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Are you now ready to resolve one of life's biggest problems?


My personal “survival strategy” from my childhood was to solve problems: This is what my mother seemed to demand of me; that I am the cause of all her problems and so I must resolve them.


Over the years and decades I have become very adept at this.




When it was brought home to me how many millions of people suffer under the problem described here below and just how serious and destructive it is for them, it seemed to me that this is something with which I should concern myself.


The problem proved to be much less amenable to solution than I had imagined and many of the leads which I had followed turned out to be dead ends. As, however, and despite “medical” teachings to the contrary, there are not and can never be incurable diseases nor insoluble problems, I persevered - for ten years!


The old proverb “there’s no smoke without fire” tells it all: No matter what the problem is that confronts you, it has a cause. If you want to remove the problem you have to resolve that cause. This is exactly what conventional (allopathic) medicine does not do - it wastes vast resources upon suppressing the symptoms whilst completely ignoring the cause(s). This dysfunctional procedure is the actual origin of the expressions “chronic illness” and “incurable disease”, both of which, in reality, only mean “our method doesn’t work”!


To resolve the problem here confronting millions - that of snoring leading to sleepless nights, apnoea, destruction of relationships, divorce and despair we have to find the cause; a research project which, so far as I could determine, had never previously been tackled.


Cutting a long story short, early this year (2016) the final pieces of the jig saw were delivered into my hands and the cause of snoring has been absolutely identified.


To go from here to creating an effective solution took only a few weeks as I already had the necessary tools but just did not know where to apply them and at what intensity.


The solutions are here, in 2 differing qualities:


1) A download version which you can use directly from your computer


2) A more powerful version available only on a DVD (in both PAL and NTSC formats).


Check out each link and then decide which method you want to use.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
9th October 2016


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