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Rejuvenation and an amazing Experience in the Park

The light Pillar of Life is, truly, your personal power pack which supplies you with unlimited energy and removes many problems from your life simply because you then have sufficient energy to process and to release them. Theory says that this should lead to the regeneration of your body’s organs but, to what extent, is an, as yet, unknown quantity.


Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD., one of the world’s leading cell biologists, has expressed the opinion that the human body is clearly intended to be youthfully active for several hundred years. I speculate that the additional energy permanently available once your Light Pillar has been re-connected to you makes it possible for the normal cell replication processes to happen regeneratively instead of degeneratively. This means that the newly formed cells which replace all of the old ones are younger instead of older.


It takes just under three years for the complete replacement of all the cells of your body to take place. Natural rejuvenation should, therefore, be completed within this time.


Searching through my videos a few days ago, I was struck by the fact that in a video from May 2017 I look to be considerably older than in one from January 2018. I have taken a still from each video using the raw file from the studio so that they have the same background. You can see them here. Although the lighting is not quite identical, you can clearly see the difference.


Comparing the two videos from which they came, I perceive that my movements have also become more youthful.

May 2017                  January 2018


This process has continued and, today, I look even younger.
Is my missing hair growing back, I wonder? I’ll keep you posted.


Were I the only one who has experienced this effect, I would look to see what changes in my life style had brought about the improvements but I’m not; several of the people who took the Light Pillar last year and early this report similar changes!


What other signs are there?
My skin has become much smoother.
The unprocessed deposits on my abdomen have, largely, disappeared.
Because I no longer feel that my body is gradually losing strength, I have become more adventurous -
which led to the experience in the park yesterday:-

Those who know me personally will be aware that, for some years, I have had trouble walking and, especially, with stairs. This is partially due to the polio information which was injected into me as a child. Since that time, my legs have been considerably weaker than those of my contemporaries.


Although I was finally able to remove these toxins with the Clearing Transmission for the spine, great damage had been done in the intervening years and I did not regain full use of my legs.

In 1982, an intervertebral disk burst and “had to be” surgically removed. For many years, this caused little more than a chronic stiffness in my lower spine. Gradually, however, this chronic stress caused serious deterioration of my lower spine and, for some years, the muscles of my right leg have gradually atrophied. For the last four years, I have been unable to go up or down stairs unless there is a substantial handrail.

In October last year, I broke my right foot which meant going for some weeks on crutches and which led to further degeneration of my leg muscles. It was only at the beginning of March that I was able to start walking properly again.


Some weeks ago, I went for a walk in the park: I didn’t get very far before it became so stressful that I had stop and then turn around back to the car.


Yesterday, 10th May, I felt an urge to try the same walk again.

To my amazement, I was able to walk, literally, three times the distance with little stress. Between the two attempts, I had done no training of any sort.


Could it be that this old, surgical wound is also regenerating and that I will soon be able to go normally up and down stairs?


Stay tuned to this channel.


The next Light Pillar of Life seminars in English are on the 9th June in Glastonbury, Somerset and 10th June in Dorchester.


Karma Singh
11th May 2018


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For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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