Newsletter 17th June 2020


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This Newsletter has four Topics:


New Moon, First Quarter and the Solstice


News from Cyprus


Criminal charges laid in Covid-19 fraud


Corona Revelations Part 3    (main article)





Just 10 more days!

On Saturday 27th June the last of the New Moon seminars in this Sun season begins.


A Sun season is the time period between the Winter and the Summer solstices. The rising or waxing Sun is the period from December to June and the waning from June to December. This is, of course, only true for the northern hemisphere; South of the Equator, it is the other way around.


During the waxing Sun, at each New Moon to First Quarter, it is possible to give the New Moon seminars.


These are an enormous boost in knowledge, power, self-determination and development and include a great deal of "hidden knowledge".

Full details including your local times are here.







News from Cyprus

At last there is movement in this affair.


I had a long telephone call yesterday morning with the factory. They have, at last, all of the "necessary" papers and stamps and both Actio and Brutus will be produced today.


Thursday or Friday, they will depart Cyprus and will be with us about ten days later.


We can, therefore, once again accept orders on the understanding that despatch will take place around 30th June or 1st July.


N.B. Actio and Brutus can only be sent to European destinations. There are no licences for sale outside Europe.






First Criminal Chargeslaid in the Covid-19 Fraud

This week criminal charges were laid against Prof. Drosten from the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin (which had, prior to the start of the Corona fairy tale, received a handsome "donation" from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

It is he who falsified the laboratory results to claim that he had proven the existence of the Sars-Cov-2 virus although no such evidence was or is available.


We can only hope that many more of those who have jointed in perpetrating this fraud will also find themselves spending many years as "guests" of the people.







Corona Revelations Part III

Over the last decade and more, many voices have been raised expressing concerns about the effectiveness and costs of conventional medicine. The really worrying fact in this is the refusal of the pharmaceutical industry, which controls conventional medicine, to partake in meaningful discussions about the concerns of great and growing numbers of patients and health professionals.


The only "answer" from those who presently control state health care is to finance attempts to have their biggest profit-maker, vaccination, made compulsory and alternatives which are both much more effective and much, much cheaper made illegal.


These are the actions of someone with a great deal to hide, wouldn't you agree?


As I wrote in my newsletter last week; "The first rule when lying is to 'keep it simple'. If you don't follow this rule and, instead, attempt to intimidate people with highly complicated stuff, then it is guaranteed that you will, at some point, trip over your own feet".

This happened, not for the first time, in a WHO press conference in Geneva last week.


In parenthesis, it may be of interest to note what is written in "A Course in Miracles":

"Anything which is very simple is very probably true. Anything which has been made very complicated is certainly untrue; the complications serve only to disguise the fact there is nothing behind it."


Despite the results of my researches and experience which I describe in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmazeutikus R.I.P." showing that there are exactly twelve illnesses and no more, conventional medicine has managed to make more than eighty thousand medical specialities! A gestalt so complicated that not even medical personnel can comprehend it.

(Please note that European postal authorities are refusing to accept packages for N. America or Australasia. Printed books and DVD can, therefore, not be delivered other than to the UK and Eire. All E-books and other downloads continue to be available.)


Of course, anything so complex needs ever more intense and ever more expensive lies just to keep it going. Sooner or later, however, such will always collapse under its own weight.


Their most expensive and most complicated lie ever is the "Coronavirus" fairy tale.

It has taken just four months for the whole edifice to begin to crumble under its own weight of lies.


Ever more highly qualified and experienced doctors whom the pharmaceutical cartel believed they had bought and paid for are speaking out to expose not only the nonsense but also the severe physical and mental health damage caused by the separation and the face masks.


Ever more independent researchers are nibbling away at the fabric of the fantasy and exposing more of the cess pit of bribery, coercion, intimidation, exploitation and barratry festering behind it.


As is inevitable with such a brittle facade, sooner or later one bit player will make the mistake which sets the demolition ball swinging and the whole house built of cards comes tumbling down.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove made this one mistake by disclosing the fact that most of the "infected" are not infecting other people. Thus, at one stroke, has she removed the cornerstone of vaccination sales!


Immediately, the big guns are brought out.

Tony Fauci who, together with his friend Bill Gates, stands to make billions from what we know since Monday to be a completely unnecessary vaccine does his utmost to muddy the waters by inserting confusing irrelevancies into the clear statement made at the WHO on Monday, 8th June 2020. He doesn't quite go so far as to deny the results of the research to which Dr. Kerkhove refers but does his utmost to try to make it seem unimportant and of no great meaning. The problem is, of course, that it is the single most important development in this whole fairy tale to date.


If those who test positive but have no symptoms do not infect others then:-

1) Where did they get it from?
2) Why can they not pass it on?
3) What is this protein particle really?


The above is the third part of a five part series. Part 4 is already completed and will be published shortly. 





Blessed be

Karma Singh


17th June 2020



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