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30th & 31st May


There have been NO cononavirus deaths!  (Main article)




Last weekend in May

Indications are that there could well be a New Moon Seminar in English at the end of May.


This will take place in Studland, Dorset on England's Southern coast on the 30th and 31st May. Presently, I am waiting for confirmation that the hall is available.


Studland is, in large part, a nature reserve with the town of Bournemouth to the East.

Stretching to the West, after Weymouth, begins shortly the "Jurassic Coast" where many, many dinosaur fossils have been and continue to be found. This is the beginning of "The West Country", stretching through to the Lizard Point and Land's End in Cornwall, which, until quite recent times, had its own language and parliament. This is also the number one holiday area for the British.

Even the original Glastonbury and the fabled Isle of Avalon are a mere 65 miles away.

This 200 mile stretch is packed full with history and amazingly varying land- and town-scapes and yet, outside Britain it is very little known.


So, why am I telling you all this?
Well, I can't come to N. America - I'm not "persona non grata"; I just don't have the time.

Those who participate in the seminar are also invited to teach these techniques to all who will listen. So there is here an opportunity not only for individuals to come but for groups to finance a delegate who will, then, pass on the knowledge to everyone else upon his/her return. Whilst in England, of course, a little holiday around this part of the world is a not to be missed opportunity.


Of course, everyone in the UK is most welcome.


Think about it and drop me an email if this is something that will interest you.

Full details of the seminars are here:-






Coronavirus "Deaths" all falsified!

It is not so that there has been a large number of deaths due to a so-called "Corona" virus the very existence of which is nothing more than speculation.


When we look at the deaths themselves, i.e. where the Chinese government has allowed such to be obtained, we see that the deaths are due to pneumonia and not to some variation upon influenza.


Now, pneumonia has no specific pathological cause but can be a symptom of a quite wide range of other problems. Pneumonia is the state in which the patient's lungs fill up with liquid and the patient literally drowns in his/her own body fluids. It is known to be an occasional effect of influenza in which the patient is seriously weakened by other (unknown to medicine) factors.


I add hereto the report of Jon Rappoport from



" China "epidemic" cases with no coronavirus---what??


During 30 years of investigating "epidemics," I've looked for causes that have nothing to do with the latest and greatest virus.
In other words, what else could be causing the symptoms of the illness?


In the current "coronavirus epidemic," the one condition that has been emphasized is: pneumonia.

Standard medical texts will tell you that viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause pneumonia.  Add to that, heavily polluted toxic air (as in Wuhan and other Chinese cities).  Add in extreme malnutrition.  YOU DON'T NEED A CORONAVIRUS TO EXPLAIN CASES OF PNEUMONIA IN CHINA.


All right.  So how many deaths from pneumonia occurred in China well before the "appearance of the coronavirus?"


Estimates vary.  Here is one, based on an analysis of studies: 2.8 million to 17 million deaths per year. Source:  "Pneumonia Incidence and Mortality in Mainland China: Systematic Review of Chinese and English Literature, 1985-2008" (PLoS one, 2010).


Notice the dates---1985-2008, long before the supposed coronavirus showed up. Before 5G technology, before a biowar research lab ramped up in Wuhan.


2.8 million to 17 million deaths.  No need for a mysterious virus.


The wide variance in these death numbers is the result of trying to integrate Chinese language and English language studies, the huge expanse of territory in China, the huge population, and possible attempts, within China, to conceal true statistics.


What does all this tell us?  It tells us that now, there is a gigantic pool of people with pneumonia, in China, who can be falsely labelled "deaths from the coronavirus."


And that's not all.  There are other categories of illness that can be merged with pneumonia, in the rush to diagnose people with the coronavirus.  I'm talking about "lower lung infections" and "influenza."  The mortality numbers leap even higher.


You might rightly ask, "So why hasn't pneumonia, all by itself, been labelled an epidemic in China in past years?  Why hasn't the World Health Organization, at the very least, declared a state of emergency for China based on pneumonia?"


You can bet your bottom dollar that, if the "coronavirus epidemic" was said to reach 2 million deaths in China, the entire planet would be locked down tight, and no one anywhere would leave home. Both atheists and end-times prophets would be shouting that the extinction of all human life was upon us. Persons in high places would be meeting and saying the only solution was to nuke Earth and start over.


Let's consider, for a moment, how easy it would be to label pneumonia outside China with the coronavirus tag.  As in, "the virus is spreading everywhere."  Here is a quote: "[Globally] About 200 million cases of viral community-acquired pneumonia occur every year---100 million in children and 100 million in adults."  The Lancet, volume 377, ISSUE 9773, P1264-1275, April 09, 2011.


But wait, you say.  Pneumonia is only called "coronavirus" if the patient is tested and the virus is discovered.  Otherwise, it's just ordinary pneumonia.  ---Sorry, it's not that simple.


First of all, in the pressure of an announced epidemic, all sorts of people who have elevated temperature and general flu-like symptoms will be called coronavirus cases. Metrics people will use computer models to estimate numbers of cases.  And even when the most widely used diagnostic tests are done---those tests have serious flaws.


An antibody test, at best, only indicates the patient has come in contact with the virus.  It says nothing about whether he is going to become ill. In fact, before 1984, a positive-reading antibody test was generally taken to mean the patient was in good shape.  His immune system had defeated the germ in question.  But then, after 1984, the science was turned on its head---and a positive test was falsely taken to mean the patient was ill or would soon become ill.


The so-called PCR test (which has many procedural problems and requires expert technicians who will not make mistakes) takes a tiny, tiny sample of what might be a virus from a patient, and blows it up many, many times so it can be observed. However, in order for this virus to actually cause illness, millions and millions of virus particles must be present in the patient's body. The PCR test says nothing reliable about quantity of virus in a person.


Therefore, even when these tests are done on suspected cases of the coronavirus, they do not result in accurate knowledge about illness and disease.


If you're beginning to think it's easy to declare an epidemic and broadcast propaganda about it, you're right. Take a conventional set of symptoms present in people all over the world, claim a new virus is causing them, and you're off and running. You can report 500 or 1000 deaths from this virus and people will believe whatever you say or do next.  They won't realize that this set of symptoms has been present in millions and millions of people, for decades or centuries, without the new virus. They won't realize millions of people have already died without the "new virus."


Global epidemics solely based on germ-pronouncements, without environmental investigations (contaminated water supplies, open sewage, hunger, starvation, poverty, toxic chemicals, etc.), are industries. They're business ventures.  They're operations launched to control populations and force them to take vaccines.  They're launched and sustained by professional liars, who've refined the old skills of snake oil salesmen through the use of "science," in order to hypnotize the unwary.  And when the vaccine of the moment---as in the Swine Flu epidemic duds of 1976 and 2009---turns out to be quite damaging, the snake oil pros say, "Well, every vaccine can cause rare problems, but all in all, they curb pandemics.  We must inject them."


If you automatically buy that one, you believe pigs can jump over the moon on the backs of cows.


Highly educated people do tend to believe pigs can jump over the moon, when it comes to so-called epidemics.  They think, "I admire complex issues.  Epidemics and viruses are very complex, and only the well-trained and sophisticated professionals can assess them.  Therefore, these pros know what they're doing.  I reject THE SIMPLE."


But THE SIMPLE is what these people need to know about.  Otherwise, it's still pigs, the moon, cows, and jumping.


"But...but...but this situation in China is NEW and UNPRECEDENTED, as of 2019.  It's never happened before.  And the lockdowns and the quarantines...So there must be a new explanation, the coronavirus."


If necessary, read this article again.  The pneumonia-situation is not new.  And the lockdowns and quarantines were theatrically laid on AFTER the blaring trumpet announcements of the "epidemic."

It's still over the moon.


Addendum: If, as some are claiming, the number of people dying in Wuhan, or other Chinese cities, is suddenly escalating at a furious pace---if this is really true---then look to the environment first: the production of far more polluted air, or the presence of a poisonous chemical."


We know from our own experiences here in Europe that pneumonia is strongly related to industrial air pollution. Where is the city with the dirtiest air in the world? Wuhan - what a co-incidence!


What is not generally known because quantum biophysics has not yet become the core science of health care, is that there is a very, very potent emotional factor without which pneumonia does not occur. This is a persecution complex.


Now, a persecution complex does not by any means need to be so extreme that psychiatric care is imposed; it is often nothing more than a general vague feeling of guilt and an expectation to be punished for some undefined falsity. Because of government sponsored propaganda, most people have sufficient persecution potential to cause themselves problems. This is then abused by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and others who seek not only to exploit but also to take over complete control of humanity to create a mass-hysteria in which people will be willing to be herded like cattle into "Quarantine Prison Camps".


Hundreds of such camps have been built throughout Europe and N. America over the last few decades.



(This has been part 1. At least two further parts and, possibly, three will be published over the next few days.)


Blessed be

Karma Singh


14th February 2020


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Never forget this!



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