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If Viruses don't exist, how does Infection happen?

A much more cogent question is, "Why doesn't infection happen?"


The rules vary from region to region but an epidemic is called when somewhere between one and four per cent of a population show symptoms, i.e. are said to be "infected".


This means that, even in a real epidemic, 96 to 99% of the population is unaffected.


This alone tells us that the postulate of infectious disease is seriously flawed.

(Additionally, the numbers with this coronavirus fairy tale comes nowhere near qualifying for the "epidemic" label.)


The "infectious disease" hypothesis states that, through some sort of contact, disease causing micro-organisms will be passed, exponentially, from one person to many others and randomly attack everyone in the vicinity. The burning question is, of course, "Why doesn't it happen?" Why is the overwhelming majority of those who come into contact with the supposed "disease causing germ" completely unaffected by it?


It amuses me to note in parenthesis here that the pharmaceutical cartel pushes vaccines with the promise to eliminate disease if only 96+% vaccination rates could be reached;

but nature has already done it!

So what are you really being encouraged to buy?
It's a con-game just like the guy who stops cars 2 miles from Niagara Falls and tells people that if they give him $100.00 each, he will switch the water on by the time that they get there.


What medical statistics tell us is that you have a 1% to 4% chance of "catching" any particular disease.

What vaccination statistics tell us is that those who were at risk get the disease courtesy of the vaccine.

Either way, those who had no resonance with the disease remain immune despite the vaccine which, in accord with medical hypothesis, of course, contains the disease.

Even simple logic should tell you that vaccination is a recipe for disaster.

There are a lot more details, complete with statistics and graphs (and a link to a very special website where you can find a lot more) in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." which has been written to explain why modern medicine doesn't work and what does and why.


Resonance, mentioned just briefly in the paragraph above is, very probably, the most important concept in dealing with the spread of disease. Although you use it every day, you may well not know what it actually means so let us take a simple example:


When you tune the radio receiver in your car to a particular station, you then hear the programme that they are transmitting. This happens because the sender at the radio station and the receiver in your car are in resonance, i.e. they are both tuned to the same frequency. You don't hear other radio stations in your area because you're not tuned into them, i.e. you and the radio station are not in resonance.


When your body or mind needs a particular detoxification process or a particular nutrient, it will naturally go into resonance with that which it seeks. This is why you get sudden impulses to "eat a banana" or "something salty" or whatever your body needs right then.
Thirst is also your body's way of telling you it needs water.
Simple, natural and highly effective.


When, at around five years of age, your body has reached the physical maturity at which your liver can be switched from baby to adult modus, it will seek the "measles" information which will enable it to complete this process.
(Most parents will have noticed that measles is a maturing process through which the child makes an enormous leap in their emotional development, loses the rest of the "baby fat" together with that androgynous quality and finally develops its own face.
A development process; not an illness: Q.E.D.)


As soon as one child has garnered the measles information others at that age will naturally cluster around that child in order to share in it (resonance at work again). Most parents (in Europe anyway) know that organising measles parties is a very effective way of ensuring that their child goes through this vital process in step with its contemporaries.


Under normal circumstances, a baby would have no resonance with measles because its liver is not sufficiently developed. Injecting it with artificial measles information can seriously damage the brain and even kill. "Vaccination" is almost certainly the major cause of "cot death".


This process is only a problem when, at the measles age, the child has, since birth, been seriously undernourished: This can lead to organ failure and death. In the mid-19th century this was a serious problem with tens of thousands of measles related deaths each year. Since that time, nutrition has so dramatically improved that measles is nowadays a very quick and easy process making the child a little bit groggy for 1 - 2 days and then it's done.

This is why the number of measles cases appears to have fallen - most cases are never reported to the medical fraternity and so don't appear in the statistics.


Due to nutritional improvements, measles deaths were all but eliminated TEN YEARS before a "vaccine" existed. In certain Third World countries, where under-nutrition is still endemic, the measles process still leads to organ failure and death in many children.

Vaccination has slightly increased the death rate.

Nutrition, as we learned in Europe, is the solution. Q.E.D.


So let us now turn our attention to influenza or 'flu for short of which the so-called "coronavirus now renamed COV-19 to make it sound even more threatening" is one variation.


Measles, as we have seen, is a development process so what is the 'flu truly?

To understand it, as with measles, we have to look at cause, effect and resonance. Who "gets" it, why, when and how and what are the effects?


As with measles, we can understand this much more easily by observing the effects of the completed process.


Immediately following the 'flu you look and feel younger, you smell much better and you are more aware and "alive". So, what has happened? Degenerate energy has been removed! You are further away from death:

A natural detoxification process.


When we look at who "gets" 'flu, we see that it is those who are dissatisfied with their life and are, unconsciously, trying to leave it, i.e. they have been accumulating "death" energy.


Those who perceive their lives as fulfilling and joyous have no use for the 'flu, have no resonance with it and are completely untouched. This is why the elderly and infirm, who perceive their life as a burden to themselves and others, use the 'flu process to terminate their incarnation.


So, if you're dissatisfied with your life and want to leave it, you go into resonance with 'flu, seek out the latest 'flu "vaccine" and, Bingo! you get the 'flu!

Seem familiar, anyone?


In the next article, we will look at some "deadly diseases" in the past, find out what actually happened and why they disappeared, sometimes many centuries before even the "vaccine" hypothesis existed.

Essential reading, however, is the book which you can order here:


Blessed be

Karma Singh


27th February 2020


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For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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