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The Test Fraud and Habeas Corpus Part 1 (main article)




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The Covid Test Fraud and Habeas Corpus

Part one of two - the basic facts

The decision of the editors of a major British Newspaper the Daily Mail to break ranks and begin telling the truth about Covid is most laudable. It does not, however, go far enough as yet.


The corner stone upon which this whole charade is based is the so-called "Covid-19 tests". But what are these really? What do they actually test for? Is there a virus at all?


If we go back to the beginning of the year when we were told (not for the first time!) that a new "super virus" had escaped from China and was about to decimate the human world population, we should, perforce, pose the question, "Where is this virus and what does it look like?" The answer, as of today, 2nd December 2020, is "Nobody knows"!


If you want to run tests for the presence of a "virus", you must first know what you are looking for.

Makes sense or?

If you go hunting for wild boar, you take a horse and a spear or you hide somewhere in the woods with a rifle. But, if you want to catch a spifoffle, what tools do you need?

You don't know, do you see, because you've no idea what a spifoffle looks like, what its habitat is or anything else.

Nobody else does either because I've just invented the word to help you realise what has been going on all year.


"Covid-19 virus" is a term which has simply been invented as a tool to create mass-fear.

This is by no means the first time that such has been tried. You may remember "Chinese 'flu" in the 1960's and "Swine 'Flu" in 1976. 2002 saw the SARS "pandemic" which managed to kill less than one thousand people throughout the entire world. This was quickly followed with "MERS" which was even more of a flop. 2007 they tried it with "Avian 'Flu" followed by "Swine 'Flu" again in 2009. 2013 it was Ebola (a severe mineral deficiency).


The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) actually has a special department called the “Epidemic Intelligence Service” (EIS). This was established in the 1950's with the purpose of finding pockets of disease world-wide and using propaganda to blow them up into "emerging epidemics" so as to justify the continued existence of the CDC.

All of these flopped and the pharmaceutical cartel failed to make the billions in profits from a "vaccine" that nobody wanted, especially after it was discovered that the so-called "Swine 'Flu vaccine" was laced with "Avian 'Flu" microbes.


There was only one thing for it: A Pandemic had to be pushed with all the powers that could be mustered. Things were getting desperate as daily more people were realising just how useless and ineffective pharmaceutical medicine is. The whole money making edifice was beginning to crumble. as you can read in this book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P."


Then someone had a brilliant idea:

You don't actually have to have a new disease to carry out this con-job, you just need a general belief that such a thing is happening! It was then, in 2009, after the collapse of the "Swine 'Flu" scam that the Covid-19 concept was born.


In October 2019, a "dry run" involving the pharmaceutical cartel, their owners - the banking cartel -, the press - 92% owned or controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel - and the "social media" giants was held. Everything ran well and a start date in early 2020 was given. 


In the co-ordinated fashion that we all know of, a new plandemic scare was pushed. Few, if any, noticed that, in no country of the world has the number of ill people ever approached epidemic numbers. The numbers required to call a pandemic do not and never have existed.


At the time, we were told exactly what the symptoms of the "new disease" are. In the initial shock, few realised what they were describing. Quickly, some of the symptoms were translated into Latin - a common ploy in conventional medicine to hide ignorance and incompetence. Translate those back into English and you see something most edifying. This was brought home to me most cogently whilst waiting to disembark from a cross-channel ferry in the Summer. Over the ship's p/a system, we were given a message from the NHS to help us "identify" Covid-19. The precise symptoms of the common cold were, then, listed!


At this juncture, it is germane to point out that a cold and the 'flu are very, very similar detoxification processes and the one can easily transform into the other. They are NOT separate things but variations on the same theme: Their purpose is to remove from your body that which is "cooling" in order to conserve body heat for the cold months of the year. This is why they, mostly, begin in October, reach a second peak in February as vitamin D reserves are depleted and peter out in March.

Most interestingly, the University of Rochester Medical Center has "discovered" that having a cold will make you "immune" to Covid-19. Well, of course it  will; they're one and the same thing!


Each year, a number of the very old and the seriously ill die when a heavy cold or the 'flu, on top of their other maladies, so overloads their systems that organ failure follows.


This year of 2020 has shown no unusual numbers of deaths other than that caused by the lockdowns during which seriously ill people were denied treatment, resulting in their deaths. This "blip" quickly flattened out and, by and large, the death rate around the world is running somewhat below the average of the previous five years.


So far, so good but how do you sustain a plandemic in the face of the evidence showing nobody is ill and nobody is dying?

You change the meaning of the word "case" (in the medical sense) from someone needing or seeking medical attention to someone who might need such attention at some indeterminate future date. All that you need then is some means of "proving" that they are going to become ill. This, of course, only works if most people know little to nothing about how the human body functions and how disease is communicated (hint: Pasteur admitted in his memoirs that he'd lied about almost everything)! The book mentioned above takes this apart and then shows what does work and why.


The final piece needed to maintain the illusion is some very widespread microscopic protein that you can simply declare "ex cathedra" to be the cause of this new "deadly" disease.


In Canada in 2013, a protein fragment was discovered which seemed to fit the bill especially as it was later discovered to be present in a number of European cities - so, very widespread.


This fragment of unknown origin and purpose was then given a special name, a name which makes it sound threatening: Thus was "Sars-Cov-2" born.


Although a great deal of effort has been put into the propaganda campaign to convince the public that Sars-Cov-2 is "the" virus, it is, actually, nothing of the sort.

For one thing, it is very, very much smaller than a "virus". Nobody knows what it is, where it comes from or what it is for. The only "knowledge" about it that we have stems from a report at the CDC discovered by Dr. Tom Cowan in which it is clear that this protein fragment will thrive in the kidney tissues of certain monkeys but human tissues reject or even destroy it.


Nonetheless, a certain "Professor" Drosten at the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin and other "scientists" at the CDC used this protein fragment to extrapolate a fantasy "virus".

Working upon the dogma that this protein fragment is a part of the Covid causing "virus" (a dogma with precisely zero supporting evidence; as dogmas, by definition, usually are) they were able to extract 37 base pairs from its genetic structure. The other 29,963 base pairs needed to make up the "virus" were simply added by computer simulation from a database of the genome of all the other Covid type "viruses".

In other words, the Covid-19 "causing" "virus" is nothing more than a photoshopped image!


In itself, this could be slightly in order if the intention were to seek out the real virus using this model as the basis for the search. No such intention has, however, ever existed and there is no laboratory in the world which possesses a specimen of the "Covid-19 virus"!


The "tests", the known extreme unreliability of which need not be further laboured here, are not for the presence of a Covid causing "virus" which all available evidence indicates does not exist but for a protein fragment blown about by the winds and which has no affinity for the human body, merely for monkey kidneys.


I do believe that it should be pointed out here that the holes in a face mask needed to let you breathe are very, very much larger than any "virus".

Any virus and, certainly, the much, much smaller protein fragment called Sars-Cov-2 will pass straight through them. Viruses, additionally, are so small that they are essentially weightless and random air currents can and do carry them across the Atlantic in less than two days. The "social distancing" is, therefore, clearly seen as meaningless other than to engender baseless fear.


So, what has the legal term, Habeas Corpus to do with this?
That we will see in part two, coming soon to this computer screen!




Blessed be
Karma Singh
2nd December 2020


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