Karma Singh's Newsletter
Special No. 12

America and you are in Great Danger!

although this matter concerns immediately the citizens of the USA, the whole of humanity is truly involved. This means you too, your spouse, your children and your children's children.


There are no exceptions!


It concerns two Monsanto sponsored bills which they are trying to get through the USA legislature "on the nod" claiming that they are not controversial.

The effect of the one bill, S.510, will make it financially impossible to grow anything not supplied by Monsanto and the second, S.3767 makes it a criminal offence to even try to grow anything else.


Under this second bill, Monsanto would be empowered to walk into your garden, to test any food plants which you may be growing and, if your carrots, corn or whatever else you may have in your garden tests negative for genetically modified seeds or a host of compulsory pesticides and other toxins then you and your family could be jailed for up to ten years!


There are provisions in the bills to hire thousands of “enforcers”, at your expense, to do exactly this!


That's how close the USA now is to becoming the first major victim of the Fascism by Food programme started by the German pharmaceutical industry in 1964 – the self same people who cleared the way for Hitler to become their puppet government in the 1930s and the self-same people who built and managed Auschwitz!


There are two things that you need to do right now if you are a USA citizen. If you are not, then you can only do one of them. Don’t delay, however, the EEC is close to the same state and, if the USA falls then all resources will be focussed on “conquering” Europe and then the rest of the World.


The link to the action which only Americans can take together with much more detail of the two bills is in the link to the Natural Solutions Foundation at the end of this newsletter.


The action which is open to everyone concerns those many hundreds of people who already possess my book “The Biology of ......”. By using the powers which are yours to command through the techniques taught in the book you can cause this Monsanto programme to fail:


The words:
The USA bills S.510, S.3767 and all other present and future bills with the same or similar objectives have now been resoundingly rejected by the US Congress and Senate.


The Vision:
All congressmen and senators stand up to their rights and obligations to thoroughly study proposed legislation, block all attempts to steamroller bills through unread and choose to act for the benefit of the people who elected them.
(This could cause a large change of personnel in the upcoming elections)


The Feelings:
Exuberance, freedom, joy and thankfulness.


If you do not yet have the book and would like to participate, you can download it here:


The full details of these Monsanto bills, together with analysis by a team of specialist lawyers can be read here.


The action which EVERY American, man, woman and child can take today to stop the steamrollering of these bills is here.


Please pass this on to EVERYONE that you know.


We all need to act together NOW to save America.


Blessed be

Karma Singh

15th September 2010




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