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An Introduction to 2012 and the transmission
to awaken unused DNA potential
  7th Jan 2012


The first of the three keys to unlocking the
energy of the year for you
   24th Jan 2012


Additional Expalnation of the Keys   26th Jan 2012


The second of the three keys   28th Jan 2012


General Newsletter  16th Feb 2012


The Third Key   5th March 2012


Using the Keys for World Peace    26th March 2012


Iran update, new peace stipulation and Unlimited Personal Power    6th April 2012


Clarity of Thought Transmission      3rd June 2012


Natal Security Transmission   20th July 2012


The Olympic Games    26th July 2012


Olympic Aftermath      14th August 2012


ESM, the creation of a German State, Thunderbolt, Detox Transmission    18th Aug 2012


Dissolving Procrastination     29. October 2012


Dynamic Peace - Removing your life from Danger     2 December 2012


The Solstice Transmission live on the 21st December 2012, a people's police and....  15th December 2012



The First Key

You are, I hope and trust, one of the few who has chosen to create the New Golden Age. To achieve this it is necessary to give to you powers and abilities which will astound your contemporaries and confound those seeking the destruction of civilisation and large parts of the planet.


 The first key that I now hand to you is from ancient Celtic knowledge which has been suppressed for many hundreds of years. It is a simple seeming exercise but one which, if properly and conscientiously practised daily, will enormously expand your intelligence and personal power.


Laying upon your back in a quiet place with NO electronic devices in your vicinity visualise a stream of love flowing from the universe through your navel and from there filling up your body and your entire being. This is not something which you can DO: It is, rather, something which you ALLOW. The difference is very, very important; you cannot command love but you can allow unlimited love to fulfill you. This is not an exercise with words or pictures but exclusively with the feeling love.


When you embark upon this programme, you will become one of the natural leaders of humanity and many will look to you for guidance and advice. You will KNOW what needs to be done, when, where and how. My job is simply to make you aware of your knowledge.


Blessed be


Karma Singh









additional explanation of the keys

Firstly I would like to thank all the hundereds of people who have written to me after receiving the First Key. I cannot, unfortunately, respond to each one personally. There follows a list of the questions asked and their answers.


1) May I copy the newsletters and the keys to friends and family?


The more people who participate the more we can achieve in a short time.

Everyone may have the opportunity. Everyone has the right to make the free choice to participate.


2) How long und how often should I practice?

At least 30 minutes daily until you experience that being completely filled with love is you new normality. When you’ve got there (takes a few months usually) just do an occasional check up.


3) How far away should electrical devices be or, I do not have a room without electronic devices, what should I do?

Pull the plugs out!


4) Should I add ..................... (several suggestion) to the exercise?

Under no circumstances whatsoever!!!

Your concentration must 100% focussed upon the letting feeling love flow into you and experiencing this flow.


5) Why did you choose me?

I did not choose you. I am not the one who has conferred this honour upon you. You have chosen yourself through you decision to listen and to participate.

All that I can do is to lay the keys at your feet. Only you can decide to take them up and to use them!

During February and March we will begin to use the new abilities which these three keys will give you. It would be extremely useful were you to have a copy of “The Biology of...........” available. www.thebiologyof.com


Blessed be





Clarity of Thought Transmission

Good morning,

we have managed to get a couple of new transmissions ready for you. The first is to remove destructive though patterns from your life. This link takes you straight to the introduction. Both transmissions are directly below it.

Tomorrow the transmission for Natal Security - a thing of enormous importance for everyone but not greatly understood - will also be available so watch out for the newsletter or simply keep checking the karmasingh.tv website.


Natal Security Transmission

the new transmission for Natal Security is now online.

This is extremely effective for:-
lower back pain,
relationship problems,
hyperactivity (also labelled ADHD etc.) and
thoughts that just go around and around and
around in circles getting nowhere.

You can use it at the "Transmissions" tab on


Blessed be

Karma Singh




Follow up to the Olympics

At the obvious level nothing has happened.

This, however, was and is precisely our objective.
On the afternoon of Saturday the 4th of August there was a very
definite feeling of consternation in The Field because something
did NOT explode.
I would dearly like to hear from others who also noticed this.
We have, apparently, achieved our prime objective of rendering
a bomb completely ineffective.

This is, however, not the only weapon of this type upon which the
so called “Illuminati “ could lay their hands. When and where they
will make their next attempt is something which I do not know at
this time. It is certain, however, that we must keep going.

I have been informed „from above“ that, each group in their own
particular style and method, more than five million people have
participated in this action. An impressive number but less than 0.1%
of humanity. If we ever reach 10% then a chain reaction will be
triggered in the mass consciousness of humanity which will sweep
every type of suffering from the face of the Earth.
In short; we have a lot to do so please keep going.


Blessed be


Karma Singh



The Procrastination dissolver

has it ever entered your head that there just might be
something outside of yourself which is more or less
actively hindering your attempts to get done what you
what to do and what you know needs to be done?

Well, there is!

I actually only realised this after months of
unsuccessfully seeking an internal cause.

Once you know what the problem really is then it
is often a small matter to work out how to resolve
it. Such is the case here.

This new transmission simply takes you out of
resonance with the energy field causing the problem.
Enjoy it here (as usual, no charge):-





Dynamic Peace - Removing your life from Danger

"The World is a dangerous Place" is a programme that we have all taken up from our environment, primarily during our childhood.

Are there not, however, countless examples which prove that this is not true? The danger experience is so rare that it frequently makes the news headlines. This is the essence of being newsworthy; it must be a rare event. Because, however, this is all that we see in the news an impression that danger is all around us has been created.


The expectation of danger and the preoccupation with defensive techniques has two very destructive effects:-
1) We waste most of our energy and attention defensively instead of creatively!
2) Because we are so preoccupied with things which don't exist, we miss or misinterpret most of what is actually going on in the World with the result that, as Neale Donald Walsh has written, "this is a world governed by lies and liars."


To correct our perception and to put truth back in charge of the world, we need merely to remove the false danger programme. This is the transmission to do it.





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