Newsletter 22nd Sept 2020

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This Newsletter has four Topics:

New Health Paradigm

The Science of Charity

Tips and Tricks from Dr. Häcker

Sunday 4th October




The new Health-Care Paradigm

As more and more people begin to realise that the current health panic simply isn't happening (tens of thousands of "positive" tests, but nobody gets sick, empty hospitals, funeral parlours that have gone on short time, etc., etc.), there is a growing tendency to ask why not only this, but all previous "pandemics" were "damp squibs".

Every day more people ask not only why conventional medicine is so expensive, but also why it is so ineffective. Could it be that it is based on false premises?

Although I've recorded a number of videos about the new health paradigm, I have, so far, only produced them in German. What I have produced in English is the book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." which shows not only why pharmaceutical medicine does not and never could work but also gives a good grounding in what does work and why. Basically, it takes health-care out of the hands of a greedy megalodon and puts in firmly back in your hands, back in control of your own life. The book is available here both as a printed book and as an E-book instant download.


The Science of Charity

In previous ages it was normal that spiritual teachers gave instruction to their students and others and they would simply be followed. Nowadays, this level of simple trust has fallen into disuse. In our times, people want to know why!

In other times, people were told to be charitable; to help those in misfortune because “God wills it so”. Nowadays, people say, “If God wants them to be helped, why doesn’t he do it “him”self?” which is a very fair question and deserves an answer.

The earliest clear statement of why is to be found in the book “A Course in Miracles” in which Jeshua give the advice, “To have, give all to all.” Further on in the text he clarifies exactly why and what this will bring you.

Digressing slightly, as a child I “knew” that most of the ills of the world would be banished if everyone just gave of their skills and asked nothing in return. At the time, I couldn't see how this would work; now I can. Attaining this, however, requires a change in human consciousness.
We must move away from the “overlord and serf” system which still prevails and each of us must take back our personal wealth and power. How much power and how much wealth that is will amaze you.
To this end I have created the messiah training which guides you step by step into that “blessed” state.

One of the things which needs to be practiced is called charity. This is giving of your wealth to help others come up to your level. There are many spiritual texts which describe this process and its effects upon you. One of these is to be found in the book “The Key to Luck”. There are others; in the I Ching it is the hexagram “The taming Power of the Small”, in the Christian church it is “casting your bread upon the waters” and many, many others. Even quantum physics has something to say about it.

Simply stated, it is this:
All movement is energy. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction – the is the basis of elementary physics as you probably remember from school but you’ve never thought of applying it to your wallet have you? When you give something, the properties of the quantum fields causes something else to be pulled towards you to replace it. Usually, the “replacement” has a higher value than that which you give: One of the basic stipulations of this universe is abundance and, once you start practising it, it begins to accumulate to you.

The “fly in the ointment” is that some of those who know how this works have managed to convince you to let them get between you and your natural flow of abundance and siphon off that which is yours. Initially it was the ancient priests who taught that “God” requires you to pay for your life and so you must give us your wealth now so that you can enjoy God’s reward when you go to Heaven. There is one word which describes this perfectly – it is “bullshit”! All that they have done is to get you to pay them to keep you in poverty. Nowadays, the bankers have taken over this role and created their new religion of “money”. You are taught to believe that all money comes from the bankers and you are merely permitted to use it for a short time. In point of fact, both the Euro and the US Dollar, along with many other currencies, actually are the property of the bankers and they just lend it to you at interest! The danger, from their point of view, is that you could use it outside of their “rules” and so take it away from from. One theoretical example follows:-

If every household gave 20 Euros, Pounds, Dollars – whatever your local currency is – to a central fund each week, all personal bank debt, mortgages etc. could be paid off in a very short time. Further, this same, continuing fund could then be used to finance the building of new houses without the bankers taking in 60% of the building costs as their “commission”. The cost of building goes down and the quality of housing goes up just by eliminating the middle man. One of the “side effects” is that unemployment goes down and, as this happens, so does crime. Most of the problems that we daily experience have been deliberately created by the bankers as I show in detail in my book “Der Weg zur Freiheit” (English translation not yet completed).  

Just to give you something to think about as an example of what we could achieve together.

Another, often quoted example is, “if everyone gave one Euro etc. every week, we could abolish world hunger within three years and have a lot left over.” So, why haven’t we done it?

The “ruling elite” need poverty or, more precisely, the perception of poverty to maintain their status as a ruling class. Money is their tool of enslavement and we can just take it away from them by using it outside of their “rules”. One of their rules is to never, ever give anything: You must always pay or be paid for everything. What happens if, instead, you give money? Their power structure begins immediately to crumble and the more we give, the more abundance we experience and the less they are able to steal from us.

The principle of charity in all true spiritual teachings is taught in order to prevent the abuse of money under which we are all presently suffering. Not giving, when you know that you can, is giving your personal power of determination to the bankers through which they abuse you.

Last week, I asked help for Solut and his family whose house had burned down and to establish a fund which we would use to prevent future such losses by replacing “ancient” wiring. Had everyone who has access to that newsletter given one Euro or dollar, we could now be building three houses and still have enough left over to resolve the wiring problem.
What actually happened?

Just over a handful, i.e. less than ten people gave according to their means. For some this is more than others. Many thousands of people did precisely NOTHING! Solut and his family are still homeless because almost all of us chose to believe in poverty and, although almost all of us could give ten Euros and never notice it, we chose poverty, not just for Solut but for ourselves because we decided to live by the bankers’ rules instead of negating them.

So, I ask you once again to take that ten Euros or dollars or whatever that you were going to spend on ice cream, coffee and cake today and free yourself from the bankers’ slavery by giving it.

Bear in mind that things are very different in Thailand. The government has imposed lockdowns as part of the bankers’ plans to drive everyone into poverty but more than half of the people receive no financial help from the government. Without our help, Solut has no chance of giving his family a new home. With our help, he could start building by this weekend. I am already supporting a number of families both in Thailand and in Europe and the new house is, presently, beyond my means. The donation button is on the right here. Please write in the notes whether the donation is for Solut or to further my work.




Tips and Tricks from Dr. Häcker

As those who already use Actio and / or Brutus already know, the shakes become thick very quickly. If you have a smoothie mixer at home, i.e. a blender which rotates at very high speed, you can mix your Actio or Brutus in it and the mixer will bring a lot of air into it and it will remain liquid much longer.

When using Actio or Brutus it is essential to drink at least two litres (3 pints) of good water every day to help flush the extracted toxins out of your body.

A further tip from me in this regard is the use of a water ioniser which will create good water with a high pH value, i.e. alkaline water from normal tap water. Almost all human toxins are acidic. Drinking alkaline water not only helps reduce the acidity from the normal western diet but also neutralises the acidity of metabolic wastes and makes it easier for your body to eject them. The best ioniser that I know of is the Aquion which you can see here. At present this most advanced of the ionisers is only available in the German speaking world so, if you can’t read German, look for the best quality that you can find locally. The initial investment will be more than compensated by the savings you make when you no longer buy bottled water. Aquion also has a financing option.

The main function of Actio is to draw stored toxins out of your body before they cause major problems (or, perhaps because they have caused major problems, such as cancer). One of the ways in which your body protects itself from these toxic wastes is to create fat layers under your skin to isolate the toxins from the rest of your body. As Actio draws these toxins out of their storage areas and ejects them from your body, Brutus adds missing nutrients to these fats and helps convert them into useful muscle tissues.
Whilst many people use Actio and Brutus together, Dr. Häcker suggests, as an alternative, to use Actio for 3 – 5 months (dependent upon how much excess you have stored) followed by Brutus for two months to convert the fat that you no longer need.

Unless you make radical changes to your diet and life-style, it is recommended to do a 2 month “maintenance” programme every year or so following your initial detoxification.

These products are licenced for human consumption throughout Europe, including the UK and Switzerland. If you live outside of this area, you should check with you local customs as to whether they accept and recognise EU health certification. We can, unfortunately, state with certainty that the USA does not.



Sunday, 4th October

On this day,  the very first Light Pillar of Life seminar in English will take place via the internet.

This is a very empowering seminar which gives back to you a whole sheath of "lost" abilities and knowledge. 

Many hundreds of people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg have benefited from this. A few months ago, I did the first tests to discover whether it was possible to give the energy transfer via the internet. These tests were successful and I have been able to schedule the first full seminar for the Sunday after next.

Full details, local times and registration are all here for you.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
22nd September 2020

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