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Radio interview today


The Golden Opportunity that is Brexit  (main article)




The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

Today, Sunday 5th May, I will be appearing on the Robert Scott Bell Radio Show once again. The Show Begins at 10.00 a.m. PST. Expect me to appear at about 10.15 pacific, that's 18.15 London, 19.15 Berlin, 20.15 Moscow. For other places please check


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Post-Brexit Britain - the dawn of a New Golden Age?

It is with this document that I will seek to make clear just why the bankers put so much effort into preventing Brexit.


Theresa May, their appointed protégée, has done the job they appointed her to do so well that a charge of treason against her would find no defence.


But why are they so desperate to keep Britain and the British people under their control through their appointed plutocrats which form the European Council - the institution which actually governs Europe and over which no European citizen has any sway or say?


Were just one major country to leave the European Union then a rapid return to prosperity for all instead of just the bankers and their stooges could ensue.


It needs, however, to be done right!


Since the Napoleonic wars, we in Britain have thought of income tax as being essential to the protection of our land and way of life. Even when, in 1916, it was extended from property owners to everyone at sixpence in the pound (that’s 2½p. to you newcomers to the planet) to finance the war effort almost no-one questioned it.

We are still paying for the World Wars! To whom and why?


Nowadays, a great many people know that the banks never lend money! What they do is to promise to lend you money by organising a “loan” from your future self. For their brokerage services they are to be paid the amount of the “loan” plus interest and interest upon the interest.

For doing precisely nothing, they get the bulk of the British national income.


There is a very real calculation valid for the year 2015: If Mary, Jesu’s mother, had invested one dollar for him at compound interest, it would now be (notionally) worth 14½ Earth sized planets made of solid gold. In 2019, of course, at lot more. This is the source of the bankers’ wealth and that through which they seek to attain their declared objective of being the owners not only of the entire planet but also the rest of humanity unless we stop them. Brexit is a very large step in this direction.


Brexit itself is very simple; even German politicians of the AfD party (one of the two parties NOT owned by the bankers) have stated it very clearly:-


1: All EU offices are to leave the UK forthwith
2: Free trade will continue as this benefits both parties
3: Free movement of peoples to continue as at present as this benefits both parties


Nothing more is needed or useful.

So, what do the bankers tell Theresa May and the press (the majority of which they own) to do? They make mountains out of mole hills - for example whether the British passport will be valid after Brexit as it has “European Union” on the cover (but not inside, where it matters). The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic is raised as a major stumbling block although it has been pretty much an open border since the beginning of the European Free Trade Area in 1964 and nobody has any intention of changing this.


Although it is a total non-issue it has been raised in the banker controlled press to the status of an insurmountable problem, even being portrayed as the principal issue of the Good Friday Agreement which ended decades of sectarian violence. It is, of course, nothing of the sort; the mainstay of the Agreement is the ending of bureaucratic discrimination against Catholic families and the power sharing in the new Northern Ireland Assembly.

To make a HUGE issue out of a nothing, the British secret service received orders to create two false flag events claiming that the non-issue of the border with Eire is the direct cause of a resurgence in violence by “The New IRA” - an organisation which has long been known to be a British secret service cover.


So, just why is it that the bankers have got their knickers in such a twist about Britain? It can’t just be the return to self-determination that Brexit gives us and which is denied to all EU citizens. There must be something else!


That something else is an opportunity which will dramatically increase prosperity throughout Europe whilst, at the same time, bringing about the collapse of the bankers’ house of cards.


The main activity of the owners of the European Union over the last three years has been to create a common tax regime so that there is little or no advantage in moving a business from one country to another. The tax structure which they are gradually imposing is one which is aimed at burdening the small and medium business - the middle class; the backbone of the economy - and giving preference to the cartels (which just “happen” to be owned by their masters at the banking cartel).


By eliminating choice in the workplace, they seek to have everyone working for a handful of corporations and, thereby, to tax everyone into debt just to survive, i.e. decrease wages by eliminating all options to seek employment elsewhere and increase health insurance, car insurance, fuel costs, heating costs etc., etc.. The “price” of receiving loans to buy food and shelter is to become the bankers’ personal property, i.e. a serf or slave or whatever name they choose for it.


This is not some scaremongering conspiracy theory but something which the bankers have openly and publicly declared over many years to be their objective. You don’t have to look very closely to see that this is exactly that which is happening in the European Union.


And then Britain said NO!


Despite what you may have read in the banker controlled press, Britain is still a major player in the world economy - quite big enough to make a complete mess of the bankers’ plans and big enough to rescue the whole of Europe from the planned slavery to the bankers.


In the aftermath of the bankers’ pseudo financial crisis in 2008, the British people ended up being owners of several large banks, including one of the largest in the world, The Royal Bank of Scotland group. This has made several different modes of action possible.


Virtually all bank “loans” are fraudulent because the banks do not actually hand over any money and the amounts which they have “lent” are several thousands of times the amount of money which they actually possess.


Because the “loan contract” is fraudulent, i.e. a criminal act, it has no validity and need not be paid. So, action number one of a British government working for the people would be to confiscate whatever parts of the banking industry we do not already own and to cancel all “debts” to banks. What effects would this have - other than uproar in the banker owned press?


a) The “National Debt” would virtually disappear leaving vast amounts of tax income free to do something constructive.

b) Homeowners would suddenly become much wealthier and look for ways to spend that new wealth.

c) Businesses, especially the small and medium would flourish thus creating many more jobs.


d) Unemployment would drastically reduce and may, over five years, completely disappear.


e) Increased general wealth would engender the creation of small, specialist enterprises.


f) As the cost of buying a home would fall by around 60% (the bankers’ share!) a building and modernisation boom would ensue. 
(We should note here that, although this will inevitably cause a rapid decline in property prices, this is only of annoyance to property speculators. Usually, if you’re selling your home, you are looking to buy a bigger one or the same size somewhere else. As the prices of both will have fallen by about the same proportion, the nett effect to home owners is zero.)

g) As cheap rental property becomes available, these can be used to eliminate homelessness and to get those who have been outcasts into a new, free open society, i.e. without banker pressure.


Ending the exploitation by the bankers and virtually full employment allow a completely different and much simpler tax system to be initiated: A single flat rate of 10% of income / profits which everyone pays, no exceptions, no excuses. This may seem very small when compared to present rates but, when more than half of government expenditure has been eliminated, it is more than sufficient. Then VAT (most of which goes into EU coffers) is reduced to 5% and what happens?

All of the businesses being sucked dry and crushed by the EU which can relocate will relocate to Britain.


Inevitably, this will have a “knock-on” effect in the whole of Europe leading to the rapid demise of the bankers’ empire.


This is what is staring the bankers in their faces. They know that this could easily happen so what, now that their Theresa May is a spent force, are they doing?


They have created another terror organisation called “extinction rebellion” - they are very experienced in this and even Al Qaida can be traced back to them - and used their pre-purchased politicians to gain access for it to all of our school children. These, due to their lack of knowledge are then used to disrupt central London etc. and to demand the complete de-industrialisation of Britain to “save the planet from climate change”. Those who have done the necessary research and discovered that the whole thing is total nonsense are, presumably, those who are not there at the demonstrations.


Let me demolish this nonsense here and now with a few simple facts that anyone can check for themselves:-

1. Human industry produces less than six per cent of world carbon dioxide.


2. Cows produce nearly twice as much


3. Volcanoes produce more than humans and cows combined


4. Nearly two thirds of all carbon dioxide is produced by the oceans


5. To attain “zero emissions”, everyone would have to stop breathing, all cows must be slaughtered, and all of the Oceans must be frozen solid. How you stop a volcano is something which I cannot even imagine.

6. The objective is to stop “climate change” to which one can only say, “WHAT climate change?”

7. From about 1300 to 1870 the world went through an unusually long cold period called “The Little Ice Age”. It is from here that we get our traditional pictures on our Christmas cards as these were a mid-Victorian invention and portrayed the deep Winter of those times including ice skating on the Thames.

8. From 1870 to 2002, the world gradually warmed up. For the last 15 years and more there has been zero temperature increase and, as sunspot activity has dropped off, a slight cooling has taken place. From 1870 to the present day, the highest temperatures were recorded in 1935.

9. It is now more than 150 years since the most destructive storm in recorded history struck Britain. How often has the Thames barrier been closed since it was built? How often has it been closed in the last 15 years?

10. There is no unusual weather.

11. The climate variations are normal fluctuations which can be traced back millions of years.


12. We are still in a relatively cool period.


13. The medieval warm period from about 900 to 1300 was considerably warmer than now and a time of great creative activity in which most of our cathedrals and other major buildings were completed. Wine grapes were grown as far North as the Scottish border and general abundance in harvests enabled a doubling of the population

14. The even warmer period prior to this was much longer and saw the birth of civilisation as we know it and its’ end brought about the collapse of the Roman Empire.

15. In 1347 to 1351 the reduction in food production combined with the stress of the 100 years’ war in Europe saw the deaths of about one third of the entire European population with the Black Death, the symptoms of which are indistinguishable from those of Ebola which occurs in Africa under exactly the same conditions - chronic malnutrition and constant warfare.  


16. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a gas essential to almost all life on Earth. Were there none in the air that you breathe, you would be dead within an hour or so. For all green plants, it is an essential nutrient. With photosynthesis, plants convert CO2 plus water and other nutrients from the soil into the oxygen which we breathe, proteins to grow the plants and sugars which we need for life. Global cooling and reductions in CO2 reduce harvests leading to mass starvation and civilisation collapse - exactly that which the bankers are trying to foist upon us.

17. From 1982 to 2015 (the latest date for which figures are available) there has been very significant “Global Greening”, i.e. increases in plant growth with some regions showing as much as 50% increase. According to scientific reports, including NASA, 70% of this new growth is due to the increase in that essential nutrient, carbon dioxide.  

18. The bankers, through their “extinction rebellion”, are attempting, through our children, to get the whole of Britain to commit both economic and personal suicide.


There is a great deal more that a post-Brexit Britain can achieve and this will come in part II.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe 4th May 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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