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The collapse of the Banker's Plans

Each serious illness has a very long time during which it is pre-cooking. It may, for example, take 20 years for cancer or emphysema and many others to break out.

Now, I know that some are going to say, “What about the small children with deadly diseases? They haven’t had the time to do that!” The sad truth is that they are “victims” of their mother’s poor diet and life style.

That which you have been ignoring and suppressing for many years will often result in your having to plan your next incarnation earlier than intended.


Humanity IS one, single organism. For centuries, we have been ignoring our major problems and wasting vast amounts of resources in attempts to suppress the symptoms (the effects) and have, thereby, so poisoned our planet that the survival of life on Earth as we know it has become problematical.


We have now reached the point where a major illness is not about to but HAS broken out.


When our body’s cells lose their coherence and become unable to function co-operatively then we say that we are ill. If coherence breaks down completely then someone has to organise a funeral.


A deadly disease has been hunting mankind for many centuries; the incubation period is over and now it breaks out in its full putrescence. The cause - the world religion; something we have steadfastly refused to look at or to resolve because it was easier to believe the propaganda even ‘though we knew all the time that it is one lie after the other. Simple arithmetic tells us this but we were too lazy to apply it and too cowardly to take the responsibility to resolve it.

And now the Grim Reaper has come to claim his booty!


Don’t think about Islam or Christianity or Hindu when I write about The World Religion - these are insignificant when compared to the one I mean. In fact, The World Religion has used these others at will to spread its poison.


A religion is defined as an agreement, under a group of people, to believe certain specified matters and to act as though they were true, i.e. to never, ever, under any circumstances question those required beliefs.


The World Religion is our present money system and the bankers who control it.


Real money is a symbolic representation of existing worth. Used in this manner it works as an exchange medium through which worth can be exchanged when direct barter is not possible, e.g. the farmer wants a new jacket but the tailor doesn’t want any wheat in which case the farmer sells his wheat to the baker for money and gives the tailor money for his jacket. 


The so called money which we use, however, is not based upon worth. To the contrary, it is based upon lies, deceit and treachery. To manage this religion for us we have appointed thieves, fraudsters and cheats to be our priests who rule over us. It should be obvious to anyone that, sooner or later, the chicken will come home to roost and the whole phantastical structure will come crashing down around our ears.


The three core beliefs of this religion that we have all followed are:


  1. Our priests have the divine right and ability to produce money out of thin air.
  2. The priest’s money has, itself, a value of its own. No-one has even been able to show upon what this worth is based nor where it could come from. It is, in fact, a mathematical impossibility.
  3. All things of value belong to the priests (the bankers).

The result of the mass-following of this belief is that we have abrogated our right of self-determination to the money priests (the bankers) and given to them almost all of the worth which we have created through our labours. We do this so that their phantom money can appear to have a small amount of worth. But they steal the worth and leave us the phantom money. So the banker’s money is just debts WHICH THEY HAVE BORROWED FROM US!!! But have required us to believe that we owe it to them!


Heard of taxation? Who gets the lion’s share of tax revenue? The bankers, for it is a system invented by the bankers to channel our wealth into their pockets. What’s the greatest crime you’re told to imagine? Tax evasion. Which is why, in a recent case in Germany, a gang which multiple raped and tortured an underage girl were let off with a caution but those who pay less tax than the bankers have decreed they ought to always go to prison.


Over the centuries, this system has allowed the bankers to accumulate so much of our wealth that they have bought most of the press, the entire education system and many, many governments. All governments of all major countries are banker appointees! Which brings us to what is now happening:


The one major country over which the bankers have little control is Russia. Under Yeltsin, they had stolen almost everything of value. Putin simply confiscated what they had stolen and those who didn’t flee the country quickly enough are now serving long jail sentences.


Why don’t you hear about this? Because the bankers bought the press to make sure that the truth doesn’t get out. Their plan, as you see, has been only partially successful.


In less than a week, the american people go to the polls to choose a new president. The bankers want Hilary Clinton because she has previously followed their orders and has promised to do so again. She has promised to create a war with Russia. She has promised to make pharmaceutical medication compulsory for everyone. She has promised to deny health care and welfare to millions of Americans and to give the money saved to the bankers.


To make sure that Clinton would be elected, they chose Donald Trump who, at the time, appeared to be such a buffoon that he would be unelectable. Events have proved otherwise and he is now ahead in the polls.


The bankers have now abandoned Clinton. Their controlled press, as from today is baying for her to stand down and let her running mate stand for election. Whether the american people will fall for this and elect another banker appointee or go for change with Trump with all his faults we shall soon see.


One thing is sure; the banker’s fall from power is now certain. The only unanswered question is how much damage we will let them perpetrate during their demise.


If, God forbid, Clinton or her stooge were to be elected and the plan for an all-out war with Russia were to be pushed, would the military follow such orders? Recent evidence suggests that they would not because an American victory is unlikely and they know it. It is, however, not victory that the bankers want but destruction. Their belief is that wholesale destruction of infrastructure throughout the world would bring about a regression to a feudal system in which they owned not only every-thing but every-body as well.


It is up to us to stop them by refusing to follow their orders to destroy ourselves. Remember what Ghandi proved? Civil disobedience, i.e. the mass-refusal to follow orders, brings about a rapid collapse of an exploitive dictatorship.


What can you do?
A short time ago, I published a suggestion as to how power can be harmoniously removed from the bankers. If you missed it, you can read it in the archive here: (click on "A manifestation for the Transition")


Blessed be


Karma Singh
3rd November 2016




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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!




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