experienced such. It even took me two weeks before I realised just what had happened.


The event concerns a typical mid-Summer storm with all the usual light and sound effects. At the time I was on the motorway (am: freeway) when my car was suddenly encompassed in a bright blue light. “That was close” I thought and waited for the thunder but it never came. That was it. I didn’t turn green and muscular, I can’t run any faster or anything like that. What I did, later, notice was something quite different.


A few days later I noticed that the signal from my favourite radio station seemed much weaker. Initially I though they were having some technical problem and thought no more about it. As the problem continued I thought that they were maybe in financial difficulties and, to reduce costs, had switched off the transmitters in the outlying regions of the city. When, however, I noticed the same effect in other cities I came to the suspicion that someone had been tampering with my aerial or had even removed it. When I got out to look at it I could see that the tip had been completely vaporised! My car was, in fact, struck by a bolt of lightning but because the rubber tyres had isolated it from the Earth I survived it completely unhurt!  






The new Healing Transmission Experiment

Many people have asked me to create a Healing Transmission for general detoxification. At first I thought that something so unspecific would not work. Only later did it occur to me that the advanced techniques from Ashtars Licht could possibly bring the desired result. Ashtars Licht is, basically, an energy stream which anyone can learn to focus and which removes and dissolves all poisoning energies and information from the human being. The techniques are, at present, only taught in Germany and in German. I would, however, be willing to teach them to groups in other European countries to groups of around 15 participants. I can teach either in English or German. Other languages would require a translator. The german language website is here. At this time I have no plans to travel to North America.


This transmission is structurally different to the previous transmissions and I am very curious to see how well it works.

The videos are here and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.



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