The Journey to Yourself

Page 2 - Lessons  7 to 15


You can begin this journey at any time of your choice. Please allow a minimum of three days between - except for lessons 6, for which a minimum of one week practice is necessary and 11 for which a minimum of two weeks will be required.


Lessons 1 to 6 are here




The Lessons on this page:

7: Resonance 1 und Resonande Fields
8. Innere Resonances + E-Book
9. a & b. The fear of success and the transmission to dissolve it.
10: The return into yourself
11: Changing the leopard's spots
12: Your Power Accumulator

Part 7: Resonance and resonance fields


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Part 8: Resonance Part 2 The internal (organ) Resonances


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What is your Body saying? (free e-book)



Part 9a: Dissolving the Fear of Success - Explanation



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The structure of worrying and the antidote


Part 9b: Dissolving the Fear of Success - Transmission


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The Goddess Transmissions


Part10: Returning Inside yourself


  Part11: Changing the Leopard's spots


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Part 12: Your Power Accumulator


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