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This newsletter has three topics:


Bilderberg Update




An open Letter to Humanity





How things stand in Dresden this morning:

On Friday, there was the beginning of a schism within the Bilderberg Group. During the night to Saturday, the “chiefs” were able to dampen this down but it’s still cooking under.

If we remain “on the ball” after Dresden, the chances that parts of the Bilderberg organisation will break away should not be underestimated.


For all those who work with “The Key to Luck”, the manifestation is:


The Text:
All people, everywhere, see the true plans and desires of the cartels. All secrets are known, all veils are lifted and truth alone rules the affairs of mankind.


The Vision:
Everyone, everywhere; man, woman and child looks up in the sudden knowledge of truth. All faces shine with the knowledge of salvation and divinity. All eyes are open wide and all stand together as one and at one each with the other.


The Feelings:
Thankfulness, freedom, joy and unity



The promised DVD "The Goddess Transmissions" will go on release on Tuesday.

Watch out for the extra Newsletter then.






Brexit: Yes or no?

It is possible that the meaning of this word is not yet known to you. It was invented by the british press a few weeks ago and relates to the referendum taking place in the UK on the 23rd of this month. This vote is about whether to remain in the European Union or whether Britain should exit - hence Brexit.


Until very recently I have paid very little attention to this as it seemed to me that, whichever way the vote goes, there is a long list of pro’s and con’s. Recent events, however, have brought me to look at the matter much more closely.


On the one hand we have the incumbents in power, Clegg and Cameron, pushing hard a forecast of economic gloom and doom should Britain leave the EU. This view is NOT shared by business interests, i.e. those who know as a matter of daily business what the likely outcome, economically speaking, of an “exit” vote would be. Other matters of much greater importance go largely unmentioned by the Cameron/Clegg plutocracy.


Clegg and Cameron are appointees of the banking cartel. Their stance tells us very clearly what the wishes of their employers are. Working upon the (usually very wise) principal that whatever the banking cartel does NOT want is probably very good for humanity, an “Exit” vote may well be a very sensible choice.


Additionally, just to show how desperate they are, we have been subjected to the unedifying spectacle of a very minor american banker (who only gets $27 Million per year we are repeatedly told) telling people that, if the british people choose brexit then he must sack about four thousand people. If you know anything about banking and bankers you will know that this is total nonsense. English and scottish laws are the most favourable to bankers throughout Europe. This is why the bankers do their main business here instead of in Frankfurt. Brexit will not change the banking laws.


Throughout the history of the british peoples, whenever they have had enough of being exploited, one voice which puts their concerns and wishes into clear perspective will arise. That one voice belongs to Nigel Farage.

That one voice has now become thousands and is spreading day by day.


The british people have had enough of being ruled by self-appointed bureaucrats and faceless “button counters” who wield enormous power with zero responsibility.

That it has just come to light that the “Big Boss” of this ruling elite, Jean-Claude Juncker - current president of the European Commission - is involved in a 2 trillion (yes, trillion, not a typing error!) tax evasion operation must add further coal to the fires of indignation.


Although many, especially in Italy, believe that the EU and the Euro has benefitted Germany at every else’s cost this is not so. Those who live and work in Germany see daily more shops and small business closing their doors for the last time.

The EU and the Euro were created to benefit exclusively a small group of bankers - a self-appointed elite.


The courage to vote for Brexit will not only resolve many of Britain’s woes but also show the way for others who have suffered even more under this banker created scheme.


Greece, Spain and Portugal have suffered especially under the EU. They have gone from buoyant economies to bankrupt in less than ten years and the situation is getting progressively worse. Italy is on the verge of joining them. A Brexit could well pave the way for a completely new European community based upon serving the European people as a whole and giving the power to make decisions about their lives to those who then have to live them.


There is a model for this living and functioning within the territory of Germany. It is called “The Kingdom of Germany” and you can read about it on this website:






An open Letter to Humanity

A Perversion of Justice


Over a number of years many highly intelligent and well-informed people have chosen to invest varying sums of money into a project to create new social structures for the german people. This experiment includes a new health care system, a new education system, a new retirement system, biodynamic agriculture, the phasing out of any and all activities and industries which are damaging to human, animal and/or planetary health, a government system in which decision making remains in the hands of the citizens as a whole (complete decentralisation) the end of taxation and the banking system which is the main beneficiary thereof. The charging of interest upon loans is to be the highest crime as this is the direct cause of at least 70% of all criminality and 90% of all civil strife................


You can download the full text as a pdf to distribute


In English   50 kb


In German   55 kb



Blessed be


Karma Singh
12th June 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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