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It's a Question of Perspective

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Julius Caesar made such effective use of the principle of “Divide and Conquer” that some people even believe that he invented it. He didn’t - he was just very successful using it.


Wanting to conquer Gaul so that he could confiscate the wealth of that nation instead of trading for it, he was faced with the problem of the Gaul’s much larger army than the senate in Rome would give to him.


The Gauls did not have a central ruler as did Rome but a council of tribes entrusted with the task of co-ordinating activities and resolving disputes. The Gauls’ defences were, therefore, the massed armies of the various tribes.


Singly, the tribes had no chance against the Romans but, under their mutual defence pact, an attack on one was to be considered an attack upon all and their entire military might would be mobilised.


Caesar began then a process of destroying the coherence of the tribes so that he could conquer them one by one - a task in which we know he succeeded.


Fast forward a few hundred years and we see the same tactic of divide and conquer being used by the Catholic Church to establish and maintain their European empire. Even when revisionist sects sprang up with the intent of disempowering the greedy and corrupt Catholic priesthood, the Papacy was able to mobilise the Inquisition to spread dissent amongst most of the European peoples. The Inquisition's executioners, the Dominicans, made sure that the people lived in fear of being denounced as a heretic to get them out of someone else’s way.


The Gestapo, the KGB, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, to name but a few have copied this technique down to the last dot and comma.


Always, always this method is used for the benefit of a tiny minority at everyone else’s cost. Julius Caesar didn’t care tuppence how many roman soldiers died and even less how many Gauls died just so long as he got the wealth and the power that it would buy.


We know all this. We were taught it in school. It’s history. But have we looked in our own back yard? Has not exactly the same principle been used upon us to “divide and conquer”?


Beginning a little more than one hundred years ago, continued efforts have been made to destroy the coherence of families. Now everyone stands alone with little expectation of support UNLESS HE / SHE CAN PAY FOR IT! Thus we have “Rule by the Bankers”. Everyone is forced to participate in their religious ceremony of paying taxes. (Yes, taxation IS a religion! One which benefits exclusively the bankers.)

It is necessary for them to destroy our family coherence so that we slip into the belief that we have no choice other than to do everything ourselves.


Now, you can believe anything you like. Nothing needs to be true in order to be believed. Even Herman Goering, Hitler’s deputy, openly acclaimed this: “If you say a thing often enough and loud enough, no matter how ridiculous it is, people will believe it.“ Recent studies have revealed that a minimum of 70% of that which most people believe about themselves, their follow humans and the world is simply untrue!


The basic premises and assumptions upon which most people base their lives have nothing to do with reality. This didn’t just happen; it’s been deliberate policy of the self-appointed “elite” for centuries.


Why, you may well ask? What possible harm could it do them to let us live our lives in truth and dignity?


Together, we wield enormous power; vastly more than they could ever begin to cope with. Living in truth and dignity we would simply depose them by ignoring them. The only power that they have is our (false) belief that we are powerless against them. They’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to inculcate this belief in us all. But is it only that - a belief; it has nothing to do with reality.


The belief that they have made the greatest effort to impose upon us is the belief that everything “costs money” and that their money is the only valid one. Again, there is no word of truth in this. Keeping us separate and in dependence upon them is essential for their survival. Our needs are the exact opposite.


Not only do we not need their money, we actually have no need for any money at all.


Even as a small boy, I knew that this is true. At that time, however, I couldn’t see how things could work without money the way we have it at the moment. Now I see clearly.


Each of us has gifts and abilities which we could use for the betterment of this planet and mankind as a whole. The belief that we need to use the bankers’ money to exchange our gifts (and, in the process, give 81% of the turnover to the bankers for which they do absolutely nothing in return) is nothing more than that - a belief having no point of contact with reality.


Let me try to make this clearer with a current example:-


I know someone who has the amazing skill of extracting money from the bankers via special attributes of the stock market. Due to current and past traumas, he is very rarely able to summon sufficient confidence to actually do it.

I have the ability to disempower the traumas, end the external attacks and let his self-confidence flow at full let. For the past few weeks, I have been doing this for him which has enabled him to, legally, create the finance needed for several projects. (More to those later in the year.) Separate we are both in a losing situation. Together, by giving of our talents, we both gain.


There are several people with whom I exchange gifts; or, more correctly, to whom I freely give and they give to me what they perceive to be of use to me. Freely giving tends to open the door to freely receiving and the bankers get not one pennyworth of the value that we give.


A further example is the 24 people who help me to write articles and books in good German.


“Freely give and your reward shall be in Heaven”, says the Church. Nay, I say, your rewards shall be here and now! It is the active principle of giving. Giving begets giving and, when you allow it, you will receive all that you need - this is how the universe is actually structured. Everything that you allow yourself to have will be brought to you. Allowing, however, after generations of church and banker indoctrination, takes practice. The practice book is here:-


There is one further stumbling block and this is the centuries old victim consciousness which has been deliberately inserted into your diaphragm and solar plexus. I have been working on this for some weeks and confidently expect to offer a solution in the near future.


Why, you may ask, don’t I just give all of my skills to everyone “free of charge”?


A simple practical thing; I am surrounded by people who are still fixed in the belief that they need to get bankers money before they can give me diesel for my car, vegetables for my table, shirts for my back and all else that I need to be comfortable and effective here and now. This will change at the speed at which you replace your false beliefs with truth. How quickly this will happen is something which only you can determine.


Take a look, a good long look at how much you already give and then remove from your brain the belief that certain things can only be given or received by using bankers’ money, for that belief is totally false. If you look carefully and honestly, you will see that almost everything that you give has been done without the slightest thought of financial reward. You will also notice that this works, i.e. when you freely give, you get automatically what you want without paying the bankers for it.


At this time of the awakening, daily more people come to realise the truth of this and begin to change things to disempower the “elite” and, instead, to empower humanity.


In the Light Pillar of Life seminars (coming very soon in English), not only will you be empowered to change, we go into this in much more detail and discuss specific methodologies to get to where almost everyone wants to be.


Karma Singh
31st March 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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