Newsletter 1. Nov. 2020

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This Newsletter has two Topics:

International legal actions against the Covid fraud

Absolution from fear and the opening of your Heart Eye (Healing Transmission)



The international Court Actions against the Covid Fraud

This first video may well be the most important that you and I have seen this year so far.
Please do take the time to watch all of it.

In a masterful way, the international lawyer, Dr. Füllmich, details the crimes of those perpetrating the plandemic, its origins going back at least 12 years and the massive legal action now being prepared to terminate it.

The thing that he makes totally clear is that there is not and never has been a “Covid-19” disease. Those who have, in government, perpetrated this fraud are guilty of treason.



To be much better informed on such things, get yourself a copy of this book which explains exactly how the entire medico-pharmaceutical fraud has been constructed and is maintained.

The book also explains why illness is so rare and what you can do to make sure that it never assails you.

This is a book which should be considered as essential for every household



The Absolution from Fear and the Opening of the Heart Eye

In addition to the above, there is another major problem – that of habitual thought.

If you can get people to live in fear for two months then they become largely incapable of coherent thought and are likely to continue to believe that they are in danger and will act like sheep.

I have recorded these two videos to help change this state. The first is the explanation and the second is a healing transmission to remove the fear habit and to help you open your heart eye so that you, yourself, can clearly see that there is no “deadly disease” sweeping the planet: It’s all just marketing to get you to buy useless, worthless and dangerous “medicines” including a totally useless “vaccine” which has already killed many and made most of the test people ill. 








Blessed be
Karma Singh
1st November 2020

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Never forget this!






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