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Breaking out of the Cocoon

Why would anyone want to do this? I mean, it’s safe and warm in there and peace and quiet are the order of the day. The walls of the cocoon tell me exactly where I am and where I fit in. Why should I want to change this? I mean, I’m not missing anything am I?


How about life, freedom and adventure? Are they worth opening the cocoon, spreading your wings and flying? How can you truly learn who you are unless you open yourself to experience life and its constant, forever changing flow? How can you become who you truly are if you lie encased in your cocoon?


Who made this cocoon anyway? Why is it there? What is it for?


You made it with the help of your parents, your family, your school teachers, your playmates and their beliefs about the world. Everything that you took up from them is stored in your cerebral cortex and has formed the thought cocoon in which you now lie. It is your perceived survival strategy which prevents you living the life that you want to!


Many of the thoughts, beliefs and habits fixed into your cerebral cortex are untrue, destructive and prevent you doing, being and getting what you want. Yet, because they were fixed in there during the development stage up to your sixth or 7th birthday - before you developed the critical faculty, you don’t even know that they are there: You just experience the results and this on a constant, daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove the destructive ones and just keep the useful ones?


This is exactly what Karmas Mind Clearing does in the first phase. The destructive compulsions will be deleted from the “programmes folder” of your brain (the cerebral cortex).


Below the cerebral cortex is the limbic system. It is here that the natural “operating system” of your life lives. All of these programmes have to do with freedom, abundance, nurturing and joy. If, however, your cerebral cortex programmes deny your access to these natural abilities then they just lie dormant. Delete the “denial” programmes and the natural ones become the dominant force in your life.



The cerebellum, also known as “the dinosaur brain” is where past traumas are stored. Because the dinosaur brain is very simple, it has no time perception and everything stored there is happening “right now”. This is why old traumas keep repeating themselves in differing forms. Just so long as the cerebellum has free access to your feelings via the pons in your brain, the old traumas keep self-replicating.


The second phase of Karmas Mind Clearing disconnects the old traumas from your feelings so that they become powerless and can no longer torture you.



You have doubtless heard that humans use only about 10% of their brain capacity (some, unfortunately, even less!) A super genius might use up to 20% but what about the rest? Why is 80% of our brains apparently unusable? What sort of sense does that make? Whether you follow creationist or evolutionist theory (or have already recognised that they are integral parts of each other), it still makes no sense.

Where it does make sense is in the great spiritual teachings of our world. You see, only the maximum of 20% is available to our physical beings. The remaining 80% can only be used in conjunction with our “higher selves” (or Angel-Self or Over-Self or whatever else you might wish to call it).


Because your cerebral cortex has been running on “junk fuel” and old traumas have somehow gained access to your creative powers, your natural connection with your higher self has been blocked and, in some cases, has atrophied.


The third phase of Karmas Mind Clearing re-opens this canal and re-connects you with your higher self.


From this point forward, it is a matter of repeating a very simple mental exercise which strengthens and intensifies the connection.

Over the following months, you will find that the “unused” 80% of your brain which can only be accessed by your material and your higher selves working together will give you completely new perceptions and open abilities which have been forgotten for so long that we, now, don’t even have names for them!


This is the beginning of your real life!


Check out some of the testimonials here:-


Your Mind Clearing can begin here


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe 31st May 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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