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Viruses, Vaccines and Quantum Biophysics

Last week we highlighted just how very little evidence there is that viruses even exist, let alone cause disease.


Viruses are an unproven hypothesis - an idea, a concept of the way in which things might work but for which supporting evidence has yet to be found. Vaccination is, similarly, an hypothesis for which the only supporting evidence is the hypothesis that viruses exist. A totally tail-biting rationale but upon which a multi-billion Dollar business is based - one which has a proven track record of creating severe health problems!


Vaccines are sold by “clipped” statistics, i.e. graphs are produced which appear to show that the incidence of a disease for which a vaccine is being sold, has significantly reduced since the vaccine was introduced. These are clipped out of the full disease statistics which show a continuous decline in the incidence of the disease in the decades prior to the vaccine being introduced. The introduction of a vaccine has either no effect upon the rate of decline or, in some cases, even slows it down! (Click on the graph to see it in large format.)

The other sales material used is pretty pictures showing what they want you to believe happens. They don’t have any evidence that such actually does happen but that, of course, they don’t mention. Just remember, they’re not photos, they’re graphics “painted” by an artist on his/her computer. They are no more real than Walt Disney’s Bambi or Mickey Mouse.


This is the sum total of knowledge about viruses and vaccination.


For nearly half a century I believed them; I knew of no reason not to. And then I stumbled across Pierre Bechámp (Pasteur’s professor) Gaston Naessens, Prof. Bruce Lipton, Stefan Lanka and a few others. Even the daughter of a close friend helped:

She was visiting her mother and noticed a magazine open on her chair. “Oh,” she said, “that’s from a cow’s muscle;” pointing to a picture in the magazine. “No,” said her mother, “it says in the magazine that it’s the HIV virus.” “No it is not.” came the response, “We’ve been working with cow’s muscle in the laboratory for the last month and more. That is definitely from a cow’s muscle cell.”


Suddenly, the world that I had believed in made no sense because it WAS nonsense!


There is actually no way of knowing whether the dead material, which is the only thing that an electron microscope can show, is the mythological virus or just one of the many thousands of proteins which your cells make every day. The linking evidence is missing because no-one has ever been able to find it.
Lack of evidence is not proof of an hypothesis. Rather more cogently it is a strong indication that the hypothesis may be false.


So where does this leave us? Do viruses exist?
Probably not.

Then what does cause measles, flu, hepatitis, smallpox, etc., etc., etc.?
To answer this question we must examine another medical myth: The hypothesis of infectious disease.

Quite apart from the fact that both Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch knew it was untrue when they foisted it upon mankind, a little elementary viewing of the evidence brings the hypothesis very strongly into question.

If, as pharmaceutical medicine maintains, disease is spread by germs floating in the air or in the water or exchanged by skin contact, why are so very, very few affected?

At least 96% (medical statistics) of those who come into contact with a theoretical disease germ are completely unaffected by it. WHY?

Instead of blaming some mythical minuscule protoplasm for making the 1% to 4% ill, does it not make much more sense to examine why the 96% to 99% are unaffected?

There are answers to these questions but you won’t find them in medical text books because the truth would be the death knell for the pharmaceutical industry.


Who does get “infected”?

Those who have something in common - family, workmates, playmates - will tend to go through the same processes at around the same time. Here we must make plain that almost all of the processes which we have been taught to believe are illnesses are, in fact, natural physical or emotional detoxification processes.

Measles in particular is a natural process to trigger the liver into full function at around 4-5 years of age when the liver is fully prepared. This is why measles brings with it a large jump in the emotional maturing of the child - as every parent will have noticed.

Measles is only dangerous when chronic malnutrition from birth means that the liver is not mature when the time for meales comes around. Almost all of the "deaths and injuries" quoted stem, not from where you and I live but from East Africa.


In general, the most stupid thing that you could do would be to try to stop such processes.

If, for example, you constantly suppress the cleaning process called “a cold” you could end up building lung cancer.

This is why pharmaceutical medicine is the single largest cause of death in the First World and, statistically speaking, visiting a doctor of pharmaceutical medicine (conventional medicine) is the most dangerous human activity of all, ever.


When we look at the work of Gaston Naessens and Pierre Bechámp who propounded the hypothesis which Naessens proved almost a century later, we see something very different to that which we have been told. We see normal cell activity being ordered by an informational structure with constant, regular movement and change in a circular flow. When, however, this informational flow is perturbed (for example by electro smog, radiation or a whole host of other things) then the cell activity changes.


When intruding energies have so perturbed the structure of a cell that it can no longer function as part of the human body, then cell activity dramatically changes. Your body, itself, creates new micro-proteins which have the job of destroying the damaged cells before their skewed structure can damage adjacent cells. As soon as the damaged cells have been eliminated, normal cell activity resumes.


All of this became visible thanks to Naessens work creating a completely new principle in microscopy which made it possible to view living cell activity at a high enough magnification to see “viruses”.


Do viruses, then, actually exist?
No, Naessens work has completely confounded the pharmaceutical hypothesis of invading viruses. What it has done is to provide yet more evidence that the informational based theory of life propounded by epigenetics is very probably correct. (See “The Biology of Belief” by Prof Bruce Lipton PhD, for a good, plain language introduction to this.)


When epigeneticists and quantum physicists get their heads together, the one coming from the biological level upwards and the other from the energy level downwards, they find that they have reached a common point. Thus was Quantum Biophysics born.


Now we see a much more complete and coherent picture of how the human body, your body, actually works. We see the complete refutation of the “Central Dogma” of pharmaceutical medicine which states that, in some unknown and mysterious way, consciousness suddenly appears as a yet-to-be-discovered function of the brain in your head and self-destructs upon “death”.

We see confirmation of this in the fact that the human body begins to decompose within hours of death. The decomposition is carried out primarily by bacterial action. Did these come from the outside, it would take many days for the process to become visible and the first effects would appear on the skin. In fact, however, decomposition begins on the inside. This means that the bacteria whose job it is to recycle this cast-off organic matter were present in the body all along.

Why didn’t they decompose the body earlier? What has changed?


What has changed is that consciousness, i.e. you, the soul, has left the physical body and the informational flows which maintained your body’s shape and functions are no longer there!

When you, as higher consciousness, permanently leave your physical body then “command” over your body is handed over to a different level of consciousness - this planet’s natural recycling systems. This triggers the dormant bacteria to wake-up and begin converting the body you have just left into compost.

So, just why is it, then, a good idea to bury or burn the old body?
Otherwise the smell and the other informational activity of the putrefying bacteria could trigger the same processes in your body. This is the true purpose of embalming - to slow down the putrefaction until the body has been safely disposed of.


So, that which determines the state of your body is information, i.e., that which makes form out of free energy, and not mythological viruses.


Where does this information come from?
There are two sources: The human Morpho-Genetic Field in which the basic information of how to build a human body is present (see the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for a detailed explanation of this) and you, yourself, the “soul”.


So, to attain and to maintain physical “health”, i.e. the natural ordered functioning of your entire body, three things are necessary:

1) Clear untrammelled connection with the causational information which keeps your body in top form.

2) Your thoughts and beliefs must be life-affirming and creative.

3) That which you eat must be pure and fresh direct from the source to your table. Phude, pre-digested in a factory, has a very different biochemical and informational structure. Chemicals, including the pesticide saccharose (refined cane sugar) have been added and much of value removed. Its prime information is often that of a factory and not that which will nurture you. Much of it is directly poisonous to your body.


How are these three to be attained?
This we will see in the next article in a week or so.

But, before then, this weekend an enthralling video on this theme will be published


Blessed be

Karma Singh
Europe 25th May 2017



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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