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Hello Belly Button

It is very probable that you, as I, learned at school that your belly button is just something left over from your birth which has no further use.


We have Sir Isaac Newton and the Catholic Church to thank for this misinformation: When he published his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687, in order to avoid annoying the church, he made a completely artificial separation between the material and the spiritual.


After 1860, the church rapidly lost its power and the belief grew that only material exists and everything else is illusory. Although scientifically proven to be untrue more than a century ago, this belief still plays a dominant role in our communal life. It is, at the same time, the basis of conventional medicine and the reason it is so ineffective and so stupefyingly expensive; if you exclude major parts of reality from your perception and completely ignore all traces of them then it should be no surprise that this and many other things simply don’t work.


Each organ of the human body exists, primarily, as an expression of spirit. The main purpose is to greatly slow down the speed of our thoughts so that we can examine them in “slow motion”. In this slowed down state, spirit will manifest itself as material. The Newtonian / medical concept of material as something which just appears out of nothing and returns to nothing is, therefore, seen as obviously non-functional.


It is when we begin to contemplate the complete picture that the enormous costs in money and suffering as well as the frustration with so many things that simply don’t work begin to disappear.


If we ignore the belly button, it should be no surprise that so many people have problems in their abdomen.


So, what is the main function of the belly button?


If we apply the scientific method, we notice that its first function is to receive nutrition from the physical mother. Note carefully here, “receive”! This is very important.


Every healer knows that when a baby is ill, one works on the mother because it is her informational fields which determine up 95% of the baby’s physical and mental state. During the first six years or so, this gradually changes until the mother’s influence is only around 5%. As the source of nutrition, however, she normally, remains responsible for a further 15 years.


Material is a function of spirit. What is it that we are seeing here? We see a spiritual principle of nutrition and that this does not cease with the birth. It should, therefore, be readily comprehensible when I state here that your belly button functions for the whole of your life.


What is the formative energy of nutrition?
It is love.


If you are in strife with your mother, you will restrict your belly button. The obvious effect of this is to restrict the flow of nutrition. Physically, the main function of your abdomen is that of nutrition. If the energy of nutrition is missing, it should be obvious that this will cause many abdominal problems.


How do you open your belly button again?


Not by trying to make peace with your physical mother because this is not about the person (your mother) but about your attitude to the spiritual source of nutrition.


What is the spiritual source of nutrition which comes via your mother?

The source is love; the source of creation. So, what needs to be done to fully open your belly button and to free the flow of nutrition in all its’ aspects?


Lay on your back in a quiet and comfortable space. Visualise and feel that love is streaming from the entire universe through you belly button and into you. Very, very important (see above) this is not something that you DO but something that you allow! You, at last, allow love to stream into you through your belly button. You will amaze yourself with what happens with just 15 minutes daily practice.


As many back problems are symptoms of intestinal weaknesses, it is in no way disadvantageous to you if these also disappear.


Karma Singh
26th May 2018


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