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What does it mean to be a Harmony Energy Consultants associate?

Your associate agreement enables you to earn 30% commission on your direct sales and 10% commission on all sales generated by your direct customers (one downline only) by recommending Harmony Energy Consultants products from the following websites:-


Non-smoker Celebration

Quantum Marketing 

The Door to Your Self

The Key to Luck

Cancer? So What?

The Flu Fairy Tale 

Why men Snore

The Goddess Transmissions

Switching the Debt/Poverty Machine off


Any one of these can be used as your initial purchase qualifying you to become an associate.


There are NO additional purchase requirements to remain an associate. However, you can only obtain discounts (commissions) upon your own purchases in any month in which you make sales in excess of €50.00 / $60.00 / £45.00 or a combination thereof.


Additionally, those products shown in the 5 - 4 - 3 bookshop where there is a single commission paid of $1.00, €1.00 or 75p dependent upon the currency in which the sale takes place.


Payouts take place monthly by wire transfer directly to your bank account  If you have a U.K. bank account, payment can also take place by BACS.

Minimum payout is €40,- (approx. US$45.00 or £32.00).


As almost all of the handbooks in the 5 - 4 - 3 bookshop link to much higher priced products, especially in the Harmony United shop, you can earn very significant commissions from "back end" sales provided that you are also a Harmony United associate (go to and click on associates for details.)


Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd. and Harmony United Ltd. are two separate companies with different owners. The common denominator is Karma Singh who is managing director of both. He has organised the website structures of both companies so that, anyone who is an associate of both and uses the same user name for each, can have their customers automatically transferred from one company to the other.


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