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This newsletter has one topic:


The State of the World 4 days after the planned US military Attack on Russia

As we all know, thanks to the election of Donald Trump, this military attack long planned for the 17th March has not taken place. This does not mean that the entire plan has been shelved.

Surrounded as he is by entrenched bureaucrats determined to use any means possible to thwart peace and justice it is an uphill struggle to get the things that he promised done; additionally, the Bush/Soros/Clinton/Obama “government in exile” is both financing and promoting anything and everything to destabilise the USA and, thereby, the world.

We live in interesting times!


Below is a brief resume of some major events presently unfolding:


The Communist Dictatorship of California

The Turkish Invasion of Europe

The Suppression of Free Speech in Germany

In the UK growing Demands for a return to Law and Order

Then we look at what is actually going on and why and what we can do to enhance the movement to awaken mankind through which all the old power systems just simply evaporate.



For some years now, the state of California has had such a massive majority “Democrat” government that any semblance of it serving the people of California has long since ceased.

Through elections financed primarily by the pharmaceutical cartel, the state government in Sacramento has increasingly acted to benefit the cartels to the great detriment of the people of California.

Examples are:

1) A law passed last year removing constitutional and other legal protections in order to make vaccinations compulsory. On the day that the state government was due to hear submissions from the parents of vaccine damaged children, they suddenly declared a holiday to go and celebrate “Gay Pride” instead.


2) Child Prostitution has now been legalised and state employees given immunity from prosecution for child sexual abuse.


3) A proposed legislation removes all parental rights over their children and gives these to nameless state employees who, on a whim, can take children into “care”.

Even not being rich enough to live in a better part of town will become grounds for state kidnapping of children.

It is also worth noting here that the push promoted by President Trump to end child sexual abuse has discovered that 30% of the children so far rescued from poedophile rings had been removed from their parents by state agencies!


4) For financial benefits, the state government has long been following policies promoting water intensive agriculture (such as rice farming) in arid regions and directly caused the present drought and crop failures.

5) At the same time the squandering of resources on social experiments whilst failing to carry out maintenance on essential infrastructure has led to a mass-exodus of businesses (and, consequently, jobs) from California.


As a result of this, 21 of the 58 counties which make up the State of California are well advanced in their preparations to secede from California and create their own State of Jefferson.

California is the main power base of Hilary Clinton and the prime source of her claim that she actually got a majority (small though it was) of the popular vote in the presidential election. The majority of the counties, however, declared for Donald Trump. FBI investigations indicate very strongly that more than two million dead people and over a million illegal immigrants with no voter rights voted for Hilary - much more than the slim majority she claims.

Most of the fraudulent votes so far identified took place in California.


More on all these themes on The Bolen Report.





The Revival of the Ottoman Empire

You may recall that, last year, in a putsch, one Recep Tayyip Erdogan became dictator of Turkey.

With a Greek father and Jewish mother (and so, according to rabbinical law, a Jew) his claim to personify Ottoman pride is interesting to say the least.

His ancestry lends great credence to the assumption that he, just like Benjamin Netanyahu, is a Rothschild appointee charged with the task of engendering widespread war across the Middle East and into Europe.


With the largest standing army in Europe and Erdogan’s oft repeated aim of re-building the lost Ottoman Empire (which, at one time, came almost to the doors of Vienna and included the present Saudi Arabia) this is not a threat to be taken lightly.


As with most fanatics, he has no conception that anyone would seriously want to oppose him and, being much less intelligent than his colleague Netanyahu, beliefs that he may act reasonably or rationally may well be ill-founded.






Free Speech and Telling the Truth to become crimes in Germany

In June of last year, Peter Fitzek, the visionary who instigated the german state presently called “The Kingdom of Germany” was arrested and placed in solitary confinement.



In parenthesis:

It must be noted here that the Federal Republic of Germany is not and was never intended to be a state. It was formed as an administrative authority over the occupied territories following World War II. Even the European Court in The Hague has ruled, in 2006, that the Federal Republic of Germany is not a state.


In the Basic Law (not a constitution!) of The Federal Republic of Germany it states that, should Germany ever be re-unified, the Federal Republic of Germany would cease to exist and the German people would choose a constitution by referendum.

As you know, the East German territories (the Deutsche Democratic Republic) were absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany in the early 1990’s but, very cleverly, Kohl & Co. refused to accept the former German territories which are presently part of Poland.


Although they dissolved the Federal Republic of Germany, this gave them a legal loophole through which they avoided the referendum which would have created a German state. Instead, they transformed themselves into a corporation which you will find listed in Dunn and Bradstreet and the New York stock exchange owned by American banks with Angela Merkel listed as Chief Executive Officer.


Germany is by no means the only such region of the world. Very many countries have this form of phantom government controlled by Rothschild Central.


We must also take careful note here of the fact that Rothschild is virtually the sole creditor of all national and bank debt and, thus, has an enormous vested interest in maintaining the status quo. As David Icke once pointed out, if there were a law requiring all banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to display the name of their ultimate owner, you would almost never see anything other than Rothschild above their doors.

How has Rothschild achieved this?

Through a system of creating phantom debt.

As many still have not grasped this, it bears repeating: Banks do NOT lend money! What they do is to assess your future income and then certify your creditworthiness up to that amount; essentially, they con you into borrowing from your future self. This certification then becomes a legal asset of that or any other bank (all the same really, as we’ve just seen) and is written as a debt from you to the bank which you then have to “repay” with interest.


In order to get this certification, you have to promise to pay the certifying bank about three times the amount which they have certified that your future self might be worth. At no time does the bank part with any cash! You MUST grasp this as it is the whole basis of the biggest fraud which has ever been perpetrated upon humanity.


So, having accumulated $1100 Trillion in “stolen” assets (as of 2013), what do you do with it? The only thing that you can buy with that amount of money is people because you need to keep buying them. There is nothing else that you CAN buy with that amount of money. This is what Rothschild has done. He has bought up many of the world’s governments which act as puppet regimes following his orders. For example, in 2008, when most banks were involved in a plethora of “snowball schemes” (a criminal act in many countries), the bubble burst leaving most banks “owing” huge sums of money to …… Rothschild - who else!


Instead of nationalising the banks and putting the criminals into jail as Iceland did, each government “borrowed” billions in phantom debt from the banks and then gave it to those banks to cover the “losses” they had made buying from and selling to other branches of the Rothschild banking conglomerate.


As “security” for these “loans”, a new level of swindling was created - the Euro Stability Mechanism. All this is, is that everyone living in the Euro zone has been made personally liable for the repayment of these Trillions in phantom debt and all of your property and future income is now owned by Rothschild.


This is part of Merkel’s legacy to the German people.


End of parenthesis:



So, what outrageous act did Peter Fitzek do to earn him more than 3 years’ jail time?

He, legally, using existing “laws” of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as international law which is superior to it, after many years of careful preparation, created a functioning German state.

His “heinous crimes” were to:

a) Create a bank and a currency completely independent of the Rothschild oligarchy.

b) Write into the constitution that the charging of interest is the highest crime of all because it is the root cause of all the other problems which beset the world at this time.


In Germany, there is an ostensibly government organ called “the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht”, BaFin for short. The rough English equivalent is the Financial Services Agency and in America, the Federal Trade Commission.
There is a difference, however. Although the BaFin was created as a government watchdog over the bankers, it is, in fact, 100% staffed and financed by the bankers it is supposed to oversee. You can readily assess how independent it is.


On three separate occasions, the BaFin has mounted raids upon the Kingdom of Germany and stolen much of the wherewithal needed to keep the Kingdom going and expanding. As previous raids had not had the desired effect - the losses having been rapidly made good by the supporters - a massive three day operation was mounted with the declared intent of so destroying everything they could not move, that it would be impossible to continue living in the Kingdom’s territory. A fleet of trucks registered in Poland was used to carry away everything moveable and all else was deliberately destroyed. Once again, the desired effect was not achieved. Not only did the numbers of supporters rapidly grow and make good almost all losses, the entire administration system was decentralised and, after the databases had been restored from hidden copies, everything was re-built.


The problem which they (Rothschild, Merkel & Co.) have is being fixated in a system ruled by orders from the top which has led them into the error of assuming that all that they need do it to somehow eliminate Peter Fitzek and the entire project would collapse.


So they had him arrested and put in solitary confinement and allowed one 1 hour visit per month. Even his lawyer had to apply for special permission to talk to him - each time!


The charges which the Staatsanwaltschaft (England, Director of Public Prosecutions; USA, District Attorney) laid against Peter were “operating an illegal bank and malfeasance in that he had pocketed more than one million Euros from investors in the project”.


When the trial, some months later, finally began, the Staatsanwaltschaft produced no evidence. At law, the case should have been instantly dismissed but the panel of judges proceeded as though evidence had been presented and required Peter to defend himself - something which he managed admirably despite the many obstacles which were placed in his way.


Many of the investors came to give evidence and declared themselves to be fully satisfied with the way in which Peter had managed the monies which they had entrusted to the Kingdom. They made no complaint thus eliminating the very core of the charges against him. As it had already been ruled in a previous court that the Kingdom did not operate an illegal bank, this charge falls as well.


Nonetheless, the panel of three judges declared him to be guilty as charged of crimes which the court records show were never committed and sentenced him to three years and eight months jail. To date they have not released the grounds for their judgement thus delaying the appeal.


At the same time, a mass “round-up” of several hundred vociferous Merkel critics has begun. Many of them are charged with not paying taxes on money which has never existed but, because of peculiarly skewed German law, the tax authorities can hold you in durance vile for many months before releasing you without compensation when a court determines that the charges are spurious.
One independent news channel has been threatened with many months jail time for submitting a tax return using old codes instead of “the new ones”. Repeated requests to disclose what these “new” codes are, are consistently ignored.

Further, a new law has been proposed which would fine people twenty million Euros for revealing any details of these arrests on social media.


All this comes just days before Wikileaks has promised to release masses of details about Merkel’s iniquities.


I don’t think she’s going to be able to silence everyone.


To cap it all, a few months ago, Merkel had a new law made which compelled journalists to prove their revelations in court before they could publish them. No longer would this be the responsibility of the police and the public prosecutors but of those who first discovered evidence of wrongdoing but without the resources to do so - thus protecting the guilty!






In Merry Olde England

There are steadily growing demands for a return to the Common Law and Magna Carta and the removal of legislative authority from unelected bureaucrats.


The old Saxon Common law was very simple - so simple in fact that anyone could understand it and judgements based upon it were seen to be fair and honest.

This did not, however, sit well with the rising power of the church which was gradually taking over the whole of the British Isles.


Instead of the old system aimed at returning order to the affairs of mankind, they preferred something which removed balancing from local affairs and replaced it with a system of guilt and punishment managed from afar. This, in turn, gave rise to the profession of lawyer to interpret the laws which were increasingly incomprehensible to the common man.

Finally, we have arrived at the state of law so complex that no-one can understand it. This, combined with the new ability for bureaucrats to create their own “laws” is rapidly turning the United Kingdom into a plutocracy ruled by random whim.





What is really going on and what do we need to do?

We all stand on the Cusp of the Ages: We have just left the Age of Materialism in which the driving principle was “Power at all Costs” and are now moving ever deeper into the Age of Community in which the guiding principle is “The common good”.

Anyone who was born in the previous age, i.e. anyone more than 2 years old bears both the imperatives of the old and the desires of the new. This is a time when leaders must choose between trying to regain the old and assisting the new.

In Germany we have both in quite extreme form:

Angela Merkel who is motivated exclusively by a need to have power at all costs and Peter Fitzek who wants nothing other than peace and prosperity for all.


Around the world there are examples of both: Erdogan, Netanyahu, May - power at all costs: Trump, Putin, Farage - the right of the individual to decide over his/her own life.

Naturally all of them bear aspects of both directions for it is they who show us all the choice.

The one way leads to war and mass destruction.

The other to the dissolution of power structures and undreamed of prosperity for all.


We, each of us, must not only decide which way to go in that we give our wholehearted support to the old direction of power struggles and large-scale war or to the new direction of the greatest good for all.

No-one can force your choice but you should bear clearly in mind that refusing to choose does not mean to stand on some imaginary middle ground but to give your power by default to those driven by “Power at all costs”.


Additionally, those who have been practising with this video as well as the Power Light 2.0 graduates (at present, only available in the german language) will know how to use compassion to strengthen those going for the greatest good and to help those still fixed upon power to attain humanity.


We can do this. Humanity can win, NOW!


Blessed be


Karma Singh

21st March 2017





The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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