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Why is the Corona Death Rate in Germany and everywhere else falling so rapidly?

Day by day we see the death rate from Coronawhatever rapidly falling: Not merely in Germany where it has now fallen to 0.563% but also in other countries which have been carrying out mass-testing over the last 2 weeks. There are very good reasons for this.


The Corona test is unspecific, will register a positive if any of the hundreds of Corona type "viruses" are detected.

Almost all of us have most common "viruses" present in our bodies but which do nothing because they have no recycling job to do. If you just happened to have one single Corona "virus" in your body and the test swab happened to get it, you now have no such "virus" in your body but your test will still be positive!

The test gives no information at all about the density of "viruses" present. It needs millions to "make you ill" but your test will still be positive even if you have just one.


Because of these unspecific tests we have a steadily rising number of "infected" against a falling number of 'flu related illness and deaths as the annual 'flu season comes to a close.


In the United Kingdom, such tests indicate that at least 60% of the population is "infected" without presenting any symptoms of illness and, in view of this, many medical experts are advocating the immediate lifting of the house arrest under which most people are presently living in order to facilitate the rapid attainment of natural "herd immunity".


It cannot be stressed too strongly here that many of the typical annual 'flu related deaths are being reclassified as Corona deaths with no medical justification whatsoever.
Quoted to me as a typical case was a woman in Lombardy (the region in Italy which has always had the highest numbers of annual deaths) with terminal lung cancer who, for bureaucratic reasons, was tested and found to be positive with one of the Corona viruses. On her death certificate is written COVID-19 as cause of death although the cancer had killed her and no test for the presence of COVID-19 exists!


Then we have the enormous disparity between the claims about the numbers of people being hospitalised and the reality on the ground. I have been told of one hospital in Bavaria of which it was said that they had run out of space, that patients were lying in the corridors and the doctors and nurses were working continuous 12 hours shifts. When a journalist went there to get the story first hand and some pictures, medical personnel were complaining of the boredom because they had nothing to do and many had been sent home due to the lack of work. The same is the case with most other hospitals where day to day treatments have been cancelled to make way for the flood of Corona patients which have never arrived and now never will.


The detailed statistics on the European Monitoring of excess Mortality website 
make abundantly plain that the 'flu death rate (including the fabulous COVID-19) is, with the small exception of Italy, at or below normal. I.e. the real figures show that there is no "dangerous disease" going around! Italy is the exception because it has an ageing population which is, of course, more susceptible to 'flu related deaths. Nonetheless, the (now rapidly falling) death rate has not come near the rate recorded in 2016 - the last major problem with seasonal 'flu.

Especially noteworthy is that the accumulated 'flu death rate in the entire United Kingdom is way below average and so any justification for the tyrannical measures being imposed upon us is completely missing.


I repeat, all of the medical statistics show clearly that there is NO health emergency and NO justification for what is presently going on. I reveal what is actually going on a little further down.


And the German government of "Die Führerin" is, of course, overjoyed with this news and has quickly responded to it:-


On Monday, an edict was issued directing Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to immediately delete all information, videos etc. which published the truth and to only allow the official story issued by the satanic cult operating the Robert Koch Institute (see my newsletter 19th March in the archive).


Under article 20, paragraph 4 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, all Germans have the right to resist any attempt to dissolve, remove or pervert constitutional order.

Groups of people have begun to go onto the streets carrying posters declaring their intent to defend the rule of law as specified in article 20. They have, so far, obeyed all of the pseudo-pandemic rules by all wearing surgical masks and keeping to the required distance. Police have stopped them, thereby breaking the "pandemic" rules and imposed illegal fines. All of the protestors have appealed the fines which means that they will never be paid because all courts have been suspended until such time as the rule of law is reinstated.

As these protests find no mention in the Main Stream Press, it is not known how widespread they already are.


Under the Bill of Rights devolved from Magna Carta and "The Glorious Revolution" of 1688, the British peoples also have the same responsibility to defend their rights and the rule of law. Similar provisions are, I believe, enshrined in the constitution of the U.S.A..


In the United Kingdom, the sole problem is one Prof. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London; an institution having links to the deep state founded by Cecil Rhodes. Prof Ferguson is a megalomaniac whose sole interest is his own grandiosity. He has, "somehow" (through deep state links, of course) managed to inveigle himself into parliamentary circles as chief government health advisor. Despite his long history of producing wildly inaccurate predictions, which have caused massive damage and destroyed the livelihoods of thousands, he still retains his post.

In the last few days, he has had to revise his casualty estimates downwards by 96%!
(yes, ninety six; there is no missing decimal point.)

It is instructive to look at why.


Quite apart from his personality which denies him any trace of compassion for those he harms, his projection contain two basic flaws either of which would be fatal:-

1) Instead of using actual figures (see link to euromomo above), he invents a "worse-case scenario" which he uses for his base line calculations. I.e. he replaces reality with a figment of his imagination.

2) The assumptions that there are infectious diseases and that viruses can spread them. Quite apart from the fact that there is no hard evidence that viruses even exist (and a good deal of evidence strongly indicating that they do not) all epidemiological data shows that "infection" affects tiny numbers of people. (The actual figures are in my latest video which Mistress Merkel yesterday ordered to be deleted from YouTube. I have, therefore, re-uploaded it to a different portal and you can find it here.) "Prof" Ferguson's predictions are based upon the assumption that everyone could become ill - an event completely unknown throughout human history.


Precisely who is driving the panic engine across "The Pond" is not yet known to me.
President Trump has, of course, seen through it and has his own plans for pulling the plug. This does not please certain people who are making assassination plans. One scenario which has been shown to me goes like this:-


Trump is asked to call an "emergency meeting" on the "pandemic" as new "scientists" have made a breakthrough. Background checks on those people will show a clean record but one will be "too clean", i.e. it's been "cleaned" by hand. This person is a fanatic who perceives him/herself as rescuing America by murdering President Trump. He/she will be carrying a poison which will kill with just one drop on the skin. Will those having the necessary contacts please pass this on to the appropriate security people.



It's now time to reveal what this is actually all about.

You may well have already heard that the Chinese were trying to develop a germ-warfare weapon which would kill millions of Americans so that America would no longer be able to oppose their military expansion and also to enable China to invade N. America.


It didn't work, of course, because the basic premise upon which they based everything is untrue. Throughout human history there has never been one recorded instance of mass-illness caused by any sort of germ. Even Pasteur admitted in his memoirs (which were sealed up in a safe until the last of his children had died) that he had falsified many of his laboratory results. His hypothesis of infectious disease is, as his professor told him, total nonsense. Robert Koch had proof in his hands that it's nonsense but, for personal aggrandisement and riches, proclaimed it to be true. The Robert Koch Institute (the German version of the CDC) to this day consistently lies to the German people at the behest of their Nazi masters.


When it finally dawned upon them that germ warfare does not and never has worked, they came up with a brilliant plan:-


The disease germ doesn't have to be real; all you need to do is to convince the public that it is real! This is what they did.


Only the banking cartel has the power to do what has been done to humanity in the last weeks. Most governments are subservient to them and will follow their orders. Their subsidiary, the pharmaceutical cartel has, over the last few decades, bought up most of the world's press, initially to prevent knowledge about how useless pharmaceutical "medicine" is reaching the public. Thus they also had in their hands a weapon to attack the whole of humanity. So this is exactly what they did.


Iceland is one of the very few countries not beholden to the banking cartel. I wonder what's going on there. Anybody know?

The next step now that we know the whole story is, of course, to get out of their trap. The solution we have been told will be revealed in my next newsletter.


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Blessed be

Karma Singh


31st March 2020


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