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Karma Books Associates' Programme

The Associate's programme is an agreement (a contract, if you like) for the mutual benefit of the associate and Karma Books.

After having made a qualifying purchase, i.e. any purchase with a total value in excess of $18.00 / €17,- / £15.00, the associate status may be applied for. The application can be made at the same times as the qualifying purchase and would, normally, be activated as soon as payment is received.

The associate commits to promote all of the products offered in Karma Singh's web-shops and in return will receive a commission on all such sales.
Additionally, in any month in which or following which commissions have been earned, the associate will also receive a discount equal to the normal sales commission on his or her own purchases. When an associate has not achieved any sales, no personal discounts are available.

There are no compulsory purchases or sales required to maintain the associate's status but where no sales have been achieved for two years or more, the associate status may be revoked without notice.

Actions jeopardising the well-being of Karma Books such as promoting competing products to Karma Books customers or publishing derogatory statements about Karma Books or Karma Singh can result in summary cancellation of the associate status.

Karma Books commits to providing a monthly statement of earnings to the associate.

The associate can either request a cash pay-out if the positive balance on his/her account exceeds $50.00 / €45,- / £40.00 or use any balance as part or whole payment for any products purchased.

Associates in N. America and other places, where bank charges make wire transfers prohibitably expensive are advised to open an account with Paysera (an honest alternative to PayPal) through which transfers can be made within seconds at, normally, zero cost. Please use this link when opening your account:

On most products, the rate of commission is 30% but on some, where Karma Books is acting as an agent rather than selling its own products, this may be lower; an example is the detoxification and regeneration products created by Dr. Uwe Häcker upon which 15% commission is available.

There are no commissions available for recommending seminars or personal sessions offered by Karma Singh but if an associate brings seven or more participants to a seminar then he/she will be offered a place in the seminar free of charge.

Most products are to be found on or

When you register as an associate, you will receive a list of personal websites. These are links to product websites with your personal associate code built into them. When someone uses your personal link they receive a cookie on their computer which automatically links them to you. Should they order anything or access any of the free downloads, their email address will be permanently linked to you in our database. These links do NOT expire but we cannot prevent anyone deleting cookies from their computer. In our experience, this happens rarely and is seldom a problem.

Qualifying purchases include

Non-smoker Celebration

Quantum Marketing 

The Door to Yourself

The Key to Luck

Cancer? So What?

The Flu Fairy Tale 

Why men Snore

The Goddess Transmissions

Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.

The Clearing Transmissions

Actio & Brutus - N.B. these two products (Actio and Brutus) CANNOT be sent to destinations outside Europe as they are, at present, only licenced for human consumption within the EU, UK and Switzerland.



As almost all of the handbooks in the bookshop link to much higher priced products, especially in the Harmony United shop, you can earn very significant commissions from "back end" sales provided that you are also a Harmony United associate (go to and click on associates for details.)


Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd. and Harmony United Ltd. are two separate companies with different owners. The common denominator is Karma Singh who is managing director of both. He has organised the website structures of both companies so that, anyone who is an associate of both and uses the same user name for each, can have their customers automatically transferred from one company to the other.

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