Comments from some participants in New Moon Seminars


I was very impressed with the 5th heart chamber. I have used it many times and have experienced a security and awareness through the encounters with myself. I have begun to heal myself.
Thank you very much for the techniques you have shown us. For refreshment I would like to visit such a seminar again.

Best regards Georg
Dear Karma,
What is stilll very important to me about the seminar is that I now know through you what I have planned for this life. To learn patience...
Now it really makes sense that I have so many situations in my life, mainly at work, where I have to stay calm, in my centre, in the here and now to keep the overview and especially to radiate calm to my employees...
All this means having patience.
Quite, quite often I also succeed, and now of course I practice even more to be patient and to have patience in all situations.
Many thanks for this!
All my love. Gaby

Dear Karma,
The seminar has brought us infinitely much!!
We now see many things even more clearly and with even more background knowledge and we also feel the need to dive even deeper into the subject matter, inspired by 2 dear people we met during the seminar.
We can report that the redirection of the abundance flow has increased the turnover in Udo's business by quite a lot!
With the power of the heart we work more and more!
It's getting easier and easier to be directly in the heart, to switch off the head/mind in these moments and to send love to events like G5, chemtrails, "viruses", or negative people.
Many times we could see the results directly!
With all our heart all love, Gaby & Udo

Dear Karma,
the last weekend seminar with you, was the most interesting and helpful for me in a long time!
Thanks again for that.
best regards, Walter



Many thanks again for the seminar!
Some things were repetition, the work with the 5th heart chamnber I had already got to know 4 years ago at your Power light 2 seminar, but now I can go much deeper. A lot was new and I took a lot with me, especially the abundance flow and organ cleaning :-)



Hello Karma and Team,
the seminar is just great and I am happy to be part of it :)





Thank you very much, it was very interesting!




Dear Karma!
 Thank you very much for this great webinar with lots of knowledge!
It touched me very much, my phlebitis was healed in hours!
Also your newsletter yesterday is great.
So much knowledge!!!




Dear Karma,
the seminar was nice and brought me a lot.
I was already at the light column seminar. Live with you is, of course, a thousand times nicer.
The online solution is for now a way, but not to compare when you are there in person.





Dear Karma!

Your online seminar was really great. Thanks again. I am looking forward to the new seminar.

Do we also have access to the recording of the individual modules? Your webinars are so filled with great knowledge that it is difficult for most of us to keep everything.
You can reach so many more people over the internet, whose approach is just too far (e.g. Spain, and where there are a lot of Germans).




Dear Karma,

Thank you so much for this very enlightening session/seminar as a whole!

I learned a lot and love it thoroughly - and I am very grateful that it became possible for me to participate after all, thanks to your flexibility in the midst of this Corona fairy tale. Goes to show once more that everything "bad" also has its "good" aspects. :)

Thank you for everything, and blessed wishes,



This evening I was just sitting after my dinner, and concentrating on my heart and I knew that something very real happened there
This morning during the course when I requested for opening of my heart.
While I was sitting, I was reading the "Vow to the I Am" and starting singing the music that goes with it and the words and the resonance coming form my Heart Chakra and from inside of my torso were so deep, so open...I feel so deeply touched...did it again and again.
had to write it to you.
I only have experienced this deep in sound resonating opening of my heart while singing,
when I gave a Jazz concert in 2003 after I healed fully from cancer.

Thank you Karma, for giving me this opportunity, this exercise.
Bless you,



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