Newsletter 25th June  2021

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This Newsletter has three Topics:


My Lungs


Spike Protein Infections


The Phantom Mutations





My Lungs - a progress report

Although I can, once again, report progress in healing my lungs, I am still not able to work properly as I had hoped.

Yesterday, I received two new homoeopathic remedies which, it is said, are very fast acting - 2 to 3 days being not uncommon. I have also received an orgonite and silver enhanced Hulda Clark Zapper. I will let you all know how well that works as it has, potentially, an enormous meaning for general health.

I do not believe that the Light Pillarof Life Seminaar, planned for the 11th July is in any danger other than from the fact that there are, at present,too few registrations for it to take place so please check out this website and the enormous gains you could make.

Those who have registered for Mind Clearing must also wait a little longer.


Stopping the Spike Protein Infections

I am very pleased to note that the Clearing Transmissions are being used by an ever growing number of people both as an antidote to the pseudo "vaccines" and to stop the "vaccinated" making others ill. (Quite apart from the other benfits, of course.)

There is still much to be done, however, and it is only when a large proportion of humanity takes steps to halt this artificial plague that we can all be free of it.

Yesterday, in the German Parliament, the Merkel declared a firm intention to carry out genocide across the entire planet. Although the responsible Government agency - the Robert Koch Institute - has declared that the sickness "Covid-19" has now completely disappeared, the Merkel has stated that all restrictions must remain in place until "everyone on the planet has been "vaccinated"!" More on this in my next newsletter, including legal actions which can be taken to stop her and other puppet governments from carrying out this genocidal plan.


The Phantom Mutations

As the scaremongering around Covid-19 loses its power, everyone will have noticed that, suddenly, "mutations" that are "much more dangerous and infectious" appear out nowhere. But are these things real? Do they actually exist? What are they truly?

The first salient point of which everyone must take most careful note is that, as the "Covid-19 virus" has never been found, there is no way that anyone could recognise a mutation thereof!

In October 2020, 44 governments were asked, under Freedom of Information laws, where examples of the Covid-19 causing virus are to be found. Of the 31 who replied, all stated that they do not have a specimen and do not know of any laboratory or institute, world-wide, which does have a specimen. Those making this declaration include the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Eire and Australia. Amongst the 13 who, illegally, ignored the request is the Federal Republic of Germany.

Everyone will have noticed that something called "Sars-Cov-2" has been labelled "The Covid Virus"  by almost all governments. But is this statement true?
Not in the least is the scientific answer.

That which is now called "Sars-Cov-2" (which is short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Coronavirus-2) was first discovered in 2004. Here I must render a small corrections - in some previous articles it was stated that it was first found in Canada in 2013. New information is now to hand which shows that the corrected date is 2004. Although quickly determined, at the time, to be completely harmless to humans, a sixteen year gap between discovery and claims that it kills hundreds of thousands shows just how absurd such claims are. The new name was given in order to imply that it had some connection with SARS itself - a 2002 failed plandemic which, despite massive propaganda, only managed to participate in the excarnation of 794 people world-wide.

The most important thing to note is that Sars-Cov-2 is NOT a virus or anything similar!
The second thing to note is that it is to be found in nature in more than 100 species of bacteria, lions, mink, goats, sheep and even papaya. It is so very common that it is certain that many, many, life forms of this planet use it.

Sars-Cov-2 is a micro-protein around one thousand times smaller than a virus. It has, in contradistinction to a "virus" which has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs in its genome, merely 37 base pairs. This self-same micro-protein is also to be found in seventy four locations in the human genome! This means that it is not any sort of "attacking microbe" but a completely normal part of human cell structures. It is a fairly safe assumption that all mammals use this micro-protein to build their cells. Whether the papaya that "tested positive" actually has this micro-protein in its genome or whether the swab collected material from bacteria living in the fruit is yet to be determined.

That Cola also tests "positive" for "Covid-19" is a further indication that this micro-protein is extremely widespread although only the manufacturers themselves could tell us which of their ingredients contains it.
Precisely why Red Bull also tests "positive" further indicates just how much of a fairy tale this whole Covid pseudo-science is.

With the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, as proposed by Watson and Crick in 1954, it was found that human DNA actually possesses only slightly more than 10% of the number of genes which would be needed to verify the hypothesis of genetic determinism, i.e. your genes determine everything and you have no choice and no free will. What the new science of Epigenetics which emerged in the 1980's shows is that your cells are constantly creating new proteins as experiments in functional improvements. The process by which this transpires is that a cell will make a copy of part of your DNA and then modify this copy to better cope with changed circumstances. The book "The Biology of Belief" and DVD "Intelligent Cells" from Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD. ( give a very good grounding, written for the layman, in this new science.

What we are seeing is this process in action as the micro-protein Sars-Cov-2 is also modified by your own cells to improve your viability. These are the so-called mutant strains. They are, of course, the exact opposite of dangerous - they are the latest optimised versions of this essential micro-protein! If the modifications are successful, then your cells will produce exosomes which inform other cells how to do it and what the benefits are. Disciples of the charlatans, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch claim, with no evidence, that these messengers are "attacking" viruses. Modern science shows this to be extremely unlikely.

The physical size of Sars-Cov-2 leads us naturally to recognise that there is no face mask which could filter it out. Even the mask manufacturers clearly state that this is impossible. This declaration is, of course, removed before masks are sold to you (not that many people would go to the trouble of reading it!)
The spaces in the weave which let you breathe are twenty five thousand times larger than the Sars-Cov-2 micro-protein! So, why are they "compulsory"?
The whole project is about control by fear. Seeing someone smile is a very effective antidote to fear! This is why masks are "compulsory".

Even the, now, thoroughly debunked pseudo-science of vaccination states most clearly that vaccination must never be carried out during an epidemic as this will cause the "viruses" to mutate to make themselves immune to the medication.

In short, the mutation fairy tale is nothing other than a last desperate attempt by power-hungry megalomaniacs to hold onto their control and exploitation of mankind.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
25th June 2021


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