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An enormous Thank You
Deadly "Vaccines"


An enormous Thank You to Everyone

I am both amazed and delighted at the response to my call for help on Sunday.
As I saw the pledges rolling in on Sunday evening, several tears of gratitude rolled down my face.

The flow continued unabated yesterday.
Words cannot express what this all means to me.
When I was guided into this profession it was clear that it is not a way to accumulate great wealth and, to be honest, I’ve often had to juggle pennies to stay afloat.

Now I can make the move with a lighter heart and freer head.

Thank you, thank you, thank you 







Latest Figures indicate that the “Covid Vaccine” could now be the Number one cause of Death

Before we open this can of worms, we must look at the question, “When is a vaccine not a vaccine?” The distinction, although of enormous importance to you, personally, is easy to explain scientifically but the main reason is financial!

Calling this concoction a vaccine means that, according to US law from 1985 which has been, especially for Covid, additionally enacted in most First World countries, the manufacturers have no liability for deaths and serious injuries caused by “vaccines”. Other products, yes but vaccines, no! I.e. call it a vaccine and you have no liability for any harm that it does. Additionally, most people have a trained belief in the efficacy of vaccines because they have never looked at the reality but have simply accepted what they have been told by “authority figures” (teachers, doctors, bureaucrats et. al.) Of course, none of these have done even the most basic research into the facts but have just passed on what they have been told. This brings us then, naturally, to the scientific answer:

The vaccine hypothesis states that, “If we inject a weakened or dead virus into you, you will develop antibodies to it and, should you ever come into contact with the “wild” virus, you will already have the antibodies and will not get ill.” If you are one of the few whose path through life has brought them to the knowledge of how natural human immunity actually works, you will instantly recognise that this hypothesis is, scientifically speaking, total nonsense: It just doesn’t work for reasons which I go into great detail in my book, written for the layman, “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available only from here:-  If you click on the picture you can read extracts from the book.

Let us take a brief look at it objectively:
They take sick material from someone who is ill and multiply it in aborted human foetuses, spaniel puppies, rhesus monkeys and a variety of other life-forms. They add to it a number of chemicals which suppress natural immunity. They then inject this concoction into you.
Is this likely to make you healthier?
Common sense tells us, “No it is not!” In fact, the only known effect of “vaccination” is to spread illness as you can read in my book mentioned above.

Curiously, it is the vaccine hypothesis from which the pharmaceutical cartel makes billions in profits each year which proves that the Covid “medicine” is not a vaccine.

“If we inject a weakened or dead virus….” of course presupposes that the target virus has been found. Freedom of information applications in more then 40 countries have, uniformly, brought the answer “we do not have nor do we know of any government or private institute or laboratory which claims to have a specimen of the virus.” No virus = no vaccine; q.e.d.

So, just what is this medication that they’re trying to force upon us? The short answer is, “They refuse to tell us!” The little information which has leaked out is that it is a continuance of experiments which have previously failed, i.e. attempts to force your body to create specific “antibodies” even though no virus is present.

All previous such attempts have, instead of producing any health benefits, resulted in large numbers of deaths and serious injuries as completely out of control activity floods your body with enzymes and micro-proteins which attack your own cells!
These Covid pseudo-vaccine concoctions have already established one record of 41 minutes from injection to death but, although many thousands have already been killed, based both upon previous experience with such “medication” and the fact that the whole Covid pantomime is a eugenics programme orchestrated (publicly at least) by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, experts predict that the majority of the deaths will occur 3 – 6 months following injection.

How many have already died is obfuscated by declaring the cause of death to be the sickness caused by the medication as it completely destroys your immune system. One good indicator is the US government VAERS figures (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), which already show 2947 deaths in just one week. As it is known that only a very small proportion of such problems are even reported to VAERS, the death toll could easily be ten times this or more and this just in ONE WEEK!

According to the CDC (American Centers for Disease Control) a lower number have died but they do admit to more then 13,000 serious injuries.

Whichever way you look at it, the pseudo-vaccine is vastly more dangerous than the sickness it is supposed to prevent. As this sickness certainly does NOT exist, allowing this medication to be injected into you could easily be, literally, signing your own death warrant.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
23rd February 2021


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