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Nine People, Beirut and a Monkey

With this article, I am going to attempt to draw many things together.


The question which led me to attempt this is, “Why do people en-masse continue to believe in things such as vaccination although modern science has proved it to be nonsensical?”


As Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explained in his 2013 TED talk which you can see here it is the information (in-form-making) in the human morpho-genetic field (or the giraffe morpho-genetic field which he quotes in his talk) which each embryo uses to form its body so that it will be born (or hatch out of its egg) and accepted as a recognisable member of that species.


From further work that I and colleagues have carried out, it is clear that this is something which not only happens during gestation but continues throughout life determining not merely the physical form but also the “mental outlook” of that species or sub-species.


(There are many sub-species in the human form, separated by language, religion, culture, diet and a host of other things. Because, however, the physical structure is identical, it is relatively easy to move from one sub-species to another by choosing to change the life-assumptions.)


The “mental outlook” of any given species or sub-species is also determined by the content of the relevant aspect of its morpho-genetic field. So, for example, 150 years ago “nobody” had heard of germs or the theory of infectious disease. Although we now know it to be total nonsense, most people continue to believe it.




It is because so many people have taken up this assumption as though it were true and reinforced it by adding their own belief to the human morpho-genetic field that it has become a part of the basic “mental outlook” of that species or sub-species. However, because it is all an unconscious and, therefore, very low energy structure it can easily crumble and fall back into the nothingness from which it came.
This is why the owners of the pharmaceutical cartel are shitting themselves.


They have, over many decades, built up a general belief in the efficacy of their business but they know that this belief is fragile, both because it is an unquestioned as well as a very weak one. This is why, over many decades and through many dummies, Rockefeller & Co set about buying up most of the world’s press. The Main Stream Media do not merely have the pharmaceutical conglomerate as a major advertising customer, they are actually OWNED by them!


For the same reasons, the cartel became the major financiers of medical schools so that they could control the curriculum and, thereby, what doctors of medicine think and believe.


The mistake which they made was in not buying up the internet when it first started.


Over the last 2 years, the pharmaceutical cartel has made significant inroads in “correcting” this mistake and, through means not presently known to me in detail, has succeeded in getting Facebook, Google and Amazon amongst others to actively protect the interests of the cartel.


It is now time to bring the monkey into our story.


This is “The Hundredth Monkey” in the book of the same name by Ken Keyes Jnr..

The book describes experiments carried out in the early 1950s on the Macaca monkeys on the islands off the South Western coast of Japan.


In the report, one young female invented a better method of cleaning her food. Very gradually, the other monkeys on that island copied her. Suddenly, one day all the monkeys, including those of the neighbouring island who had never seen her in action, used this better method of cleaning their food. Over the Macaca Monkey morpho-genetic field, all of the monkeys “knew” the improved method and, as a matter of course, used it.


This demonstrates most clearly that a change in the “mental outlook” of a species or sub-species does not require mass re-education but merely critical mass, i.e. once sufficient numbers of the species accept the new paradigm then it becomes part of the cultural aspect of that species’ morpho-genetic field and almost all members of that species instantly accept it as “the new reality”. This is why the Chinese government persecutes the Falun Gong teachings: The way in which it makes each practitioner a sovereign human being could bring about the collapse of their dictatorship.


What could not be made plain in Ken Keyes book because the necessary knowledge only became available at the turn of the century is that it is not a matter simply of numbers but of intensity.


How could such small numbers convince the German people to follow National Socialism? It was because of the intensity of Adolf Hitler’s oratory powers! There’s a whole series on this on Brighteon which is highly educational: Part one begins here:-


Now it is time to meet the “Nine People” and to go to Beirut.


This moderately well-known experiment took place towards the end of the civil war in Lebanon (1975 - 1990).


A group of practised meditators focussed their energies upon peace for one hour each day and mentally focussed this into Beirut. During the 12 days of the experiment, there was a very large drop in violence in the city.


Despite its success, the experiment was discontinued: The purpose having been to prove an academic point rather than to do something useful. Nonetheless, this led to many similar experiments being carried out, most of which brought the intended result. Lynne Mc Taggart has made a major international movement out of it although she doesn’t teach the methods which would make it vastly more powerful: These you will find below.


These and other sources led to the creation of the book presently called, in English, “The Key to Luck”  This is the step by step simple guide to so focussing your intent that the world around you rapidly changes. It can be used for both personal as well as general life-improvements; the techniques are identical and it is your free choice in how and where to apply them.


What I am here suggesting is that we, collectively and regularly set about changing the human morpho-genetic field and, specifically, the “accepted information” about health care. There are two ways of doing this:-


1) If you don’t have the book: 

Visualise a world in which pharmaceutical medicine is just one of the unpleasant lessons that humanity had to go through. It is now long past and all is forgiven. Now, if anyone has an ailment, they just ask Mother Earth and she shows them which plants to take and how to prepare them. Each individual has their own unique diet and everyone glows with mental and physical health. You are filled with overwhelming joy and thankfulness that this is now so. 


2) If you already have the book your stipulation is: 


As the pharmaceutical terror recedes ever further under the tombstone of history, mankind reawakens to the unity with Mother Earth who constantly teaches and nurtures him/her back to full health. 


Everyone lives in constant contact with Mother Earth who gives to each their perfect nutrition. There is almost no sickness and the little there is, is instantly understood and the causes neutralised. Everyone works with gladness and thankfulness for the common good because they understand it. 


Thankfulness, abundance, joy, freedom and peace.



So, what prevents the bankers and the other exploiters from using these techniques for their own ends?

Simply this: to use these effectively needs heart energy. The exploiters are, literally, schooled to never go there, to never know compassion, to never know joy, to never know freedom. Some, however, have broken this taboo and, over the last few years, a constant stream of former exploiters has changed sides. So much so that the ratio of citizens to exploiters has changed from 7000:1 and is now approaching ten thousand to one!


The only way in which they can even partially use this ability is by persuading us to do it for them with our heart energy. This is extremely diffuse because it does not follow a conscious choice but propaganda from the cartel media machine and only works because of the enormous numbers doing it. The focussed conscious intent is vastly more powerful and, as we saw in Beirut, can change the game within days.


Both 1) and 2) are, naturally, more effective if done in a concerted manner. Those who have the book will know what the best times for them are. For everyone else I would suggest the last minute before and the first minute after each hour.

Yes, that’s all it takes - just do it every day.


This article can be downloaded here as a .pdf for distribution under the proviso that it is in no way altered or the source data removed.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe 12th May 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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