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Germany’s highest Court rules:- The Existence of Viruses is not proven


Dr. Stefan Lanka is, from his training and chosen speciality, one of Germany’s foremost virologists. He is also a fastidious researcher and independent thinker - no friend of the cartels.


Some years ago, Dr. Lanka noted that, although there is a generally accepted belief that viruses exist and are responsible for many ills, the actual evidence for their existence is extremely weak. Dr. Lanka, himself, made great efforts to find the hard evidence needed - otherwise how can you tackle a cause of disease if you don’t know what and where it is?

He was not able to do so and threw the question open to the scientific community as a whole and to virologists in particular but without any concrete results.


Dr. Lanka was then put into the position of being able to offer a reward of €100,000 (about $109,000 or £82,644) for finding these much-needed hard facts. To date, no takers, apart from…..


In the Spring of 2014, Dr. Lanka was sued in the German courts for payment of the reward based upon the evidence which an applicant for the reward had submitted. The lowest court, where, of course, it was not possible to hear the evidence in detail, ruled for the plaintiffs. On appeal to the Landgericht, the ruling of the lower court was upheld. In the next senior court, the Ober-Landes Gericht (OLG), the ruling was reversed. There is nothing unusual about this and it cannot be inferred from this first ruling that evidence presented might have some validity:


It is common practice in the lower courts, which do not have the facilities to hear complex cases, to give a ruling in order to enable an appeal to a higher court where the necessary facilities are available. Where a ruling is required that has implication for the entire country, the decision will be left to the highest State Court (OLG) which, in this case, ruled against the claimant.


The plaintiff then elected to go to the highest court in the land, the Bundes Gerichtshof (BGH) for a final, absolute ruling. This court, in its’ decision of the 1st December 2016, ruled that there were no grounds for challenging the ruling of the OLG, thus writing the decision of the OLG into German national law.


Before we go wildly celebrating, we must look at the details of the judgement itself. The panel of judges did not, at any time, conclude that viruses do not exist (neither specifically in the case of measles, which was the core of the original complaint, nor in general). What they did say was that the claimant had failed to prove the existence of a measles virus in the form specified to attain the reward.


Reading the judgement, we see how the judges weighed claim and counter-claim and did their best to make the narrowest judgement possible with an eye to avoiding establishing wide-ranging precedents. Nonetheless, the judgement stands that the claimant had not proven the existence of a measles virus.

If you speak very good German, you can read the judgement here:


So, where does this leave us? Do viruses, in general, exist or not?


What we are dealing with here, is something so small that its existence is merely postulated. There are photos purporting to be of viruses but there is no direct evidence that this is true.


A very large part of the problem lies in the limitation of optical microscopy. The maximum magnification that a normal optical microscope can attain is around 2500 times. This is much too small to see a virus. An electron microscope can see the particles labelled viruses but can only examine dead material, never the living which the optical microscope sees. We have, therefore, only conjecture that these particles are, in fact, viruses because we have no direct evidence that they do what is claimed of them.


In the 1920’s, Royal Raymond Rife developed a new principle in microscopy which did make it possible to view living material at the size of a putative virus. His “microscope” and all his findings were deliberately destroyed by the American Medical Association at the behest of their then head, Morris Fishbein who also forged the very close links between the medical profession and the pharmaceutical manufacturers.


In the 1980’s, Gaston Naessens in Quebec, Canada developed either the same technology or a different one but which did the same job of magnifying up to 30,000 times. Observing living organisms at that level of magnification not only provided no evidence for the existence of Viruses but, in fact, showed that something very, very different to the postulate of virus caused disease was actually happening. Needless to say, the pharmaceutical cartel has done everything in its power to suppress Naessens discoveries.


What conclusions can we draw from the above?


1) The theory of virus caused disease is, at best, an unproven hypothesis and may well, in fact, have nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

2) The theory of vaccination cannot, therefore, be accepted as a useful procedure.


3) A huge industry (vaccination) based upon nothing other than an unproven hypothesis which is, in turn, contradicted by the little evidence available is not something to which any human (or any other creature, for that matter) should be subjected.

4) Government funding to promote vaccination or, flying in the face of the evidence, to make it compulsory cannot be sustained by the evidence available to date and may well be illegal.

In the next article we will look into the hypothesis of viruses itself and what Quantum Biophysics has to say about it.



Karma Singh
17th May 2017



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