Newsletter 19th Dec. 2020

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This Newsletter has two Topics:


The fantasy "vaccine"


The miracle cure







The Phantom Vaccine

Whatever these concoctions being pushed onto us for the benefit of Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, are, they are NOT vaccines!


The Vaccination Hypothesis states, "If we inject you with a weakened form of a virus, you will develop antibodies to it so that, if you come into contact with the "wild" virus, you will already have the antibodies and will not get ill."
There are so many problems with this hypothesis that, from a scientific point of view, it can only be described as purest nonsense.

The process, simply stated, consists of taking sick material from someone who is ill, replicating it in aborted foetuses, spaniel puppies, rhesus monkey or other life forms, adding chemicals to suppress natural human immunity and then injecting the resulting "soup" into healthy people. That which might be expected from such is, actually, precisely what happens - it makes people ill!


Those familiar with my work  and, especially, this book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." will have read how the only known effect of vaccination is to spread disease. Additionally, they will also know that claims to have eliminated diseases such as small pox or polio by vaccination are completely fraudulent. The book is available exclusively here:-



So, how can it be so definitely known that the Covid-19 "vaccines" are not vaccines at all?


As you have read above, in order to create a vaccine, the first necessity is to have specimens of the "virus". This first, unavoidable step has, to date, not been achieved! There is no laboratory in the world which possesses specimens of the Covid-19 causing "virus". All that humanity has in this regard is a computer simulation of what it might look like of it could be found, i.e. the "virus" is photoshopped!


From two sources; "Prof." Drosten at the Charité Teaching Hospital in Berlin and the Centers for Disease Control in America come totally unsupported claims that a very common micro-protein, first discovered in Canada in 2013 and which is still of unknown origin and purpose, is a part of the Covid-19 causing "virus". Just how small a part is revealed by Dr. Tom Cowan who has studied the reports "buried in the basement" at the CDC which show that this micro-protein could form no more than 0.123333% of any "virus". This is much too small a proportion to be able to say with any degree of scientific honesty that it represents the presence of a specific and otherwise unknown "virus".


Dr. Cowan goes further in his report with the statement that culture tests have shown that this micro-protein has no affinity with human tissues but does thrive in tissue cultures taken from the kidneys of certain species of monkey (he does not state which species). This is why samples for the PCR tests are taken from the nose and throat where such particles, randomly blown about by the winds, could be trapped by the protective linings. Blood test would not serve the purpose of maintaining a plandemic because the micro-protein, which has been "baptised" Sars-Cov-2, does not thrive in human tissues. This, of course, explains why, of the thousands of "positive" test persons, a tiny fraction of one percent are actually ill and this, not with any fantasy illness, but with a cold or mild 'flu.


When we look at the published "symptoms" of Covid-19, we see that they are identical to and indistinguishable from those of the Common Cold.
Earlier in this year, some of these symptoms were translated into Latin to confuse the issue (a common practice in pharmaceutical medicine) but online translator machines will readily convert them back to the English original.


A cold and the 'flu are not really separate things but are both variations upon the same theme. They are both natural detoxification methods which remove cooling materials from the human body in order to preserve warmth for the colder part of the year. The one can easily transpose itself into the other should the need arise.


As medical statistics have shown for more than half a century, each year many thousands of elderly and infirm people die because these natural processes are simply too much for their already seriously weakened bodies.

Apart from the blip in April when many were killed by the lockdowns denying seriously ill people necessary treatment, death statistics world-wide do not show any significant variance from those of previous years. I.e., there is no pandemic!


Claims that hundreds of thousands have died from this "virus" that no-one can find are simply that - totally unsupported claims whereby deaths from other causes have simply been re-labelled by bureaucratic fiat or, in very many countries, hospitals were PAID to declare that deaths were caused by Covid-19.

The answer to such claims is quite logical; "Where are the bodies?" Why does the body count not tally with the claims of vast numbers of additional deaths? Why have many undertaker (Am: Funeral homes) been on short-time working for most of the year because there are not enough cadavers for them to deal with?


As the events of this year have unfolded, it has become ever clearer that the "vaccine" has not been created to prevent the spread of a serious illness but that a fantasy illness has been invented in order to sell the "vaccine"!


According to some sources, work on creating this "vaccine" began with the CDC registering a patent for it in 2003. Cognisance of the fact that the promoters of this "vaccine" have a vested interest in its widespread use, whatever this may be must be taken. The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in creating millions of new customers for their products by inducing illnesses and the eugenicists (Bill Gates and friends) wish to "exterminate" billions of "useless" people.


It is, therefore, most wise to consider most carefully whether this is something which could bring any benefit at all.






A Miracle Cure

In testimony given before the US Senate, Dr. Pierre Kory reported on the work carried out by a large group of doctors under the leadership of Professor Paul Marik.

Their work has been aimed at investigating whether there is an existing medicine effective against Covid-19 instead of trying to compress five years of necessary research into a few months to invent a new one.


In this undertaking, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They have discovered and proved that Invermectin, an anti-inflammatory widely used in the treatment of arthritis, is almost 100% effective both prophylactic (i.e. in prevent sickness) as well as therapeutic (curing illness). Their work has also been independently confirmed by similar large-scale trials in Argentina and India.


One thing that you can do to boost your immune system right now is to clean its main centre; your intestines.
Go here now for more details

(Not available in the USA)


You can watch Dr. Kory's entire 20 minute testimony here.

His testimony begins at 34:16:-





Blessed be
Karma Singh
19th December 2020


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