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Where did "Christmas" really come from?


over the many years of mankind's sojourn upon this Earth, that which we, presently, call "Christmas" has had many names. The oldest recorded in the annals of Nordic history is the Yul tijd.


Following the Winter Solstice, the husbandmen would consider how many of their domesticated animals they could feed through to the Spring when fresh grass would be available. The remainder were slaughtered and consumed in a great feasting which went until the Yul log was completely burned which could be a week or more.


Add to this the Roman Saturnalia which went on for twelve days and you have the twelve days of Christmas although the two customs had nothing to do with each other.


During the Mediaeval Warm Period, the catholic church was the dominant power in everyone's lives in Europe. This, combined with the much reduced need to slaughter animals due to the longer growing period, double cropping and plentiful feeds and it was quite easy for the Church to usurp the festivities for their own political ends.


One could speculate that the Yul tijd custom had its roots in the very cold period between about 2250 and 2000 BC although it could be even older from the prior very cold period from 6400 to 6100 BC.


Although the Earth is still slowly recovering from the last very cold period from about 1370 to 1840 AD and the need to slaughter superfluous animals is lower, we still continue with the tradition of eating, drinking and making merry at this time.




Because we like it and we deserve it.




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24th December 2019


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