Newsletter 7th June 2016


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This newsletter has two topics:


Live radio broadcast


Bilderberg in Dresden?



Live Radio Event

Tomorrow, Wednesday 8th June, I will be once again the guest upon “Supernatural Girlz” radio show on the Inception Radio network.
This begins at 7.30 p.m. New York time (4.30 p.m. Pacific, 00.30 Thursday morning London, 01.30 Thursday morning Berlin/Paris)
You can listen live here and/or get the podcast later.

During the live broadcast, anyone can ask a question via the chat or ‘phone in.



Bilderberg in Dresden

The so called “Bilderberg Group” consists of a self-appointed elite who believe that they have a “natural right” to dominate the world and to exploit it and humanity for their personal gain. The members are the owners of the cartels, the warmongers, large-scale exploiters of every type and the editors in chief and politicians whom they have purchased.

(A cartel is a group of businesses that work together to eliminate competition and to keep prices artificially high. The pharmaceutical manufacturers, for example, work together as a single entity to sell their products to your health service without about 6000% profit over the production costs. The owners of the 5 major cartels - energy, military-industrial, agrochemical, pharmaceutical and banking all work together under the control of the banking cartel which, in turn, is owned outright by the Rothschild family.)


This group meets once per year to appoint the next high-level politicians, give them orders as to what new laws the cartels require and to set forward their plans for a complete world dictatorship.


Up until now, each meeting has been held in an isolated location which is completely sealed off by a massive military a police presence. These meetings have been kept such a well-guarded secret that, although they have been held regularly since the 19th century, they first came to public attention in 1954 with the meeting in the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland (hence the name).


This weekend, the 9th to 12th June, they have reserved the old palace in Dresden city centre for their 2016 meeting.

Whether this is just bravura, deliberate provocation or a decoy to divert attention from the real meeting being held somewhere else?????


It will be easy to determine whether this is a decoy and the real meeting (according to their schedule) is actually being held in the USA.

If no high-ranking politicians turn up in Dresden but have “disappeared” for the weekend then Dresden is a decoy.


Whichever way it is, our action must be the same


A few days ago, I published a manifestation built upon the method detailed in “The Key to Luck” upon this webpage.


This works, of course, upon the energy and intention of the participants in the meeting itself irrespective of where it is physically located.


The Power Light 2.0 initiates will be working to dissolve the perceived lack of nurturing and care which has led to the Bilderberg participants becoming psychopaths.

On Wednesday evening, 8th June in my radio interview, I will make clear what english speakers can do to resolve this situation long-term. 



Blessed be


Karma Singh
7th June 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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