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Trump declares War on Child Sex Traffickers

Just before midnight on the 20th December, President Trump signed an Executive Order which went into effect minutes later. With this order, he fired the first artillery barrage onto those who organise the world-wide child sex-trade!


Stopping the kidnapping and sale of children as sex slaves (some are no more than 5 or 6 years old) is one of the highest priorities which Mr. Trump promised in his election campaign.

During his first days in office, he began setting in motion his plans to deal with this.


Special groups were created with the task of finding imprisoned children and setting them free. In the course of this year many thousands of children have been rescued. During these operations, it was discovered that around 30% of the sex-slave children had been taken away from their parents by various bureaucrats! This, of course, led to investigations to discover the culprits.

As they dug deeper and deeper, these investigations led to the highest in the land, including several senators in Congress!


Since November, sealed indictments from the Trump government have been accumulating in courthouses across the nation. A few days ago, the sum total of such indictments went flashing past the nine thousand mark. Whether these indictments cover only child sex trafficking or also other criminal activities such as “Uraniumgate” (the sale of half of the US uranium reserves to a Russian company, organised by Hilary Clinton in the time that she was Secretary of State under Obama), money laundering for terrorists and drug dealers, organised murder etc. are included is something which, I believe, we will soon know.


The Executive Order, which went into effect minutes after it was signed, empowers the immediate and pre-emptive confiscation of all monies owned or controlled by those indicted whether such people are located in the US or not, are US citizens or not.


This problem has been very well known for many years. The systematic enslavement of children for sex has, however, always been protected “from above”. Some of the highest figures in the land are customers of the “slave-masters” and have always seen to it that prosecutions are quashed. Now, however, the highest team in the land is determined to permanently end this criminal business.


The problem is by no means an American one. Exactly the same thing is endemic throughout Europe where the “high-ups” in politics, industry and state bureaucracy are both customers and protectors of this evil trade.


Many national police forces have had special units investigating such matters for many years. Despite hard proof, almost no cases have come to court other than posthumously (e.g. Jimmy Saville).


The question is, “How far will Trump’s action help in freeing our own children and help us set an end to this business?”


May and Macon can’t do it, neither can Merkel. Too many of their supporters are suspected of participating in this trade. What of the British labour party and the Liberals? We know from police files that many Members of Parliament should have been prosecuted. How can we rid ourselves of this scourge when our governments have little choice but to support it?
Maybe there’s help from Trump’s team on this somewhere down the line.


I actually intended to give you something completely different for Christmas.
I perceive President Trump’s action to be a Christmas present for all of our children (and their parents) and am, therefore, passing this news, which landed on my desk this morning, onto you instead of that which I had planned.


I have also had much to do, as a healer, with people who survived such torture as children (many don’t survive or later commit suicide) and know in great detail just what physical and emotional pain they suffer. I also know how many years it can take before these people can lead anything like a normal life.


You can read everything which has been released into the public domain about this Executive Order on the White House website by clicking here.


Merry Christmas


Karma Singh
25th December 2017



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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