Newsletter 26th Nov. 2020

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This Newsletter has five Topics:


Christmas Shop opening soon


The Light Pillar of LIfe


What do the planets say?


Major newspaper begins telling Covid truth


Massive voter fraud in US now proven





Christmas shop

As we lead up to the Christmas season, our Christmas shop will open its doors on the First Advent, i.e. Sunday 29th November.


I would like to ask you something quite important on this:-
It is, technically, feasible to produce the Messiah Series as a DVD in time for Christmas. The question is whether the demand would be there.

If this is something that you would like to give as a present, please let me know urgently, including how many you would like via this special email address which will let me easily sort everything.

The price would be $24.00, €21.00 or £19.00 plus postage.
The usual rebates for multiple copies, from two onwards will apply.

When the total order value (all products) exceeds $160.00, €150.00 or £130.00, postage is free.


On Sunday morning, you will be able to see everything and to make your Christmas choices.







The Light Pillar of Life

On Sunday 6th December, there will take place the last Light Pillar of Life seminar this year.


The seminar which dramatically enhances your ability to deal with all aspects of life takes place via the internet.


For details and local times click here


To go direct to registration click here






December - an Amazing Month?

Some 40 odd years ago I was puzzled by an apparent paradox:-
If astrology is so useless as some claim, why has it survived for more than five thousand years?
On the other hand, if it is so “all powerful” as some believe, why is our society not guided by astrologers.

The truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere between the two extremes.


Astrology can be very useful in describing general influences, i.e. the energy movements which enhance or suppress particular attributes. What it is not very good at is predicting your personal future because your freedom to decide your own actions cannot be pre-calculated.


Having gone so far as to answer the question to my satisfaction I then dropped the subject. Others, however, have made a lifetime profession out of it and one in particular has proven his skills again and again this year.

His description for December is most interesting.-

On the 14th, there will be a solar eclipse (not visible for most of us) which heralds in a new beginning – a time of higher consciousness. From the 21st, there will be a new “Star of Bethlehem” configuration. This is something that happens very rarely and the last time was, in fact, 2020 years ago (give or take a few days due to changes in the calendars which have taken place over the centuries).

This constellation continues for some time and, as it enters Aquarius, it will then “burst forth” beginning a new consciousness dawn.






Major British Newspaper breaks Ranks and tells the Truth about Covid

The Daily Mail, Britain’s no. 3 daily newspaper, in an article spread over pages 16 & 17 of the Saturday edition, 21st November 2020 entitled “Covid: What they don’t tell you” revealed that the whole thing is just one giant hoax.


Now, they’ve not, yet, come full out and said that Covid doesn’t exist or is merely the common cold or mild ‘flu with a “new” name but they have made major inroads into the fairy tale of the “unstoppable killer disease”.

The well-researched article discloses that, apart from the initial shock in April as the first lockdown caused many thousands of deaths by denying patients critical treatments, there is not any evidence of significant increases in either the rate of sickness or the death rate.


The National Health Service is currently operating well below capacity and intensive care bed occupancy is significantly below the average for the last five years.


In short, there is no dangerous disease running around and the only people in any “danger” are those over 80 years old and those with other serious health issues. This is the exact same “at risk” group of people who, every year, die in the annual ‘flu outbreaks of which Covid-19 is undeniably, both biologically and epidemiologically, a variation.


What the Daily Mail has not yet done is to reveal the fraud behind the testing.


The Covid-19 tests do NOT test for Covid-19: How could they? No-one has ever been able to find and to isolate the so called “virus”: If you don’t know what you’re looking for, your chances of finding it by random sampling are indistinguishable from zero.


What can trigger a positive test is the presence of totally harmless quantities of Sars-Cov-2 which is a protein fragment first discovered in Canada in 2013 and subsequently in several European cities thus showing that it had been very widespread for many years.


Although it has been widely claimed that this protein fragment is a part of the Covid-19 “virus” (0.123% to be exact) there is precisely zero evidence to support this claim.


The little evidence that we have for the nature and affinity of Sars-Cov-2 is that it does NOT thrive in human tissues but kidney tissues from an unspecified monkey species, according the the American Centers for Disease Control, do foster the growth of this protein – whether positively or deleteriously is not specified in the CDC documents.


A further major reason for a “positive” test is, according to the World Health Organisation, certain common types of human DNA!


The “tests” cannot, therefore, be viewed as anything other than a total irrelevancy imparting no information of use (other than, perhaps, to monkeys). To claim that they indicate illness and contagiousness in fully healthy people who, according to the WHO cannot pass on “Covid”, is malfeasance of the highest order and, considering the enormous harm which has already been caused, should receive severe punishment.


We trust that this initial outburst of veracity is the start of an unstoppable new trend.






Computer Fraud in US Election now proven.

Quite apart from the more than 900,000 fraudulent Biden Votes already discovered in “The Rust Belt” (Michigan & Pennsylvania), a statistical analysis of the “results” given by the Dominion computerised voting system appears to show incontrovertible proof that the election was rigged.


The Western Journal has published a, for them, unusually long article on this which you can read in its entirety here (you will need to scroll down a ways before you get to the incriminating figures:-


Mrs. Merkel has freely boasted of the fact that this self-same system was used in the previous general election in Germany (and, presumably, also in other elections). She did this in the attempt to bolster claims that the computer voting was fair and accurate. What she has really done, however, is to explain why so many AfD votes were counted for her three parties instead (CDU, CSU, Grüne) and why Germany now has a dictatorship instead of a democratically elected Alice Weidel at the helm.


Computer professionals who have tested the Dominion machines have recommended that they be refused certification. One managed to falsify a mock election in nine minutes from scratch!


The company was established for Maduro in Venezuela with the assistance of Cuba and (possibly) China with the purpose of ensuring that Maduro “wins” every election by switching votes to him either during the election with a pre-programmed chip or later as the votes were centrally processed.


It turns out that this “central processing” for the present US election took place in Germany and, possibly, also in Spain and so, presumably, with Merkel’s connivance. This fact alone could lead to the annulment of the election as votes must be counted in the state in which they were given.


Team Trump presently estimates that somewhere between 2.7 and 5.3 million votes were either completely fraudulent or fraudulently altered.


The above facts and others could lead the Supreme Court to declare the entire election invalid.


Should this happen, then the state representatives in the lower house of Congress will, according to the constitution, elect the president. Of the 50 voters (one per state), 37 are Republican and so our chances of continuing the clean-up and international peace making which Trump began in his first term are looking quite good at the moment.





Blessed be
Karma Singh
26th November 2020

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