Call for help for a family

with two severly disabled children,

 16th July 2019 - Update 22nd August 


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Of the £8000 (approx. $8970 / €8750) needed,

£5097 has alreaey been raised! This means that

only a further      £2028    (approx. $2433 / €2211)

is needed to complete this project.


Insofar as possible, I will, from now on, update the progress every day.


Date (08.30)

Old Target


New Target

2nd Aug 2019





First watch this Video which explains all

How to help Brian and family

This depends upon where you are and what facilities you have available.


If you have a UK bank account, then please send your pounds by BACS to:

L.J. Mayor
Sort code: 30-16-57
Account number 85859614



When sending other currencies, there is the problem that the british banks are the most expensive in Europe, i.e. the worst exchange rates and then “commission” charges on top of it. Some will even charge you to receive money.


I, therefore, make the following suggestion:-


To send Euros by bank transfer use my German bank account. I will then buy pounds at the German exchange rate and send the money on in a single payment.


Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd.
at the Commerzbank, Alsfeld
IBAN: DE02513432240801477100

Purpose: Robert & William donation




To make a donation in US$, Pounds or Euros by credit or debit card, please enter the amount you wish to give into the box on the right and then click on the hand.

If the currency is not correctly shown then change your location in the top of the right hand column then return here to start again



Although it is both the slowest and the most expensive payment method

there is even a Paypal Option here


If you are already a Paysera user (a much more reliable, faster and honest competitor to PayPal and based in Europe) you can send to my account,

Karma Singh


If you want to apply for a Paysera account, then this is the link you need:-

If you would like to donate and share via Facebook, the Link is here



To find out how we helped Brian get back the use of his Hands, click here


Blessed be


Karma Singh

19th July 2019





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