The 12 Diseases

There truly are no more than 12!

The roots of modern medicine go back to two 19th century charlatans called Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. At that time, the way to fame and fortune was to discover “the cause of illness”.


Although colleagues and even Pasteur’s professor, Pierre Bechamp, proved to them that they are wrong and that the hypothesis of infectious disease is nonsense, they decided to use their political contacts to foist this lie upon humanity as a whole for the sake of personal fame and fortune. In Pasteur’s posthumously published memoirs he admits that most of his “scientific discoveries” were deliberately falsified.


In the early 20th century John D Rockefeller, owner of Standard Oil (now called Exxon) was looking to find new markets for his oil. Working upon the presumption that remedies can be produced from crude oil, he bought up the nascent pharmaceutical industry and began using his considerable clout to push pharmaceutical medicine as “The Saviour of Mankind”.



The next major player in this game is one Morris Fishbein, a racketeer who, somehow, in 1924, managed to gain control of the, then, unimportant American Medical Association.


The AMA was a professional body for those practicing pharmaceutical medicine - one of many types of healing in widespread usage in N. America at that time. One of his initial actions was to licence drugs for usage and then demand large payments from the manufacturers to issue a licence.

Using these funds he then instigated and, for two decades, pursued a course of vilification and intimidation against all other healing professions.

By the time that he was ousted, the AMA had become the most feared organisation in the USA.


It is due to these four unsavoury characters that, at the end of the Second World War when many countries introduced national health systems, the only methodology considered was pharmaceutical medicine.

No scientific examination to verify its claims has ever been undertaken.


Over the ensuing decades it has become ever clearer that pharmaceutical medicine is both fantastically expensive and fantastically ineffective.

Propaganda had kept the lid on this for nearly half a century but now it is common talk on our streets and in our cafés. This is just one step away from mass demands for its abolition.


Let us just take one well-known example, cancer.
Here is a list of some of the many therapies used with cancer and their success rates:-


1. Conventional medicine   0.2%
2. Yoga / Chi Quong 18%
3. Acupuncture / Moksha 24%
4. Rebirthing 32%
5. Liver stones removal 52%
6. Macrobiotic / 5 element 83%
7. Combining 2 - 6 98%


So you can clearly see that conventional medicine is the least effective way of dealing with cancer. On top of this, their so called “chemotherapy” is, itself, a major cause of further cancers and so their + 0.2% should, actually, be a negative sum and conventional medicine be viewed as a major cause of cancer deaths.

On top of this, it is by far the most expensive of the therapies available and a very major source of income for the pharmaceutical conglomerate.


So, how did we get into this trap?
By believing “authority figures”.


This is symptomatic of the Age of Materialism just passed in which the basic structure was a tiny ruling “elite” and a mass of serfs, wage-slaves, dogsbodies, proletariat, whatever you want to call it; they are just different names for the same thing. This structure could only be maintained by a belief in the infallibility of the elite.

In the 19th century, the Pope was officially declared to be infallible and, in the 21st, Kim Jong Il laid claim to this status as well. I see no reason to believe either one of them.


The reason why we believe this lies in the foundation of public education. Now, contrary to what you may have been told in history lessons, the introduction of general education was not a charitable act by certain extremely wealthy industrialist for the betterment of the people. No, it was much more sinister.

In the 19th century it became apparent that factory workers would need to be able to read and to write as well as deal with basic arithmetic in order to work more efficiently.

The problem is, from the “Elite’s” point of view, is that, if you teach a man to read, he is likely to read things that you don’t want him to. So, although reading, writing and ‘rithmatic were taught, the main thrust of the system became to suppress independent thinking and to strengthen obedience to authority.

Even today we see this in the unbelievably silly utterances from bureaucrats. Parrot fashion, they repeat what they have been told to say, “If your child is not fully vaccinated then it represents a health risk to those children who are vaccinated.”

This “obedience” and “don’t think” indoctrination renders them incapable of seeing that what they are actually saying is that vaccinated children may be at risk because vaccines don’t work. If they did work then there would be no health risk.


Which brings us back to the book which I have finally been given permission to publish.

If microbes do not cause disease then what are they for and what are the real causes?


One of the many ways in which the medico-pharmaceutical industry maintains you in dependence upon them is to make everything appear to be so complicated that you have no chance of understanding it yourself. So they have well over eighty thousand different disease specialities but how many are there really?

Twelve! Just twelve and no more.


Let me give you just one example:

and about 40 more “specialities”

All of these, however, are all just slightly different ways in which your body might react to one and the same problem.

If one of these affects you or someone you know check out this guaranteed solution.


There are (almost) countless examples of this plus the very widespread practice of inventing labels which mean nothing more than “we have not the vaguest idea what the problem here is or what to do about it but we’ll put this complicated sounding label upon it so that we can con you into believing that we know something useful and can then write a bill.”


It is the universal medical practice of suppressing symptoms and completely ignoring causes which makes this possible.


In my book, “The 12 Diseases”, you can, at last, see what the real problems are and, very probably, correct them yourself.

This is what the book was written for - to put the control over your health back where it belongs; in your hands.



So, who am I write to write such a work?
Starting as a school boy more than half a century ago because so many “answers” from doctors of medicine made no sense I began researching into healers and healing and, over the years became myself an accomplished healer. In 1987 this became my full-time profession and I have become one of Europe’s leading healers, teachers and researchers.


The essential difference between medicine and healing is that medicine only tries to suppress symptoms, thus giving rise to the expressions “chronic” and “incurable” diseases. A healer, on the other hand, concerns him/herself with the identification of and the removal of causes. Obviously, once the cause has been removed, the symptoms will disappear on their own.

A true healer is one who consciously avoids creating dependency by teaching you how to heal yourself because this is the only way to get a permanent effect.


And so this book is now available in English.

You can view a few selected pages by clicking here. (92 kb)


The translation of the full book is now finished.

You can download it here:



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It is not, at this time, envisaged that a printed version can be offered.


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This handbook is essential knowledge for everyone so please do pass this information on to all your friends and family. The more people who have this knowledge, the less illness there will be.

Every household should have at least one copy.

Should you wish to go further into this and explore in detail what microbes are and what their role is on our lives then you may wish to also purchase “The Flu Fairy Tale” for which Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD has also kindly written an easy to read foreword. This book explores in detail exactly what influenza is, what the role of the microbes in this detoxification process is and how to ensure a rapid recovery by removing the cause. The website is here:


This book is available for immediate download directly to your computer/mobile device by clicking here.



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Blessed be


Karma Singh

10th February 2017



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