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28th September 2015 -

what is this all about?


There is a great deal going around the web at this time concerning a possible economic collapse in the last week of September. Whether this will actually happen and what effects it might have are quite uncertain.


That which seems to occupy many people is the concept that, suddenly, all wages and salaries will stop at the end of August, all bank accounts will be confiscated and everyone will stand there penniless. Where this idea comes from I have no idea.


Before we can identify what the probable truth of the matter is, we need to view this idea from the point of view of the so called “Elite”.

Over several hundreds of years they have built up a complex exploitation system which serves them at the expense of everyone else. In some countries, this has been fully operational for a long time. Now, according to their plan, it’s our turn. See “Why Nations Fail” from Daron Acemoglu und James A. Robinson to see what this looks like. Several of the major figures from the so called "Elite" have also publicly declared that their intention is to be the owners not only of the entire planet but also of the rest of humanity. That is to say, they will own all the slave workers, i.e. you and me!


If you take a really close look at all the so called “finance crises” over the last hundred years or so, you will perceive that they were all fabricated by the banking cartel for the benefit of the banking cartel and their friends. Each time they did this, ownership of more wealth creating industries and businesses moved from private individuals to the bankers and friends.


In 2008 the banks declared massive phantom losses, i.e. they didn’t actually lose any money; they declared the profits which they failed to make to be a loss which “because we’re an essential part of the economy” and “too big to fail” you had to pay them billions from your own pocket.

This was just the first stage. The next was the creation of the Euro Stability Mechanism which, in order to secure “government loans”, i.e. borrowing the money from the banks to recompense them the losses which they hadn’t made, the ownership of all property throughout the Euro area moved to the bankers. (That sentence IS correct; just read it a few times.) At the stroke of a pen and without a single cent in compensation, you are, since then, no longer owner of the house, farm, factory and whatever that you’ve bought and paid for or inherited.


Having carefully set up this system of creeping enslavement of which the next planned and publicly declared stage is to remove all cash from circulation in 2018 so that the bankers can control every transaction everywhere. The usual flim-flam “justifications” for this are trotted out - to make tax evasion impossible, i.e. in future, it will not be a government revenue department who decide how much tax you have to pay but a private bank!!! This is, actually, nothing new - most of the tax you pay ends up in the pockets of the banking cartel anyway and they're just cutting out the middle man. When, however, we look to see who the biggest tax evaders are we get a “big surprise”. It is, of course, just pure coincidence that we discover that the Banking Cartel and their close friends pay almost no tax upon their billions in yearly profits.



The question which needs to be posed here is, “Does collapsing the entire economy, food riots, total chaos and all that this entails make sense within the context of their plans?”


In order to exploit a people, there must be wealth generated before it can be stolen. In a state of total chaos, no wealth is generated and so no exploitation can be carried out. To the contrary, this entails their expending resources in order to keep their slaves alive.


You must make your own judgement but, as I see it, such an action would not make sense within the context of the plans of the “Elite”.


Also brought to my attention are stories about mercenaries attacking and killing asylum seekers on the 28th Sept. in the semi-prisons in which they’re kept.
One must, of course, ask why? What sense could this make from the point of view of the “Elite”? I cannot see any at all. On top of which, a quite large number of soldiers would be needed to do this. Would they all be prepared to commit mass-murder? I think not.


Just as I thought that I’d finished writing this newsletter, I received an email containing an alleged “leak” from a NATO officer. This claims that on the 28th Sept, mercenaries from the american company Blackwater, will deliver weapons to asylum seeker hostels throughout Germany. Purportedly, some of the refugees are “hidden ISIS terrorists”, i.e. CIA controlled mercenaries.

It is claimed that every attempt to upload the "leaked document" onto the internet was “mysteriously” blocked; readers with more internet knowledge than I will know how reasonable this claim is.


The questions which we must pose here are:

1) Although it is possible that there a small number of ISIS mercenaries amongst the refugees, what, in the sense of completely destabilising Germany, could such small numbers achieve?


2) How would the german police and military respond? They have a massive superiority in both weapons and local knowledge. What sort of chance would a few “terrorists” have against them?

3) Should german soldiers receive orders to remain in their barracks could the german people possibly continue to believe that Merkel & Co. look after their interests or do they, in fact, serve other masters?



In my opinion, the origin of this story, just as with the others above, is the banking cartel. The plain intention is to bring one and all into uncertainty so that we will draw back from seizing the opportunity to change the way of the world.


So, what is this all about with the 28th September?


You can view this date from a lot of different angles - astrology, politics, numerology, psychology, Field Theory, finance and many others. Whatever way or ways you choose to view it, you are very likely to perceive that there is a cusp around this date; that here some great change can happen.

What, of course, cannot be foretold is what form this great change will take and what will be the result; this is something that we will decide for, even though, at present, the bankers control the planet more or less, it is humanity as a whole which will decide what actually happens.


My own personal impression is that the bankers have inserted the catastrophe prognoses into the media in order to engender an expectation of disaster which, of course, plays directly into their hands.


We can, just as easily, believe and do the exact opposite or, even, something completely different. As long as we act more or less together, no matter with what method you customarily work to achieve the re-instatement of the dignity of humanity, we, together, will determine the nature and course of the change.


Based upon the methodology in “The Key to Luck” (the step by step guide to unlimited, precise and successful manifesting), this is my suggestion and what I shall be doing:


The Text:
At the cusp around the end of September 2015, the door to abundance opens wide for the whole of humanity.


The Vision:
Everyone, everywhere on the planet stands up straight and tall, is well fed, well clothed, clean and smiling. Everyone has much free time for friends and family.


The Feelings:
Thankfulness, joy and abundance


Blessed be


1st September 2015



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed  “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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