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This Newsletter has four Topics:

Not even once in a lifetime


New Moon Seminars


New Year Resolutions


A strange double mis-diagnosis





Not even once in a lifetime

This is the sort of thing that only happens in fairy tales.

Why it's happened to me is anybody's guess but, here goes:-

How do you feel about Renoir, the painter?


An acquaintance of mine has a genuine Renoir in his hands. It is for sale and he asked me if I know anyone who might be interested. When I replied that he should go to Sotheby's or Christie's auction house in London he informed me that they want 70% commission (yes, seventy per cent!). He is, therefore, trying to sell it privately.


He is a man in a quite prominent position and it is, therefore, most unlikely that this is not genuine.


So, I put it out there: If you have a few millions to spare or know someone who has and would like to own an Old Master then drop me an email and I'll bring you into contact.






New Moon Seminars from now until Midsummer

In my last newsletter, I described in some detail the New Moon Seminars which can be given between now and the Summer Solstice.

There are eight possible weekend dates but I, of course, am not restricted to weekends only so if you are in contact with others who can participate during the week, please let me know soonest. That way we can get at least another six seminars done and another 180 leaders and teachers trained and empowered.


At the moment, the plan is 25th & 26th January in Gera, Thüringen, Germany and 28th & 29th March in Villach, Austria. (The February date is still open.) I am just waiting for confirmation of room availability but, if you know of suitable rooms, even in those two locations, let me know straight away.


These seminars now have their own webpages which you can access here.


I do not einvisage being able to offer these seminars outside Europe.






New Year's Resolutions

I don't know where or when this custom originated but it smacks of accountants to me.

Life doesn't stop at the close of the year (whenever that may be) and re-start one second later; it is a continuous, unbroken movement. There is, therefore, no discernible point in time which could be classed as a new year.


The only thing even remotely similar to this is your personal horoscope which shows where the phases of YOUR life begin and end. It is at these cusps and not at some meaningless, generalised number on a calendar when changes will occur and you can determine the quality of the new direction.


This said, we have this custom.

It used to be that the most common "New Year's Resolution" which failed within a week was to stop smoking. Nowadays it's something else; losing weight!

Most people fail with this because they think that reducing over-weight means eating less and/or exercising more.


This is not true!


Over-weight is an expression of UNDER-nutrition, not over-eating!


If you eat a lot of stuff that your body can neither use nor easily get rid of, you will force it to store them.


If you don't give your body all of the nutrients that it needs then, amongst other problems, your normal detoxification systems won't work properly and your body will be forced to store even more useless junk.


Your body will, then, either take up vast amounts of water in order to dilute these toxic materials or form thick fatty layers under your skin to store them where they can't poison the rest of your body. If matters are allowed to get even worse, your body may be forced to create the toxin processing tissues which we call cancers!


Losing weight is, therefore, a process not of starving yourself but of giving yourself the nutrients that have been missing so that your body can eject the toxins that it has been storing.


Of course changes to your diet are necessary and you can download a free guide to this here.


What also helps is to quickly get the toxins out of your body and to convert the fats into healthy tissue. Take a look here:-






A Double Mis-Diagnosis

Just this week, someone came to me for a private consultation.

He had received a very confusing diagnosis from his doctor: Diabetes Mellitus AND Type 2 diabetes. These are, biochemically speaking, mutually exclusive.

Additionally, the diabetes is not a permanent state but comes and goes apparently at random.


What was immediately obvious when he arrived is that his hypothalamus is producing intermittent neuropeptide showers (there are wonderful graphics showing how this happens in the "polish wedding" scene in the film "What the Bleep do we know?") These showers cause his adrenals to go bonkers and, amongst other things, play havoc with his pancreas. But why is it happening; that was the question?


Extreme sensitivity to electro smog is most often caused by heavy metals which have found their way into the brain and/or nervous systems. Most commonly, the heavy metal in question is mercury which you would get from amalgam tooth fillings and vaccines but it can also be aluminium (Am: Aluminum) which is also present in large quantities in vaccines.


(When toddlers and babies are given these potent nerve toxins in the so called vaccines, these heavy metals, especially if combined with glyphosate - the active ingredient in Monsanto's / Bayer Chemie's Roundup - are, most likely, the cause of cot death and autism.)


In his case, however, there is little mercury in his system but huge amounts of cadmium. It is this, which he picked up from working in the plastics industry some decades ago when cadmium was an ingredient in the plastics processing, combined with electro smog, primarily from mobile 'phones (Am: Cell 'phone) which has caused the intermittent neuropeptide storms.


I have given him the Clearing Transmissions to get the heavy metals out of his body and mind and the Goddess Transmissions to boost his pancreas.

I have also recommended the Harmony Technology to neutralise the electro smog.


I hope to receive progress reports and will let you know as and when.


Blessed be



11th January 2020


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Never forget this!



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